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Blog 10-Year Challenge (2010-2020) – Song No. 23
I could not send any write-up from my side on Sahir Ludhianvi’s birth anniversary this year on 08th March. However, I had shared few songs and had compiled an excel sheet on Sahir Ludhianvi’s filmography with the respective music directors, which I intend to use for future posts on the blog as and when possible.

While noting down the movies and number of songs from each movie, I came across the today’s songs or rather this ‘couplet recitation’ song from the movie ‘Dil Hi Toh Hai’ (1963). This song has been mentioned in the list of songs by Sahir Ludhianvi in Akshay Manwani’s book ‘Sahir Ludhianvi – The People’s Poet’. HFGK Vol IV (1961-1970) though does not mention this song in the list of songs under this movie. HFGK mentions ten songs in the movie which have already been posted on the blog.

When I searched for the audio/video of this extra song mentioned in Akshay Manwani’s book it was already available. So, we have an opportunity to bring this ‘couplet recitation’ on the blog today under ‘Blog ten-year challenge’ (since one song from this movie was posted on the blog on 23.04.2010). As this movie has already been ‘Yippeeee’ed’ on the blog the today’s song comes as ‘bonus’ for all of us to listen and enjoy.

I am presenting this beautiful song here which is lip synced on screen by the beautiful Nutan. In the movie this song happens just before the song ‘Tum Agar Mujhko Naa Chaaho To Koi Baat Nahin’ or rather it is after this ‘teasing’ song of today by the heroine Jamila Bano (Nutan), that the hero Chand Sahab of the movie (Raj Kapoor) gets ‘provoked’ (or inspired ? 😉) to sing ‘tum agar mujhko naa chaaho’…

The situation is that Jamila Bano is a great fan of singer Chand Sahab but she had not met him and there is a party on the birth anniversary of her friend Pushpa where Chand Sahab is suppose to attend the party. However, incidentally they both came across in shop where they intend to buy the ‘birthday gift’. Jamila Bano and her ‘sahelis’, unaware of who this fellow is misake Chand Sahab for a ‘loafer’ (badmaash, peechhaa karne waala😊 ) and when they see the same fellow also following them at the party venue, and when her friends ask Jamila Bano to say something, she recites this she’r directed at Chand Sahab. After this when Chand Sahab is invited to sing Jamila Bano is surprised but Chand Sahab also took this opportunity and he sings

tum agar mujhko naa chaaho to koi baat nahin,
tum kisi aur ko chaahogi to mushqil hogi

‘Dil Hi To Hai’ was jointly directed by PL Santoshi and CL Rawal for ‘Rawal Films’, Bombay. It was produced by BL Rawal. It had Raj Kapoor, Nutan, Agha, Nazir Husain, Leela Chitnis, Babloo, Padmini Priyadarshani, Sabita Chatterjee, Shivraj, Manorama, Mumtaz, Hari Shivdasani and Pran. The story, screenplay and dialogues of this movie were written by GL Rawal. Editing was done by Pran Mehra.

Lyrics for this movie were written by Sahir Ludhianvi and music was composed by Roshan. Lata Mangeshkar, Mukesh, Manna Dey, Asha Bhonsle and Suman Kalyanpur had given their voices to the songs in this movie.

As mentioned above the movie has total ten songs as listed below and if we include the today’s ‘couplet-song’ it makes eleven songs in this movie.

Song  Posted On
 Tum agar mujhko na chaaho to koi baat nahin  20.07.2008
 Laaga chunri mein daag chhupaaun kaise  03.11.2008
 Nigaahen milaane ko jee chaahtaa hai  16.11.2008
 Parda uthhe salaam ho jaaye  09.05.2009
 Bhoole se muhabbat kar baithaa  23.04.2010
 Tumhaari mast nazar gar idhar nahin hoti  01.05.2010
 Yoonhi dil ne chaahaa thhaa ronaa rulaanaa  12.12.2010
 Churaa le na tumko ye mausam suhaanaa  13.12.2010
 Gusse mein jo nikhraa hai  16.12.2010
 Dil jo bhi kahegaa maanenge  17.12.2010

Ten years back on 23.04.2010 three songs were represented on the blog including a song from this movie.

Song  Movie title-Year  Remarks
 Bhoole se muhabbat kar baithaa  Dil Hi To Hai-1963  All songs covered
 Mukhdaa dekh le praani zaraa darpan mein  Do Behnen-1959
 Bhalaa karne waale bhalaayi kiye jaa  Ghar Sansaar-1958  All songs covered

Let us now enjoy this lovely song for today …


Song – Aap Abhi Ishq Ki Tehzeeb Se Aagaah Nahin (Dil Hi To Hai)(1963) Singer – Nutan, Lyrics – Sahir Ludhianvi, MD – Roshan


aap abhi ishq ki tehzeeb se
aagaah nahin
aap abhi ishq ki tehzeeb se
aagaah nahin
aap se mel badhaane ki
hamen chaah nahin


aap se pyaar karey koyi
aap se pyaar karey koyi ee
to kyun pyaar karey ae
aap se pyaar karey koyi ee
to kyun pyaar karey ae

aap ki shaql to kya
baat bhi dil-khwaah nahin

Devnagri Script lyrics (Provided by Avinash Scrapwala)

आप अभी इश्क कि तहज़ीब से
आगाह नहीं
आप अभी इश्क कि तहज़ीब से
आगाह नहीं
आप से मेल बढ़ाने कि
हमें चाह नहीं


आप से प्यार करे कोई
आप से प्यार करे कोई ई
तो क्यूँ प्यार करे ए
आप से प्यार करे कोई ई
तो क्यूँ प्यार करे ए
आप कि शक्ल तो क्या
बात भी दिल-ख्वाह नहीं

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