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I have mentioned it earlier that “Mera Saaya” was full of outstanding Lata-Madan Mohan songs that have gone on to become immortal evergreen songs. But pray which of “Mera Saaya” songs became the most popular those days? It was none of these Lata songs, or even the Rafi one.
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This outstanding song “tum bin jaaun kahan” appears twice in the movie. This song was sung by Rafi for Shashi Kapoor and Kishore Kumar for a lesser character. Lyricist was Majrooh Sultanpuri and music was composed by R D Burman.
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In my younger days, when one talked about movies like “Adalat”, “Parvarish” etc, I was reminded about movies of 1970s with these names and featuring Amitabh Bachchan, and the movies of 1958 with the same names were boring in my view.
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If one wants to watch a more genteel version of teasing songs than Shammi Kapoor vintage, then one need not go to songs that were sung twenty years earlier. One can go and listen to songs from a contemporary movie called “twenty years later” viz “bees saal baad”.
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Jeetendra has been picturised in Bollywood movies while riding all kinds of vehicles from bullock carts to trains, and from buses and trucks. In one movie, Jeetendra was even shown riding an elephant.
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During the peak of his career, Shammi Kapoor songs were sung by Rafi and picturised on Kashmir, Shimla etc.
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There are many songs in which hero teases the lady in Bollywood movies. The degree of teasing depends on the hero as well as on the singer. With heroes like Dharmendra, Shammi Kapoor singing in the voices of Kishore Kumar or Rafi, you can expect teasing of a vigorous nature, where the hero would shake up everything up in sight.
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Meena Kumari is typecast in many people’s mind as a tragedy queen, but there were days when she used to play happy bubbly roles. For instance, I have watched her in “Miss Mary” and how cute and pretty she looks in that movie playing a normal female possessing a sense of humour. How dearly I would love to see her in similar roles.
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From the name, the movie “Raajhath” appears a historical/ mythological fare. The movie had Pradeep Kumar and Madhubala in lead roles.
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I have watched the movie “Miss Mary” and I loved the movie. In fact, I liked its songs as well. The situation under which ths song is sung is quite a romantic situation. Gemini Ganeshan and Meena Kumari are posing as a married couple for the sake of their job,and their employer,Raybahadur feels that they are not spending enough time together as befits a married couple, so locks them up in their bedroom.
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