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In 1980s, Bollywood movies were inundated by “Disco” music and “Disco” craze had swept the entire nation like an epidemic.
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Action movies, which were regarded as B and C grade stuff till 1960s had gone on to become A grade movies, and movies with non violent stories were pushed out of centrestage. But there were takers for these movies, which were then known as social movies of family movies.
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While posting songs from the golden era of Bollywood movies, I have tended to concentrate more on the songs of 1950s and 1960s, even though I grew up with songs of 1970s. Just like we these days lament about the quality of Bollywood movie songs today and cite old Bollywood movie songs as the epitome of quality, the same lament was heard even in 1970s. Even I was under the impression that the quality of music in 1970s was not what it was in the earlier years. Now of course I can have a hearty laugh at my own expense with the benefit of hindsight.
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I have listened to this song quite a few times, but I was not aware of the details about this song, apart from the obvious fact that this song was sung by Lata.
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I was under the impression that I had posted all the songs from “Mera Saayaa” (1966), but in reality I have so far posted only four songs from this movie. There are more memorable songs in this movie that are yet to be posted.
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I have a catgory of songs in this blog called “dance competition” songs. In this category, typically two dancers compete against each other. This has led to some superb dance competitions between dancers of formidable reputations.
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This is celebration time again for this blog. And incidentally this is the third such occasion for this blog in this month that we are celebrating some landmark. On 11 july 2010, this blog completed 2600 songs and on 19 july 2010, this blog turned Two years old. And today on 30 july 2010, this blog completes yet another century.
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O P Nayyar, who ruled the roost in Hindi movie music scene in 1950s and 1960s had lost much of his ground by the end of 1960s. But I find that the music that he created in his last few movies was perhaps as outstanding as any music that he created in his earlier more heralded music. It is another matter that the music of these movies were not lapped up as much as they should have been for various reasons.
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Bollywood Mujra songs tend to be sung at a slow pace accompanied by slowly moving Mujra dancing. But here is a Mujra song on steroids. The song is quite a fast paced song, and the dance is at a break-neck speed too.
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Meena Kumari who played happy roles in 1950s began to play tragic roles in 1960s. And that obviously included singing sad songs as well.
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