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As this blog had continued on its onward journey from its humble beginning in July 2008, we have come across many festivals and we have discussed songs related to those festivals on those occasions. Unlike radio and TV stations, we in this blog do not repeat songs again and so I was always under the apprehension that I would run out of festival songs after some time. This is the sixth Holi festival for this blog. I find that I keep discovering “new” Holi songs even now. Moreover, our extremely knowledgeable readers and contributors continue to unearth “new” songs for these occasions.
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“Maa Beta” (1962) was a Tasveeristaan Production movie. It was produced by Kuldip Sehgal and directed by Lekhraj Bhakri. The movie had Nirupa Roy, Manoj Kumar, Ameeta,Lalita Pawar, Manmohan Krishna, I.S.Johar, Sheela Ramani, Kumar, Vijay Dutta, Manorama, Leela Mishra, Tarun Bose, Indira Bansal, Shamlal, Raj Prakash, Madhumati, Shukla, etc in it.
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This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

The film ‘Teesri Gali’ makes a debut on this blog today. It is one of the lesser known films from 1958. But being that the music direction is by Chitragupt, there are bound to be some very good songs included in this film. And sure enough, the song in this post is a gem that has stayed obscure for too long. A very wonderful and a lilting duet in the voices of Hemant Da and Lata ji.
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“Dhun” (1953) is by now an obscure movie. Little is known about this movie. This movie was a Silver Films Production. It was directed by someone called Kumar. the movie had Raj Kapoor, Nargis, Motilal, Pramila, Kumar, Kamal Mehra, Gulab, E. Billimoria, Cuckoo etc in it.
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Today (8 september) is the birthday of S Mohinder, a music director of yesteryears who gave us some wonderful songs in the golden era of Hindi movie music. Born in 1925, S Mohinder composed music in movies like “Sehra” (1948), “Jeewan Saathi” (1949), “Shrimatiji”(1952), “Bahaadur” (1953), “Paapi” (1955), “Naata”(1955), “Shehzaada” (1955), “Kaarwaan” (1956), “Shirin Farhad” (1956), “Mehlon Ke Khwaab” (1960), “Picnic” (1966) etc. He is one of those music directors who were criminally underutilised by the Hindi movie music industry.
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On the occasion of India’s 65th Independence day today (15 august 2012), here is a song from “Ek Hi Raasta” (1956). This song is a patriotic song enacted on the stage by Meena Kumari and several kids.
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“Daaku Ki Ladki” (1954) is an extremely obscure movie by now. This movie was a Harish production movie. It was produced and directed by Harish. The movie had Geeta Bali, Sheikh Mukhtar, Arjun, Mukri, Deepa, Shivraj, Cuckoo, Sankatha Prasad etc in it.
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On the occasion of C Ramchandra’s death anniversary (5 january), we are discussing some special songs composed by C Ramchandra.
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While discussing lori (lullaby) songs, I have mentioned that most lullabies are sung by female singers and picturised on actresses playing mother to some tiny tot. But it does not mean that there have not been lories sung by male singers. There may be just a few such songs but they are there.
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This lovely song from “Shabaab” (1954) is a much requested song that for some reasons had not yet figured in this blog.

This delightful song is in different parts. One part is sung by Hemant Kumar and it is picturised on Bharat Bhushan. The socond part is a duet where Nutan, lip syncing in Lata’s voice is also visible.
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