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In any field, just having the skills for the job is not enough. Good PR skills and being in the good books of those who matter is paramount. Being able to stand for one’s rights and getting it too is a tight rope walk that few people may have perfected. Among lyricists, the top few managed to have their say, but those who were in the lower rung in the pecking order had it difficult.
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I am aware of at least two movies called “Shehnaayi”. One was “Shehnaayi”(1947) and another was “Shehnaayi” (1964). I have posted songs from both these movies.
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In India, making tall promises is not the sole preserve of politicians alone. Hindi movie heroes too are known to make tall tall promises to their beloved in matters of heart. They claim that their love is eternal and it spans across many births, not just the present birth.
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This is a song that I have heard many a times in my younger days. I was only aware of the fact that this song is sung by Rafi and Asha Bhonsle, but that was all I knew about this song.
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This song “Tera mera pyaar amar hai” is an iconic song. But all these days I was not aware which movie this song was from. Now I know, and this song is from a 1962 movie called “Asli Naqli”.
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“Milan”, a 1967 movie was a runaway hit as far as the movie and its music was concerned.
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This is a “bus” song where Dev Anand is the bus driver and Sadhana is the only passenger. The bus goes in a deserted place and very conveniently conks off.
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I may not be the only person to note that majority of songs in Bollywood are about love. In these songs, the lead actors would fall in love and then sing love songs.
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While posting another Lata song from this movie, I had commented that “Mera Saaya” had as many as four immortal Lata songs. After posting “naino me badra chaaye”, I now post the title song from this movie viz “tu jahan jahan rahega mera saaya saath hoga”.
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There are many songs picturised on a man with a female voice singing in the background, viz “Gumnaam”, “Bees saal baad” etc. In this song, it is just the reverse. Here it is a female who is seen walking near a waterfall and the male voice singing in the background. This song “sau baar janam lenge” is in the same league as “Gumnaam” song “Gumnaam hai koyi”. It is just as haunting and creates similar kind of atmosphere.
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