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“Swarg Narak”(1978) was Produced by B Nagi Reddi and directed by Dasari Narayan Rao for Vijaya Productions Pvt Ltd.(Madras). The movie had Sanjeev Kumar, Jeetendra,Vinod Mehra, Moushumi Chatterjee, Shabana Azmi,Shobhini Singh, Kamini Kaushal,Farita Boyce,Helen,Vijayalakshmi,Baby Gowri,Baby Sumathi,Paintal,Aditya,Vimal Sahu, Swaraj Kumar, Prem Kumar, Saleem,Subba Rao,Madhukar,Kiran, Pandey,Ram Mohan, Muthalif. In addtions, Madan Puri,A.K.Hangal,Prema Narayan made special appearances, while ITanuja made a friendly appearance. Other friendly appearances were by Jagdeep, Om Shivpuri, Raj Mehra, Shammi, Vikram Gokhale, Komilla Virk, Birbal, Pandhari Bai, Adil Aman etc.

The movie was a typically Chandamama magazine kind of tale, because it was a made by the owners of Chandamama. The movie had four songs in it. Three of these songs have been covered in the past.

Despite being aware that only one song was left to be covered, I was unable to cover the final song from the movie. For one, this is a rather complicated song. HFGK mentions it as a song in two parts, viz part a sung by Lata and part b sung by Christine. In reality it is one continous song where one stanza is a sung by Lata in Sanskrit and that is followed by one stanza in English by Christine and so on. The full audio of the song is rather elusive.

The sanskrit portion is basically shloks from Geeta. HFGK mentions them as shloks number 20 and 22 from chapter II and shlok number 34 from chapter 9. The English portion are penned by Harindranath Chattopadhyay. The picturisation shows a devout wife (played by Shabana Azmi reciting Geeta Shloks) in a bid to save the life of her mother in law whereas the wayward husband (played by Vinod Mehra) is drinking in a bar in the company of disagreeable people such as Komila Virk. There isone bar dancer (I am unable to identify her) who lip syncs the English song.

Movie audience were supposed to sympathise and praise the devout lady and abuse the wayward man. I had watched this movie (duly bunking my college classes) and had joined the mainstream audience in reacting in the predictable way.

Here is this elusive song, with tough lyrics since they are in Sanskrit and English. 🙂 All the hard work of noting down the lyrics are done by Prakashchandra who has also provided all the details about the movie.

With this song, “Swarg Narak”(1978) joins the list of movies that have all their songs covered in the blog.

Audio Full


Song-Na jaayate Mriyate va…I love you only (Swarg Narak)(1978) Singers-Lata, Christine, Lyrics-Harindranath Chattopadhyay, MD-Rajesh Roshan

Lyrics (Provided by Prakashchandra)

na jaayate
mriyate vaa
vaan bhooyah
ajo nityah
na hannyate
hanya maaney ae ae ae

I love you only
aa aaah
I am so lonely
oo oo oo hoo hmmm
come and hold me

I kiss you dearly
aaa aa hhaaa…aaa
aaa I am so quivery
aaa aa aahhaa…haaa
ooh come and hold me
love me
ohh you can
I am a woman
you are a man
carress me
possess me
woo me
let your love ??
through and through me

vaasaasi jeernaani
yathaa vihaay
naro paraani
tathaa shareeraani
vihaay jeernaanyaani
navaani deh ee

aaa aaa aaa
we shall have to pay the price for his vice
vice vice
we shall have to pay the price for his vice
vice vice

man-manaa bhava
madbhakto o
mad-yaaji maam namasskuru
yukthvaivva maatmaanam
mat paraayanaha

I love you only
I love you only
I am so lonely
come and hold me
enfold me
enfold me
enfold me

oooo oo…ooo

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