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Readers farmaishes

Seeing that I receive farmaishes (requests) from my readers , It would be a good idea to have a separate page for that. So here is this page. Please use it to give your farmaishes for songs that you may like me to include in the blog. Just make sure to check that the song asked by you is not yet posted. You may refer to the pages that shows the complete lists of posted songs (by movie/ by music director/by year- as the case may be) for reference.

Thanks !


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Dear Sir, A few weeks back , there was a song of a Bollywood movie in 50s pictured on Helen which was communicated by you in Atul’s Song a day.The song starts with a Arabic expression Husn e abba e habi or something like that. I heard this song after a gap of 50 years.Unfortunately I lost this song while reformatting the computer.
Kindly send the song.
Sitendra Kumar

The wordings are “Hasnun ala haya habbi, hasnun ala haya habbi, Har ada ke sau paimane” and the song is from film Shabnam (1964), music by Usha Khanna.
Link is

Dear Shri Srivastava,Thank you very much.Thanks a lot.
Sitendra Kumar

Dear Sir, Kindly let me know how to locate the song from TOP POSTS or Recent comments which was sent to me a few months back under the heading Atulsongaday on my mail. The old song sent to me was pictured on Madhubala and perhaps was sent within a range of previous four months..

Sitendra Kumar

Dear Sir,Thanks. I have somehow found the song “Chhum Chhum Chhali Piya Ki Gali ” filmed on Madhubala from the movie “Ek Saal” of 1957. Kindly let me know how to locate the song if the name of movie or Mukhda of song is not known? Can we simply locate the song by remembering the name of heroine on whom it was picturised?

Dear Sir,You have a vast archive of old songs. Is there any way that all the songs which were part of Binaca Geet Mala in 1963 or any other year for all the 52 weeks could be compiled ? This will enable our readers to enjoy all the songs which were broadcast every Wednesday in Binaca Geet Mala, the most cherished programme.

It is a good suggestion. I will open relevant tags for them soon.

Sir, I just love your blog and have made a separate folder in my mail..all your posts go directly there and I read and reread at leisure with pleasure.
I had asked for a song before too…haven’t got a reply to it. I’m looking for it for a friend. It’s a song by Kishore Kumar. Very fast song. Only the last line which goes
“Aloo dum aloo dum aloo dum ”
Or something like that remains in memory from a childhood cassette. Can anyone help me locate that song?

Its from film Jhumroo.Perhaps bhola bhal man mera.It also contains the catchy phrase dhim fatafat dhingdi poko

Atul ji, I have been seaching for a sad rain song which I heard in radio ceylon about 45 years back. It was a very popular song broadcasted specially during monsoon. It may be a nonfilm hindi song sung by Hemlata, Usha Mangeshkar or kamal barot. I just remember some lyrics. The song starts with heavy thunderstorm “badraa mat garjo mere angana, pardes jao, mere piya ko sandesha pahuncha do”. I request old music lovers to help me in tracing this melodious song.

Atulji, I made this comment while I listened to Pankajda’s song from “Kasturi” “Apni Preet Ko”. Quite often we like to listen to some songs again and agiain with long intervals in between. We might like to post some new views on the songs after listening. In the current format of this blog, this is not possible. Members may not read the post. Any views from you/members? Many thanks.

One needs to look for the song in moviewise list, if one knows the movie of the song. That to my mind is the most reliable way to search for it. There is a “search” box too in the front page, but I am not sure how reliable it is.

There was a song in 1963 movie Kabli Khan-Ae Hazrat Ye Pehli Ada… filmed on Helen I believe.This song is not available on YT.Can we get this?
There were nice songs in 1959 movie Sati Vaishalini.It had music by Premnath(?) Though mentions this movie but shows no songs.YT does not mention this movie at all.Can i request for its songs please?

Dear Sir,There was a movie in 50s of Dev Anand in which Dev Anand sends money order to his mother(Name was perhaps Leela Chitins, I am not sure).The money order was misappropriated by his elder brother as the signature of mother were forged by her daughter in law on the money order .Dev Anand detects the forgery by getting the signature on money order. In the end, mother asks Dev Anand to forgive his elder brother.
Sir,Which was the movie?

I feel Sitendra Kumar Ji is confusing Bharat Bhushan with Dev Anand.In 1952 film “Maa” directed by Bimal Roy,Bharat Bhushan used to send money to his mother Leela Chitnis and the money is grabbed by Shyama,elder brother’s wife by faking mother’s signatures.I could be wrong also.

