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Log book

There are some random informations about this blog that I will post here. One such information would be to inform my readers in advance in case I am not available for a few days.

So here goes:

18 august 2010: I will not be available to post new songs tomorrow i.e. 19 aug 2010. On 20 aug 2010, I will post less number of songs than my usual 6-7 songs. From 21 aug 2010, I hope to be able to resume my usual rate of posting. In brief, I will be busy for the next two days.

23 sep 2010: I may not be able to post on this day, though I will try to post at least a token one or two songs.

26 oct 2010: I will be unable to post any songs today. I will be back on action from the next day.

22 Nov 2010: I will be unable to come anwhere near internet on this day. I will be back from the next day onwards.

27 Nov to 29 Nov 2010 Though I am within striking range of internet, but I will not be able to post songs during these days. I will be back with a vengeance on 30 November.

Dec 1,2010I will not be able to post on dec 1, 2010. From dec 2 onwards, I will be back to my usual routine.

Jan 15,2011 I have not been able to post songs at my desired rate for the last few weeks, but be rest assured that I will be back with a vengeance, perhaps in a couple of days time.

March 12,2011I may not be able to find time to post songs today.Reason- there is a cricket world cup match involving India today in my town as all cricket lovers are aware. 🙂

Nov 1, 2011I have been out of action for a couple of days. I hope to be back in action, starting from 3rd of november.

Feb 12,2011I will be travelling by train for much of the day, so my postings will be subject to availability of internet connectivity. But seeing that I will be travelling to the western parts of the country, I hope to get good internet connectivity duing my journey and also at the destination, where I will spend the next one week.

126 Responses to "Log book"

Atul ji,
In the Stats column,the name of SHRIDHAR PARSEKAR is written as
PARASKAR. Kindly amend.


very good information given here,thnks a lot..!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Atul ji,
I am looking for one song; ‘ man re tukahena dhir dhare …….. pl find for me and sebd on email please.



It’s available on youtube………maybe it was posted after these comments were posted in 2013.


Hi Atul,
Will be possible to email me lyrics of a old song of Mukesh from film Abdulla 1960. wordings are Ae Momino suno ye Kahani Namaz Ki, specially part 2 of this song
Your response is greatly appreciated.
Kabir Lakhani


Pls let me know whether begum Akhtar ever met I’d


for interested folks (its a decent app to check out old (&new) songs data on mobile without getting to geetkosh, etc) :

We are very excited to announce the availability of the shiny, new MySwar app on Android and iOS. We hope you like it!

To find out more about the app:

The app store links:
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Please note that the app is available for free for a limited time only.


From Parvesh Chopra
Re: Kali Kamli Wale; Film Hatimtai ki Beti. The lady in the song is Chitra. Also, Film Hatimtai was a different movie starring Jairaj, Shakila, Krishna Kumari and BM Vyas.


Happy Birthday to our blog… wishing our blog many more such birthdays….


it is tomorrow … and so your wishes came in advance … doesn’t matter , we do here wish in advance a ‘very happy birthday’ to our blog..


hullo Atul
where are you? Missing In Axn?


I was away at Delhi. I will be back at my base in a couple of hours from now.


Ah yes,

And to imagine that he came to Delhi with such a short and tight schedule that we were not able to meet. Atul ji finished his meetings around 4 pm yesterday, and then informed me that his train departs at 5.30. I tried to rush to the station, but was caught up in a traffic blockade on account of VIP movement in Central Delhi area, and could not make it on time.

Sad to have missed this opportunity.

But look forward to your next visit. 🙂



I am back to my base. Let me feed my hungry dogs and then I will try and post as many songs as possible during the weekends, beginning from this evening.


Thank you very much for providing a quick response to my comment of March 12, 2014 on the song from Lagan (1955).

