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Most of the songs discussed in this blog are from 1970s and earlier. By 1980s, deterioration in the quality of Bollywood songs had begun and the sun of the golden era of Bollywood music was on the verge of setting.
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The revised writeup of this song is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie songs and a regular contributor to this song.

As one looks back on the history of cinema, one finds that even the main line actors who are considered A grade, and the movies sell by their name, also end up acting in movies that are obscure and did not catch the attention at the box office. This movie, Ek Ka Baad Ek, from 1960, is one such movie of Dev Anand. By the time this movie was released, Dev Anand was an established and expensive star with a huge number of hits from the 1950s behind him. Then in 1960, he acted in this movie whose rest of the star cast included Sharda, Heeralal, Tarla, Prabhu Dayal, SK Prem, Radha Kishen, Madhu Apte, Ravi Kant etc. The actress Sharda mentioned here is the elder sister of actor Vinod Mehra, who made his mark on the screen about a decade and a half later. From the memoriam message displayed at the beginning of the movie, this is the last movie that the great actor Radhakishen appeared in. In fact this movie is produced by his son but unfortunately, Radhakishen himself could not live long enough to see its release.
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When I was a kid and I used to listen to songs on Radio, I thought that all the songs being broadcast on radio were being sung live by the singers. So I thought that singers whose songs were broadcast so frequently were so overworked, having to sing live so often !
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I have posted many songs from “Mamtaa” (1966) by now, but I still keep discovering “new” songs in this movie. Here is another “new” song (for me) though it is not new for others like my regular visitors and farmaish senders.
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I have posted two rare songs from a rare movie called “Mashukaa” (1953) which was a home production of Mukesh. In this movie, Mukesh and Suraiyya were the lead actors, and naturally they had sung for themselves in this movie.
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I have posted a song from “Kapaal Kundalaa” (1939) in the past. Here is another song from the same movie.
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(The review of this song is written by Raja,a regular visitor of this blog and a fellow enthusiast of Bollywood music)

Hindi Films in the early 1970s could be clearly divided into two categories : “Rajesh Khanna” films and “Others”.
Such was Rajesh Khanna’s domination that unless you were a name already (like Dharmendra, Shashi Kapoor or Sanjeev Kumar), it was tough for another hero to compete with the Rajesh wave. Ageing heroes like Rajendra Kumar and Biswajeet began getting rejected, aspiring heroes like Rakesh Pandey and Romesh Sharma began getting dejected. You needed tremendous staying power, patience and a lot of luck to ride through those times. Ask Amitabh Bachchan who had a string of flops till Dame Luck smiled on him, with the lead role in Zanjeer falling into his lap with Dev Anand rejecting it.
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(This song review is by Greta (Memsaab) who recently reviewed this movie in her blog.)

I had no idea when I first saw and heard this enchanting song a week ago that it is an integral part of Indian childhood. In the wake of my movie review, many people commented that they knew and loved the song but hadn’t known that it was a film song. Not only is the music beautiful (I’m still singing the refrain over and over), but the picturization of it is sublime. I had to rewind and watch the song two or three times before I could move on to the rest of the film.
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Yesterday I posted a song from “Mashukaa” (1953) and it was pointed out to me that this movie had Suraiyya as female lead and there must be songs sung by her in this movie too, that need to be posted.
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Watching this song is an education in history, I feel. This song is from “Doctor” (1941) which was a movie from an era when India was still under British rule and independence was still several years into the future. Even the “Quit India” movement by Indian leaders had yet to take place. This movie “Doctor” (1941) was produced by Calcutta’s New Theatre. Those were the days when even the landmark of Calcutta, viz the Howrah Bridge was not yet in existence !
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