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Hullo Atuldom

So, we have post number 16700 up. Congratulations to Atulji on yet another Hundred. There was a time, not so long back, when we used to have a century every month. Atulji, please confirm, wasn’t there a fastest century too- a century in 16 days? In the run up to my previous post I had noticed that “this date last year” i.e. 15th December 2020, the blog had celebrated its 16100th post with this post which also happened to be the music director duo Shankar-Jaikishan’s 1000th on the blog. I was wondering how Atulji will make post number 16700 special and it is indeed special considering the time-period of that song (1947). Hearty congratulations Atulji.

Let us kick-start the new century with a song from the 1981 release “Shradhanjali”. This was written and directed by Anil Sharma (who was only 21 then), produced by K C Sharma and had Hemant Bhonsle’s music and songs written by Anjaan. Bhupinder Singh, Asha Bhonsle, Amit Kumar, and Shobha Gurtu were the playback singers used.

The movie had a cast headed by Rakhee (in one of her sacrificing Naari roles) and Deepak Parasher was her romantic hero. Arun Govil played her Devar (brother-in-law) who is in awe of her and simply worships her. Madhu Kapoor was Arun Govil’s romantic interest, Sulochana was mother to Deepak Parasher and Arun Govil and Rakhee’s mother-in-law. Suresh Oberoi played the spoke-in-the-wheel that topples Rakhee’s apple cart. Then the movie had K.N. Singh, Jankidas, Yunus Parvez, Manik Dutt, Keshto Mukherjee, Sonia Sahni etc bringing up the supporting cast; all of whose characters together make the movie a ‘sob-story-movie’ which became Rakhee’s forte’ for a few years in the 80s. The Qawwali singer Shakeela Banu Bhopali also makes an appearance in the movie for the song that was sung by Shobha Gurtu.

I have very little knowledge about the Qawwali singer Shakeela Banu, though I have seen the song from ‘Shradhanjali’ a few times in my life. Her facial expressions were very pretty. This is what our dear Shri. Arunkumar Deshmukhji has written about Shakeela Banu Bhopali in his latest post (and I quote, hope he doesn’t mind it)

The other famous qawwal in films was Shakeela Banu Bhopali. She was multitalented. She acted in 32 films, but sang only 4 songs in 3 films. She too gave music to just 1 film- ‘Maze Le Lo’- 1975. She died on 16-12-2002.

This was part of a post that highlighted Jaani Babu Qawwal in Arunkumarji’s current series on ‘songs from artiste name films’

As per what I read somewhere on the internet, she had lost her voice due to the Bhopal gas tragedy in 1984. She passed away of a cardiac arrest on 16th December, 2002.

On to the song that is part of the wedding rituals of Madhu Kapoor and Arun Govil. We can see Suresh Oberoi welcoming the groom and the baaraat of which Arun Govil’s bhabhima (Rakhee) and her chief advisor (K.N. Singh) who is helping her in resurrecting her husband’s business after Suresh Oberoi ruins it and is the cause of Deepak Parasher’s death.

Song-Sainyya doli leke aaye tere dwaare sawere leke jaayenge(Shradhhanjali)(1981) Singer-Shobha Gurtu, Lyrics-Anjaan, MD-Hemant Bhonsle


sainya doli leke
sainya doli leke aaye tere dwaar
sawere leke jaayenge
sainya doli leke aaye tere dwaar
sawere leke jaayenge

gori kar le tu solah singaar
ye din phir na aayenge
gori kar le tu solah singaar
ye din phir na aayenge

sainya doli leke aaye tere dwaar
sawere leke jaayenge

maathe pe chanda ki bindiya lagaa doon
haan haan bindiya laga doon
maathe bindiya lagaa doon

ankhiyon mein badra ka kajra saja doon
haan haan kajra sajaa doon
naina kajra saja doon

phoolon ke ras mein
chunri ranga ke
phoolon ke ras mein chunri ranga ke
gale pehna doon
gale pehna doon ye chandrhaar
to raaja lut jaayenge
sainya doli leke aaye tere dwaar
sawere leke jaayenge

saj saj ke aaya tere sapnon ka raaja
haan haan sapnon ka raaja
tere sapnon ka raaja

peechhe baaraati
aage aage band baja
haan haan aage band baja
sajeela band baja

gore gore haathon mein hogi varmaala
gore gore hathon mein hogi varmaala
hogi unse
hogi unse teri ankhiyaan chaar
to naina sharmaayenge
sainya doli leke aaye tere dwaar
sawere leke jaayenge

chunri dupatte ka bandhan judega
haan haan bandhan judega
naya bandhan judega

phir saath pheron mein jiyara udega
haan haan jiyara udega
tera jiyara udega
paanv ke neeche neeche honge sitaare
paanv ke neeche neeche honge sitaare
tere aanchal mein
tere aanchal mein hogi bahaar
do pyaase dil mil jaayenge
sainya doli leke aaye tere dwaar
sawere leke jaayenge

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