You indicated that “Hook uthhi” means “Aawaaz Aayi” and these words are correct in the lyrics of “Bahaaye chaand ne aansoo” and I accept your judgement for the time being. However, the same words appear in your lyrics of “Lapak Jhapak tu aa re badarwa” in Boot Polish as follows

ban mein koyal kook uthi hai
sab ke man mein hook uthi hai

I am quite positive that the lyrics should be

बनमे कोयल कूक रही है
सबके मनमे भूक उठी है

Your comments will be appreciated.


Shyam ji,

The Hindi word is ‘hook’ – “हूक”।
This means a sound, almost akin to a groan of pain; also the sound made by a specific bird – I am not able to name it. In Urdu poetry, this word is used for a sigh of longing, desire.

There is a well known she’r that goes like.
इक हूक सी दिल में उठती है, इक दर्द जिगर में होता है
मैं चुपके चुपके रोता हूँ जब सारा आलम सोता है



There is the famous Noor Jehan song from the 1952 Pakistani film Dopatta, which starts ‘Ik tees jigar mein uthti hai, Ik dard so dil mein hota hai; hum raat ko uthkar roten hain, jab sara alam sota hai’ and the main song starts: chandni raaten, hoo chandni raatein, sab jag soye hum jaagen, taaron se karen batein hooo, chandni raatein’. BTW how do I access the listing of all chandni raat songs?


Atul ji

Comments(though they get added to the respective sections) written Under the section “About this blog” & “Anniversary dates”-> are not appearing under the heading “Recent Comments” from many days. Do Something Atul ji.



hi atul
looks like you have made some changes to the LIST OF SONGS MOVIE WISE section by adding some alphabets that the top to facilitate movement to the beginning alphabet of the movies. but now movies from letter “k” downwards are missing. is the work still in progress


At the bottom, you have to click to number 2 to reach to the second portion of the list.


Atul ji,
VDO is NOT seen in the song of “Chale gaye Angrez” ,on the Blogspot as well as on Facebook.
Please look into it.


Atul ji,

The VDO in song “Dhadkane lagta hai mera dil”from film Dil Tera Deewana is not working. I have given a link on that page. kindly replace the non working VDO with this working link.


Namaste Atul ji,
I have been looking for a Manna Dey song on the internet and cannot find it. The song is Saath Bhaanware jis se padi. Would you happen to have the video or mp3 and post it on your blog? Or direct me to a website where I can purchase this mp3?


This is a song from film Sanskaar-1958.
The music CD may be available in the market.


I checked on amazon but it wasn’t there. Did you mean that I should go looking in music stores for it? I was trying to avoid that.


The song mentioned by you is a rare song. I am sure that this song is available with the rare song collectors known to us.


Atul ji,
The song “Tu hai nau do gyarah”film Daaku-55, posted on 1-4-2015 is sung by Asha Bhosle and NOT Shamshad begum as mentioned on the Blog. Even the HFGK mentions Asha’s name.
Kindly do the needful.


Atul ji,

The comment I wrote on my guest post of today does not appear on the Blog despite several tries.


I am not able to figure out the reason why you should be able to post comments in other posts but not in that one post. I am trying to look into the reason.


Earlier I used to get information like ‘your comment is waiting for moderation’ or ‘duplicate comment’. But this time, there is no such indications despite trying to post the same comment multiple times.


Now I have understood what was the problem. Hopefully now it is sorted out.


Now I can see my comment.


hullo atulji
i hope you noticed that i am also getting a similaar message whenever i write a comment– waiting for moderation


I am unable to identify the problem in your case.


Atul ji,
For today’s my article, there is no Preamble,as usual ?
Kindly do the needful, so that people will know who is the author of the article.


Hi Atul or anybody else.
I personally know Veer Mohammadpuri. He was my grandfather and lived most of his life in a village in Mohammadpur District Muzaffarnagar.
For more information, please contact me on 9930916244 or

Thanks and have a good day.


All songs of ‘Naadaan’ (1951) have been covered on the Blog. But the figures against the film shows 8 out of 9 songs covered.


Thanks for pointing it out. I had failed to notice that one song was a multiple version song.


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