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Hullo Atuldom

19th July. The birth-date of our blog. The blog completes 10+2 years of uninterrupted posting of songs and write ups that give details about the movie, lyricist, music director, actors, etc. Also we can find the synopsis of the concerned movies here on the blog. What we get here is also accurate lyrics for all the songs posted. And if the song is a multi-version song even that is mentioned here along with the lyrics for the second version too, even if there is no change in the wordings of the song.

When Atulji started the blog, all those years ago, he had a page where we could post requests and he would hunt out those songs and post it with full details about the song. But he used to be inundated with requests and sometime in 2011 or 2012 he converted the request of one of the blog followers into a post. Plus he also asked a few of the regular commentors to write out special posts for special occasions. That opened floodgates to a deluge of contributions and what started out as a one man’s passion has grown into a channel for like-minded people to add to the growing treasure house. We have posts that are highly informative about artists and their lives, events that happened before some of us were born, and some posts draw our attention to happenings of modern times which we may have forgotten or overlooked. Hatsoff to this blog and Atulji for bringing together a such a committed group of HFM followers.

Personally, my first encounter with the blog was in 2009 and then I graduated to commenting too (this journey I have mentioned in a few of my posts, so I will not repeat). Then sometime in 2012 I sent the lyrics of a song from “Taxi Taxie” to Atulji as a request to post it as I thought the followers will enjoy the song. I had also sent details that I knew about the movie, the singer and the music director. Atulji was gracious enough to post the song and enlist me as one of the “lyrics contributors”.

That was this song. That inspired me to send lyrics to one more song from the same movie. Both these songs were from my Doordarshan watching days, when there used to be music programs where new and upcoming talent were given half an hour slots to showcase themselves.

And as I have mentioned in the comments to “jeewan mein humsafar, milte toh hain zaroor”; Hemant Bhosle introduced that song on Mumbai Doordarshan’s ‘Aarohi’ program. There was one other song in that movie that was filmed in the manner of that Doordarshan programme. The song showed the heroine Zaheera singing live in the studios, enjoying the words of the song and Jalal Agha taking care of the shooting and recording of the event. Those programs used live orchestra too.

The song also shows the typical situation of those times as we can see a whole lot of people standing outside a TV shop and enjoying the program. Amol Palekar is part of this group. We also get a glimpse of the interiors of a studio, and the lines on the screen, that used to be a disturbance in the days of television sets that used analog radio transmission.

The blog anniversary is usually a date for which I try and send a post where I thank Atulji for giving me a group of friends with whom it feels like we know each other for a lifetime. This year we lost two of them in a span of 15 days. We were saddened to hear of the passing of our dear Bharatbhai and Chhote in May. Both of them enriched our lives and the blog in their own way. Possibly god needed them. But the bandwagon is moving and we are learning new ways of living and communication in these lock-down times.

So here is a post to mark the beginning of yet another year in the life of Atulsongaday. For a change I am not presenting a party type song but the song which I have referred to in one of the preceding paragraphs. It is sung by Asha Bhonsle, Hemant Bhosle is the music director and Majrooh Sultanpuri is the lyricist.

Wishing Atulsongaday “many more happy returns of the day”



Song-Bhanwre ki gun gun (Taxi Taxie)(1977) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri, MD-Hemant Bhonsle


bhanware ki gun gun,
gaaye meri dhun
aaja re piya tum
piya tum
bhanware ki gun gun
gaaye meri dhun
aaja re piya tum
piya tum

aaaa aaaa aaaaa aaaa
geeton pe meri jhoome jawaani
cheheron pe rang chhalke
ho geeton pe meri jhoome jawaani
cheheron pe rang chhalke
taare utarne lagte dilon mein
aankhon mein diye jalte ae
seenon ki dhadkan
gaaye meri dhun
aaja re piyaa tum
piya tum,
bhanware ki gun gun,
gaaye meri dhun
aaja re piya tum,
piya tum

humne jo sapna
dekha thha mil ke
aakhir ko hua poora
ho humne jo sapna,
dekha tha mil ke
aakhir ko hua poora
par tu nahin toh
lagta hai jaise
har naghma hain adhoora aa
khoye kahaan tum
gaaye meri dhun
aaja re piyaa tum,
piya tum,
bhanware ki gun gun,
gaaye meri dhun
aaja re piya tum,
la la la la la la piya tum

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