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“Hamshakal” (1974)was produced by T Govindrajan and directed by Jambu for Olympic Pictures, Madras. The movie had Rajesh Khanna, Tanuja, Moushumi Chatterjee, Rajesh Behl, Asrani, Meena T., Uma Dhawan, Baby Sonu, Jankidas, Prem Kumar, Madhukar, Pahalwan, Kumud Chhugani, Jagdeep etc. David, Aruna Irani, Manmohan and Asit Sen made special appearances in this movie.

This movie was originally made in Kannada as Baalu Belagithu (1970). Its box office success led to this movie getting remade in two other South Indian languages. It telugu, it was “Manchivadu” (1973) and in Tamil it was titled “Oorukku Uzhaippavan”(1976).

The Hindi remake “Hamshakal”(1974) had Rajesh Khanna, the biggest box office draw of all time in Hindi movie in the form of Rajesh Khanna, but that failed to help the movie and it flopped.

The movie songs were decent hits of tgose days, though.

The movie had seven songs in it. Six songs have been covered in the past.

Here are the details of the songs covered in the blog till now :-

Song Date of posting
Kaahe ko bulaaya mujhe baalmaa pyaar ke naam se 23 May 2009
Rasta dekhe tera vyaakul 30 May 2009
Ham tum gum sum raat milan ki 10 May 2010
Ek taara thhaa bada pyaara thhaa 29 December 2019
Udti chidiya udte udte 10 May 2020
Main tumko doongi sainyya pyaar ki nishaani 10 May 2021

One can see that all but one song of tghe movie have been covered i the blog during the month of may. Two songs from the movie were discussed in may 2009, another in may 2010. The next song was discussed on 29 december 2019. Next two songs have been discussed on 10 may 2020 and 10 may 2021 respectively.

It would be a good idea to cover the seventh and final song of “Hamshakal” (1974) in may 2021 itself. So here is that seventh and final song. This song is a less heard song. I had never heard it before. This song is sung by Asha Bhonsle. Anand Baakshi is the lyricistr. Music is composed by R D Burman.

The song is picturised on Tanuja who plays a “paagal” aurat in a paagalkhaana, which was the then politically incorrect way of describing what we today describe as a “mentally challenged” resident of a lunaatic asylum.

With this song, all the seven songs of “Hamshakal” (1974) have been covered in the blog and the movie tus joins the list of movies that have been YIPPEED in the blog.



Song-Dekho mujhe dekho kaisi main deewaani hoon (Hamshakal)(1974) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-R D Burman


mujhe sab paagal kehte hain
aur main
sabko paagal kahti hoon
kaun sachcha kaun jhoothha
kya maaloom

arre haan
hum donon mein se
koi ek zaroor paagal hai
kya main
yaa duniya

dekha dekha dekha
main kitni sayaani hoon

ae hey hey
dekho mujhe dekho
kaisi main deewaani hoon oon
deewaani re
bhooli huyi jaise
koi main kahaani hoon
hey hey hey hey
dekho mujhe dekho
kaisi main deewaani hoon
deewaani re
bhooli huyi jaise
koi main kahaani hoon aa

main hoon tamaasha
tamaashaai saare
rone ke din maine hanske guzaare
hey hey
zindaa hoon jaane main kiske sahaare
koi nahin hai jo mujhko pukaare re
re tadapta rafta rafta
ta ra ru ra
aa ru ra
ta ra pa
pa pa pa pa tu ra
aa ru ra
hey ae
kahaan hai o raaja
jiski main raani hoon
raani hoon re
bhooli huyi jaise
koi main kahaani hoon aaa

u hahahahahaha

jaane na re mera man bhola bhaala
kisne mujhe apne ghar se nikaala
ha ha
panchhi ko toone pinjre mein daala
honthon pe kisne laga diya taala
ta ra pa
ra pa
ra pa
ta ra ru ra
aa ru ra
ta ra pa
pa pa
pa pa ru ra
aa ru ra

hey ae
mujhe nahin pata
main hoon anjaani re ae
anjaani hoon
bhooli huyi jaise
koi main kahaani hoon
hey hey hey
u u

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