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This Week, That Year – 6
23May – 29May, 2011

The seven days in May 2011, from 23rd to 29th. I am sure the world was extremely busy, as it always is, and there would be no dearth of info about what the then current trends and news were. Seems like this week was kind of low key and ordinary in terms of world events. But let us not go there. 🙂

Let us take on the story of that week, on our blog. Let us do the numbers first, and then I will take the readers through some very interesting details about the films that featured during that week.

It was kind of a slow week, by the then current standards. We had two dot days and just 21 posts. A super number comparing to what we are going through at current times. But with the then norm of 40+ posts in a normal week, this week was definitely slow. An average of 3 posts per day, or 4 posts in case we discount the dot days.

20 films got showcased that week, which means that in 21 posts, there is only one case of a film appearing twice. So 20 films and 21 posts, with the 1977 film ‘Aakhiri Sajda’ contributing two songs. Of the 20 films, no less than 9 were debut songs – films making their first appearance on the blog. The films making their debut that week are

Kaarwaan e Hayaat (1935)
Wahaan (1937)
Dr Kotnis Ki Amar Kahaani (1946)
Pagle (1950)
Geet Gaaya Pattharon Ne (1964)
Baawarchi (1972)
Sankalp (1974)
Faaslaa (1974)
Aakhri Sajdaa (197)7

As far has completion report is concerned, we had one film celebrate its entry into the Yippeee club. The 1957 film ‘Do Aankhen Barah Haath’ completed its list of songs contributed to the blog.

Also, in the 21 posts, total of 23 songs were included. This happens with we have a multi version song, and both (or all) versions of the song are accommodated in the same post. In this week, we had two posts that had 2 songs each, making a total of 23.

In terms of the decades covered, the data is as follows,

1930s   4
1940s   6
1950s   4
1960s   1
1970s   6

Yes, me too, am surprised to see just one film appearing for 1960s. But well, it is what it is.

No milestones got breached this week. In the previous week on 17th May, the blog had celebrated its 3900th song. So this week remained quiet uneventful on the milestones front.

Here is the week’s data in table form.

Blog Ten Year Challenge (2011-2021) Series
Sl.No. Movie Name Year HFGK NoS ASAD NoS Possible UT Deb/Yip Milestone Film Status Pending
1 Shama 1946 10 8 1 Pending-c 1 + 1 UT
2 Wahaan 1937 7 1 D Pending 6
3 Baawarchi 1972 6 5 D Pending 1
4 Sankalp 1974 4 4 D Yippeee’d
5 Faaslaa 1974 4 1 D Pending 3
1 Dhoop Chhaaon 1935 10 9 Pending 1
2 Haatim Tai 1956 9 6 Pending 3
3 Paakeezah 1971 10 9 Pending 1
4 Aakhri Sajdaa 1977 5 5 D Yippeee’d
1 Kaarwaan e Hayaat 1935 10 7 D Pending 3
2 Dr Kotnis Ki Amar Kahaani 1946 7 3 D Pending 4
3 Do Aankhen Baarah Haath 1957 6 6 Y Yippeee’d
4 Geet Gaaya Pattharon Ne 1964 9 6 D Pending 3
[No Posts]
1 Bhakt Soordas 1942 15 14 1 Yc 1 UT
2 Pagle 1950 9 7 D Pending 2
3 Afsaanaa 1951 9 9 Yippeee’d
4 Narsinh Avtaar 1949 11 4 1 Pending-c 6+ 1 UT
5 Aakhri Sajdaa 1977 5 5 Yippeee’d
1 Street Singer 1938 13 12 1 Yc 1 UT
2 Uddhaar 1949 9 4 1 Pending-c 4+ 1 UT
3 Laila Majnu 1953 13 13 Yippeee’d
[No Posts]

In one of he earlier episodes of this series, I have introduce the idea of ‘Ut’ songs, or possibly untraceable songs. Let us review the status and implications of this idea, for this week’s posts.

On 23rd May 2011, the first film in order of posting is ‘Shama’ of 1946. As I check the status of the songs of this film, it has total of 10 songs listed. 8 of these 10 are already on our blog. However, 1 song can be termed as untraceable. The film is available in public domain. The song at serial no. 9 – “Wo Chal Diye Phir Aag Kaleje Mein Laga Kar” was not released on gramophone record, and neither it is contained in the film that is available. That leaves one more song available for posting, after which was will be in a position to declare this film conditionally Yippeee’d.

