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“Paataal Pari” (1957) was a Sardar Pictures Production. It was directed by S P Bakshi. The movie had Shakila, Jairaj, Kumkum, Sheikh, Yashodhara Katju, Habib, Tiwari etc in it.
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“Neend Hamaari Khwaab Tumhaare” (1966) was a Movie Monuments production. It was produced by Hans Chaudhary and presented by M Satramdas Narang. Shiv Sahni was the director. The movie had Nanda, Shashi Kapoor, Rajendra Nath, Balraj Sahni, Nirupa Roy, Manorama, Omprakash, Shashikala, Bela Bose, Manmohan, Anwar Hussain, Vishwa Mehra, Madhumati, Lotan etc in it.
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This article is written by nahm, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Today I have found a long lost acquaintance with this qawwali. Actually I was looking at songs of this ‘Aarzoo’ posted in the blog, and thought it is not marked with red which means some songs are yet to be found. I have seen this movie too on T. V., the old black and white one. And thought i knew all the songs. I reached through google search. There I found this song listed as ‘jab ishq kahin ho jaata’ sung by Asha Bhosle and Mubarak Begum. No, those words did not ring a bell. Than searching for audio/video on youtube revealed the ‘jab ishq kahin ho jaata hai’ The final ‘hai’ was very effective and I recalled the song, mukhda and even the words in the antaras were eminently guessable. It has been a while since I heard this song, and definitely had no inkling who are the singers of this song.
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This article is written by nahm, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

This film has lots and lots of songs, as I am discovering for last few days. First the genuine qawwali which is a matter of interest to S. D. Burman’s fans. I have been wondering for some months if S. D. Burman ever composed a qawwali. Than a qawwali from ‘Dr. Vidya’ was posted a few days back. Than ‘bluefire ji’ drew my attention to this qawwali from the film “Benazir’. This is written by Shakeel Badayuni and singers are Mubarak Begum and Asha Bhosle. Since then I have seen many songs of this film which have a lot of playback singers. The list of female singers includes Lata, Usha, Suman Kalyanpure apart from Mubarak Begum and Asha. Among male singers I have been able to find only Rafi’s songs. I do not know if there is any other song featuring male singers. We shall see at least a couple of wonderful Lata solos on Meena Kumari, in the coming days. The songs are a treat to ears.
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This article is written by Sadanand Kamath, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

I had posted a write up on Jab tak duniya rahi rahegi from the film YE DIL KISO DOON (1963) ON March 26, 2012. Actually, I had short-listed ‘ hamen dam daike’ from this film, sung by Mubarak Begum and Asha Bhonsle for discussion but at the last moment, I chose the first one as I was influenced by the presence of a charming Shashi Kapoor and the impressive use of lighting during the picturisation of the song. I watched once again the video clip of the second song and felt that this song should also be brought for discussion in this blog. I was getting a feeling that my action of dropping Mubarak Begum’s song was akin to the Hindi film industry’s treatment to Mubarak Begum during her singing career. So to make amends, here is this Mubarak Begum-Asha Bhonsle duet song for discussion.
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I have been discussing the missing songs of Sajjad Hussain from “Rukhsaanaa” (1955)that I have been able to locate. “Rukhsaana” (1955) is a movie about which little information is available.
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It is amazing to find just how many hidden gems are lying undiscovered out there. Not just well known music directors, even lesser known music directors have left a wealth of music that deserve to be much better known. The sheer class of their compositions demand that.
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