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This song is a rare non-film song rendered by Umaraziya Begum.

Based on the details (erroneous, as we now know them to be), the uploader of this song has listed this as a song of the 1942 film ‘Ek Raat’, sung by Neena. The names of the song writer and the music director are also provided along with this upload.

Our friend Sadanand ji was the first one to raise the doubt about the details of this song. Later, we now have a confirmation from Shri Girdharial ji Vishkarma (of Jodhpur). Girdharilal ji has the original record of this song, as published by Jien – o – Phone company.

As per the details available, this song is sung by Umaraziya Begum. The lyricist of this song is not known. Based on certain other inputs, Girdharilal has provided the input that the music director for this NFS song most likely is Ghulam Haider Sb. As per him, there are many other songs in the voice of Shamshad Begum and Umaraziya Begum, that are  released on Jien O Phone records, and all are composed by Ghulam Haider Sb.

Thanks to Sadanand ji and Girdharilal ji, for identifying the correct information about this song.

“Ek Raat”(1942) was produced and directed by W Z Ahmad for Shalimar Pictures. The movie had Prithviraj Kapoor and Neena in lead roles with Mubarak, K N Singh, Feroza, Gulab, Prakash, Rajkumari Shukla, Bibi etc.

The movie had 8 songs. One song from the movie has been covered in the past.

This movie was the debut movie of Neena (actual name Shahida) who was launched with an unprecedented media blitz and fanfare prior to the release of the movie. Mr Sadanand Kamath, while covering the first song of this movie has discussed this matter in detail.

Here is the second song from “Ek Raat”(1942) to appear in the blog. This rare song, like the earlier song, is sung by Neena. The lyricist of this movie (for 7 out of 8 songs), including for this song, was Pt Indrajeet Sharma, and not Pt Indra, as is erroneously mentioned in most onine sources.

Music was composed by S K Pal.

The song was picturised on Neena herself.

Song-Ye raag papeeha gaata hai (NFS)(1940s) Singer-Umaraziya Begum, Lyrics-[Unattributed], MD-Ghulam Haider


ye ae ae ae ae ae
raag papeeha gaata hai
ye ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae
raag papeeha gaata hai

kyun pawan ke kaandhon par moorakh
kyun pawan ke kaandhon par moorakh
kyun pawan ke kaandhon par moorakh
jeewan ka mahal banaata hai
jeewan ka mahal banaata hai
ik shwaas ka naata hai tera
ik shwaas ka naata hai tera
ye ae ae ae ae ae ae ae
raag papeeha gaata hai

din ke ujiyaale mein kaliyaan
din ke ujiyaale mein kaliyaan
phool banen aur kumhlaayen
phool banen aur kumhlaayen
raat ke
andhiyaare mein

toot toot kar
toot toot kar
toot toot kar
toot toot kar
kyon on on on on on on
shwaas ke chhal ke aata hai
ye ae ae ae ae ae ae
raag papeeha gaata hai

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