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Today’s song is from film Namumkin-46. It is a duet of Shamshad Begum and K.S.Ragi.

We are accustomed to see only the usual regular well known names, but when some new or unknown name appears, our brows are raised and we wonder who this singer is. Same thoughts came to my mind when I first came across his name few years back. One would immediately think of the singers in a Gurudwara, who are also called Raagis. I tried and tried very hard, but except that he hailed from Andhra pradesh, I could not get any other information on him. Then one fine morning K S Ragi’s daughter appeared on RMIM forum and gave some more information. Though even this was very meagre, still at least something was there.
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Today (7 march 2013) is the first death anniversary of Ravi (3 march 1926- 7 march 2012). On this occsion, here is a song from “Khaamosh Nigaahen” (1989) which was the last Hindi movie of Ravi as a music director. This movie was a home production of Ravi. It was produced and directed by Ajay Sharma, (Ravi’s son) under the banner of Ajay Films. The movie had Rakesh Roshan, Deepti Naval, Swaroop Sampat, Agha, Shashikala, Urmila Bhatt, Shubha Khote, Iftekar, Dalip Tahil, Manmohan Krishna etc in it.
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“Sant Gyaneshwar” (1964) was a Ranglok Production. It was directed by Manibhai Vyas. This low budget B grade movie had Sudhir Kumar, Jeevan, Sulochana, Ullhas, Asit Sen, Babloo, Shahu Modak, Surekha etc in it.
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This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusist of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Asha Bhonsle – the name that conjures up the racy and spicy sounds of ‘udlayee udlayee udlayee o’, a voice that has a chirp, and an impish and naughty flavor to it, and the versatility that adorns thousands of music creations that have become a hallmark in the annals of Hindi film music. The second of the famous siblings of the Mangeshkar clan, Asha ji was born on this day in 1933. She started singing for films at a very young age of 10 years. Although her released recordings in 1950s were second only to Lata, she was considered as the singer for “bad girls” and vamps, and got the assignments that were turned down by Lata, Geeta Dutt and Shamshad Begum. Her voice started getting noticed from films like Sangdil (1952), Parineeta (1953) and Boot Polish (1954). And then came the real recognition of her talent in the mid 1950s, under the baton of OP Nayyar, with hits like CID (1956) and Naya Daur (1957). She became the voice of Helen, and has sung most of the songs that Helen has performed on the screen. Helen ji used to attend the song recording sessions personally, to better get a feel of how the song is to be performed.
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When one watches Hindi movies of the past, including their songs, and compare them with the present time, one notices that people back then had too much of time and patience. Means of instant communications were not there. People (namely the lady or parents) who will have their beloved husband/son gone to a distant place for work,will not hear from him for years, and they will patiently wait. One can not imagine people to have this kind of time and patience in today’s world.
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I may not be the only person to note that majority of songs in Bollywood are about love. In these songs, the lead actors would fall in love and then sing love songs.
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This song is a forgotten gem from 1970s. I call it a gem on several counts.
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This song is one of the earliest hits of Rafi. It came about in 1949 in a movie called Dulari and it went a long way in establishing Rafi as the most sought after male playback singer for the next two decades. This song was such a refreshing change from the usual songs of that era which used to be songs influenced by K L Sahgal’s singing style. Rafi’s singing in this song set the tone for the modern way of singing playback songs in Bollywood which continues to be followed to this date.
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