The films ‘Wahaan’ of 1937 and ‘Faasla’ of 1974, both made their debut on 23rd May 2011. And have never been heard of again. Their tally stands at 1 song, even after a passage of one decade. Then we have ‘Sankalp’ from 1974, which has since been Yippeee’d. And the film ‘Baawarchi’ from 1972 – after accounting for the song posted earlier today, the film’s tally is now at 5 out of a total of 6 song, with just one more song remaining for the film to be declared as Yippeee’d.

The first film in the order of posting, on 24th May 2011 is ‘Dhoop Chhaon’ from 1935. This film is just one shy of reaching the Yippeee status. The last remaining song is available in public domain – “Aaj Mero Ghar Mohan Aayo”, sung by KC Dey. The second film, ‘Hatim Tai’ of 1956 has 3 songs more to be posted, and all are available. The fourth film that day – ‘Aakhiri Sajda’, had made its debut that day, and it has since been Yippeee’d.

Now we come to an interesting and difficult film to discuss – ‘Paakeezah’ of 1971. Geet Kosh lists 9 songs for this film. Of these, 6 are full songs in their individual capacity. All these songs are composed by music director Ghulam Mohammed. The remaining three songs, composed by Naushad Sb, are actually thumris that appear in the film as background songs. And they do not appear fully. The problem we face is that actually in the film there are many more of these background thumris. On the blog Nahm ji has already posted one such unlisted thumri – “Dekh To Dil Ke Jaan Se Uthhta Hai“. Checking on the internet, there are articles available that list many thumris, all of which are partially played in the film, in background. A good article is “The Lost Thumris of Paakeezah“.

There is another interesting aspect to this film. It is now known that actually, many more songs were recorded than are present in the film. In fact, the erstwhile HMV company has also released another LP titled ‘Paakeezah Rang Barang’ in 1977, which contains 9 additional songs, all composed by Ghulam Mohammed, all recorded for the film, and later were not included in the film. It has many interesting tracks including the female solo version of the song “Chalo Dildar Chalo” in the voice of Lata Mangeshkar. None of these have as yet made their appearance on the blog.

If we consider all the above, then the total songs that were recorded for ‘Paakezah’ is more than 20. It is going to be a very interesting follow up on how to handle this film, moving forward. Decidedly, this film has not yet been Yippeee’s in the true sense.

Also on 24th May 2011, the film ‘Aakhiri Sajda’ made its debut. This is technically the last film for which music director Sajjad Husain has composed the music. The five songs of this film were posted in quick succession between 24th May and 9th June. In just about two weeks, this film got Yippeee’d. I need to check whether this is a record of some sort.

25th May 2011 is an interesting day in blog history. On this day, four films were featured. Three of these films made their debut and one film got Yippeee’d. The first film listed on this day is ‘Kaarwaan e Hayaat’ (1935), which is followed by three films of actor director V Shantaram viz.’Dr. Kotnis Ki Amar Kahaani’ (1948), ‘Do Aankhen Barah Haath’ (1957), and ‘Geet Gaya Patharon Ne’ (1964). Of these, ‘Do Aankhen Barah Haath’ was Yippeee’d that day, and the other three made their debut.  For the three films pending, all songs are available. And possibly for ‘Kaarwaan e Hayaat’ we may have more than the 10 songs listed in GK, after the film itself has been discovered and made available in public domain.

After a dot day on 26th May 2011, 5 songs are posted on 27th May. Of the five films that are featured that day, ‘Pagle’ (1950) made its debut. Further, we have an interesting situation for two films – ‘Bhakt Surdas’ (1942) and ‘Narsinh Avtar’ (1949). Both have one song each that is not traceable, at least not yet. In fact, the film ‘Bhakt Surdas’ can already be declared conditionally Yippeee’d – all available songs (14 out of the listed 15) are now posted on the blog. There have been rumors abound for some years now that copy of this film has surfaced, and it might be available with a collector in Canada. This info has not been confirmed so far, and the film itself has not yet surfaced in public domain.

