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This song is a very well known song and a song that has the ability to move its listeners. Of course I am talking about the audio. I had not seen the picturisation till now. Now that I have seen the picturuisation, it turns out that the picturisation is quite moving too.
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What do I say about this song ? It was a big favourite of mine as well as that of others. But those days one could only listen what was played on radio and loudspeakers. So as a song stopped playing on these media, one tended to forget the song.
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Listening to this Mukesh song all these years without any additional information, I thought that this song had all the attributes of a Raj kapoor song. It was sung by Mukesh, lyrics looked Shailendra like and music appeared Shankar Jaikishan like, and I was sure that the song was picturised on Raj Kapoor.
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One associates sensuous and seductive songs with Asha Bhonsle rather than Lata. So it comes as a surprise to note that even Lata has sung such songs and has sung them just as well as Asha.
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After the mega success of Sholay, another film maker made another movie with its title beginning with “Sh..” and hyped it so much so that everyone thought that this movie was going to be the next Sholay. In addition to top Indian stars, it also boasted some international stars. But when the dust settled down, the movie had crashed with no trace of it remaining anywhere.
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“Arth” was an art movie or parallel movie as low budget movies were described as in those days. Apart from the realistic story line which were supposedly based on the life of Mahesh Bhatt, the movie had some nice ghazals. It was one movie that helped popularise ghazals which was a welcome development considering that the other option in Bollywood filmy music those days used to be “disco” songs.
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“Ye Gulistaan hamara” was a Dev Anand movie that few people remember today. The movie itself sank without a trace.

Ironically, this movie had a better storyline than some of the rubbish Dev Anand movies that met with better fate at the box office. May be the movie deserved it because Dev Anand in any case would not bother much about authenticity of picturisation in his movies.
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These days, movie makers spend huge amounts trying to promote their movies, and still there is no guarantee that their promotions have any effect at the box office. All the songs and dances shown in these promos are often ineffective.
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There were some small budget art movies in late 1970s and early 1980s whose plots were so life like. In fact, they depicted the lives of people of lower class, who lived in slums, unlike the masala movies, where even lower class people are shown living in palatial homes.
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I have already posted one memorable nostalgic song from this movie sung by Mukesh and picturised on Dharmendra.

This movie was in fact full of memorable songs. Quite a few of such songs were sung by Mukesh for Dharmendra. Here is another such memorable song.
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