P.S.Shyama was the Heroine opposite Bharat Bhushan and elder brother’s wife was someone else.

Rakesh ji,

You are right.
The film WAS Maa-52. The elder brother’s wife was actress Manju,if I remember right.

Thanks Deshmukh Ji.Who played elder brother’s wife ?

Sorry,Who played elder brother’s role?

I feel it was done by pal Mahendra.

Dear Sir,Thanks.Very many thanks to Shri Srivastava and Shri Deshmukh. Members of ATULDOM are very knowledgeable.Very good knowledge on film affairs. Yes thee film was MAA of 1952.This movie is not available anywhere. If any reader has got any idea, please let me know. I found MAA of 1952 on but it stops running after 10 minutes or so.In case this movie is located, please inform me.

Sitendra Kumar

dear atulji,

eraksolides. ..this name is famous for uploading radio S.L.B.C. broadcasting everyday for their programme from 7.00 am to 8.00 for purani filmo ka sangit and all other programme.

pl.comment on this..

sudhir joshi

We are aware of him and he is aware of us. We are facebook friends. Sudhir ji, our Delhi based stalwart is quite familiar with the person behind erakoldies and he meets him regularly.

There is a song from the film ‘Madanmanjari’ (1961), sung by Asha Bhosle, which is ” Hum apne gham ko saja kar bahar kar lenge”. This song is yet to be discussed in the forum.

Shekhar vaishnav

This may be 1958 to 1957 film ? .. During song female voice ” De Daan Chute Grahan ” Please want to know the film & song pls.

Vaishnav ji,
This film is Mausi. Song is ‘Aye Bambo Bumbolo’ Singer Asha Bhosle. You can hear it in this blog (and read the lyrics also) Date is April 15,2011. Try

D Samant

shekhar Vaishnav
Thank you Samant Saab for this .

Dear Atulji,
The song “Ja Ja Ja Ja Bewafa, Kaisa Pyar Kaisi Preet Re” sung by Geeta Dutt from the film ‘Aar Paar'(1954) is yet to be discussed in the blog.

This song is a multiple version song (with two versions). It has been discussed in the past.

Thanks, Atulji for the information.

dear atul
i am desperate to listen to madan manjari gazal by asha bhosle
hum apne gum ko sajakar bahar kar lenge. pls help..

Here is the YT link to the song that you want. It used to be played regularly on Vividh Bharati in early sixties. After your post made me recollect it, I checked then on YT but couldn’t find it. Today I checked again and was successful.

Dear Samant saab
I am sorry but this not it …Though Mausi song sounds more or less familiar .

I think you did not get the song to hear as it is not available on YT. You may get the lyrics on this blog, but to hear it you will have to approach”” and therein ” film songs” and then Mausi .” de daan chhute giran” are words in the last 5-6 lines. Any other film having a song with these same words within in the same year 1958 is unbelievable .Please try.

D Samant

During my childhood I used to listen a bhajan one of my elder uncles singing slowly and softly for himself while walking before his bedtime.
I have no idea whether it was filmy or not filmy. Not knowing the exact starting. Only remembering the following:

Radhey Govind, Bolo Re Panchhi Radhey Govind
Ye Jag Chaar Dinoka Mela
In Mil Raina Basera Kar Le
Bhor Bhaye Ud Jaye Akela, Bhor Bhaye Ud Jaye
Ye Jag Chaar………….

Any hope for me to listen this bhajan again?

There is a song perhaps by Pankaj Malik which contains a line “jhaddte hai phool phagun ke, phagun; ke maheene me”. I shall be thankful, if full song can be traced.

atul ji i am still waiting reply for already requested song of film madan manjari hum apne gum ko sajakar bahar kar lenge by asha bhosle. is it available anywhere on internet ? please help
{ my post of may 20 2016 ]

Dear Atulji & Associates

Please kindly send me daily farmishes, in normal way .I USED TO RECEIVE … PLEASE


Please . ( Every day Blog ) …

Simon shekhar Vaishnav.😊

Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2016 04:47:40 +0000

Dear Sir,There was an old song of 50s,a duet sanu tuade naal pyar ho gaya te main ki karan. Which movie did it pertain to? The song is in Hindi but the initial wordings appear to be in Punjabi .It is from a Bollywood film only.

Atulji, first my gratitude for a very useful website containing a beautiful collection of our old musical heritage. Sincere thanks.