An interesting side note for the 1951 film ‘Afsaana’, already Yippeee’d. Three films by this title were released – in 1938, 1951 and 1966. The 1938 film ‘Madhur Milan’ has an alternate title ‘Afsaana’. No songs of this film are listed as available. The interesting thing is that there is one more film by the same title, that is listed in Geet Kosh, in the unreleased films category. It has a whopping 12 songs listed as recorded, and all are available in public domain. This film has not yet made debut on our blog.

Then we come to 28th May 2011. Three songs are posted. The film ‘Laila Majnu’ of 1953 is already Yippeee’d. The other two films are in the same situation – both films have one song that is untraceable in public domain. By the same yardstick, the 1938 film ‘Street Singer’ may be declared conditionally Yippeee’d – 12 of the 13 songs are already posted.

29th May 2011 is a dot day.

That completed the week’s posts.

A day late, maybe. I am using one pending song from the 1949 film ‘Uddhaar’ for today’s post. The film has a total of 9 songs, of which 4 are posted. Here is the fifth song of this film, in the voice of Lata Mangeshkar. The song is penned by Narendra Sharma and the music is by Vasant Desai. I desist from giving more details about the film and the song here, as the article already has become quite long. Maybe in another later post of one of the songs of this film.

All in all, a very interesting week it has been. We have identified two films that can already qualify for conditional Yippeee status. And have raised a few interesting questions about the film ‘Paakeezah’.

Let us now get going with the song from ‘Udhhaar’. The lyrics for this song have been provided by Prakash ji.

Song – Rangeen Gagan Peeche Chhoota  (Uddhaar) (1949) Singer – Lata Mangeshkar, Lyrics – Narendra Sharma, MD – Vasant Desai

Lyrics (Provided by Prakashchandra)

rangeen gagan peechey ae chhoota
rangeen gagan peechhey ae chhoota
anuraag aur armaanon
rangeen gagan peechhey ae chhoota
o saaqi
raaj hansini kaa..aa
o saaqi
raaj hansini kaa..aa
sukh sapnon se naataa tootaa
rangeen gagan peechhey ae chhoota

beh gaye ashq reh gayee aag
beh gaye ashq reh gayee aag
shabnam se sholay uthey jaag
naahak apne hi haathon se
hamne naseeb apnaa lootaa
anuraag aur armaanon
rangeen gagan peechhey chhoota

kachchi tehni aur nanhi kali
kachchi tehni aur nanhi kali
gul heen ke haathon chhali
dil naazuk phool ke pyaaley sa
dil naazuk phool ke pyaaley sa
ek thokar lagte hi tootaa
anuraag aur armaanon
rangeen gagan peechhey ae chhoota
o saaqi
raaj hansini kaa..aa
sukh sapnon se naataa toota
rangeen gagan peechhey chhoota

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir Kapur)

रंगीन गगन पीछे छूटा
रंगीन गगन पीछे छूटा
अनुराग और अरमानों का
रंगीन गगन पीछे छूटा
ओ साक़ी
राज हंसिनी का
ओ साक़ी
राज हंसिनी का
सुख सपनों से नाता टूटा
रंगीन गगन पीछे छूटा

बह गए अश्क़ रह गई आग
बह गए अश्क़ रह गई आग
शबनम से शोले उठे जाग
नाहक अपने ही हाथों से
हमने नसीब अपना लूटा
अनुराग और अरमानों का
रंगीन गगन पीछे छूटा

कच्ची टहनी और नई कली
कच्ची टहनी और नई कली
गुल हीं के हाथों गई छली
दिल नाज़ुक फूल के प्याले सा
दिल नाज़ुक फूल के प्याले सा
एक ठोकर लगते ही टूटा
अनुराग और अरमानों का
रंगीन गगन पीछे छूटा
ओ साक़ी
राज हंसिनी का
सुख सपनों से नाता टूटा
रंगीन गगन पीछे छूटा

This article is written by Raja, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This is his 100th writeup in the blog.

As I post this song here today on this blog, I have mixed feelings.

No, they are all good feelings – just, that they are mixed.
Read more on this topic…

This article is written by Raja, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

As I sit at my computer to write up this post for this blog, I am filled with a sense of joy and fulfilment.
Read more on this topic…

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