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Songs to Tickle Your Memory – 2
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For this set of songs, I am confined to the decade of 1960s, and some from 1970. This song is from the 1972 film ‘Anokha Daan’. Simply hard to believe that it is more than four decades that this film was released. The film itself was hard to trace for many years, and was in demand, on account of its music. Now, the film and its songs are easily accessible online.
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“Meena Baazaar” (1950) is a Pancholi Productions movie. It was directed by Ravindra Dave. The movie had Shyam, Nargis, Kuldip Kaur, Gope, Sapru, Kanhaiyalal, Bhudo Advani, Chandabai, Om Prakash etc in it.
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“Pyaase Nain” (1954) was a Tekchand Talkies Production movie. It was directed by S Ram Sharma. The movie had Nimmi, Rehman, Shyama, Gope, Vinod Kumar, Bhudo Advani, Mumtaz etc in it.
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Today (27 september) is the death anniversary of Mahendra Kapoor. Mahendra Kapoor has sung several memorable songs in his career. As many as 162 of his songs have been discussed in this blog so far.
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This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

The film songs of Mukesh do not even number 800, with the current research that is available, but it is still a great treasure. The voice behind these songs, this person, carries a link back into the soul itself – such is the power and the fascination in this voice. It would be a very tough job, to find a Mukesh song that one could say “naah, not worth the listen”. What maybe would seem lacking in numbers is more than made up by simply the quality of sound and the eminence of rendering.
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In most Hindi movies, the actors lead reel lives that has little resemblence to real life of normal people. And it was widely believed (and the myths are further perpetuated by people) that movie watchers used movies to live their fantasies and so they wanted to relive their fantasies in the movies instead of being reminded of their day to day life. And that explained the larger than life characters in Hindi movies.
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Music director Roshan was born on 16 july in the year 1917. He had a very successful career lasting nearly 18 years before he was snatched away at a relatively young age of only 50, when he was at the peak of his musical prowess.
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“Bindiya” (1960) is a little known movie starring Balraj Sahni,Padmini etc. I had neither aware of this movie not its songs till recently.
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“Sujata” (1959) had some very nice songs in it that covered various stages of lives, different kinds of feelings etc.

For instance, this movie has one of most well known luallabies of all time, viz. Nanhi kali sone chali hawa dheere aana. Picturisation of this lullaby shows Sulochana singing this lullaby to babies who grow up to become Shashikala and Nutan respectively.
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What a nice discovery this song is ! And I must thank Raja, who pointed out this song to me.
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