I request a song sung by that wonderful duo of Kamal Dasgupta and Juthika Roy, “Meri prem ki naiyya chali, premi tum aao”. Thanks.

Akhtar Lodhi

sir this song I heard on radio in between 2007 to 2009 and it stuck in my head .and all I could remember is some middle line which is as follows

” mera naam aasman pe likh Kar ek pagal machalta rehta hai jab sooraj ko thandi lagati hai woh badal odh ke so jata , hai main ghar se nikalti hu saj ke har phattar chandan ban jata hai”
can u plz tell me the song name and movie
I will be highly grateful .
viplava mishra

plz. add “Policewala 1993”.

Hi. I am amazed at what i am seeing. What a labour of love.
Requesting a song on welcoming son in law. A blessing type. Not funny or silly please. Thanks in advance and all the best. God Bless

please include ‘Murli Manohar krishna Kanhaiyya jamuna ke tat pe viraje hain’ from film jhanak jhanak payal baje at the earliest please.

Dear Atul…where are Picnic (1963) songs? Although the film was incomplete, the music was released. Please add it.

“Lehron ke rele sang naiya mori khele” singer Haridyanath Mangeshkr.. film Babla 54 Md SD Barman Lyricist Sahir Ludhiyanvi…pl.include for discussion .

already posted here; (Baabla 1-954)

Thnx Avinash ji for providing song link .

one more song from film Samaapti 49 By Talat mehmood md Timir baran lyricist pt. madhur ? ” Man ki mena Bol rhi hai bole man ki mena” think is not covered .pl do include in the list .

Nice funny song from Awara Shahzadi (1956)
Singers : G.M.Durrani & Geeta Dutt
Music : Jimmy
Link :

Song from Kanoon Ka Shikaar (1979)
Music released under the title ‘Asambhav’
Music : Meena Mangeshkar
Singer : Lata Mangeshkar
Youtube link :

Kindly include this song from Apradhi (1974) with Mukesh giving playback for Kiran Kumar, Music by Usha Khanna and lyrics by Hasrat Jaipuri
Youtube link :

There is a touchy song in Nai Maa (1960)–O Maa Pyari Maa, sung by Sudha Malhotra. It is not available on YT. Can this be uploaded pl.?

Dear Atulji,

The beautifully sung duet song ” तेरे हम ओ सनम तू जहाँ मैं वहाँ” by Mohd Rafi and Suman Kalyanpur from the film “Bachpan'(1963) is yet to be discussed. MD is Sardar Malik.
The video version is not available on YT. However, audio link is given below.

Hello, Thanks for this vast collection of songs on your blog site. Great job!
I have been looking for an old song I used to listen to on radio over 25 years ago. The song may be from the 60’s or 70’s. I don’t know the movie name, music director’s name or singers’ name. I just know that it is sung by 2 women (May be Lata and some one else). The music sounds like it is an item song with 2 women dancing. The first stanza of the song ends with “ari amma yeh kya hua. Usne chhua kuch kuch hua”. I don’t even remember the beginning line of the song. Can anyone please help me trace this song.

Here is a link of the song from the movie Sanjog 1971 which is not mentioned in your blog.

Can you please review the above song and also other songs from this movie which are still left out ???

Thanks n Regards

Here is a link of the song which is not reviewed in your blog.

Can you please review the song and other songs from the movie Mr. Romeo as well which are left out ???

Thanks n Regards

I’d really appreciate it if you can discuss my favorite Janmashtami song (sharing the top spot with Shammi Kapoor’s “Govinda aalaa re aalaa”) from Badla (1974). I’ve not been able to find good lyrics online, or to identify the important word before “nazar ki dor” in the last line that would decipher it’s meaning. The subtitles on the YouTube video show “teekhi” but I’d like to see an interpretation from you.

This would also create a generational link since this was picturized on Shatrughna Sinha, father of Sonakshi Sinha on whom the latest famous Janmashtami song was picturized:
Go Go Go Govinda from Oh My God, which would also be my next farmaish:

Thanks for an interesting blog, and best regards!

Hi Atul Ji,
Recently found link for KAAMNA (1972) movie on youtube…
Songs from this movie have not made their debut yet….so a movie for you to debut and yippee.
One of the songs has vocals by Chitra Singh. Is she the same i.e. Jagjit Singh’s wife?

Pankaj Udhas also debuted with this film, Kaamna, in the song Tum Kabhi Saamne Aa Jao.

Dear Sir,
I am looking for a Bhajan sung by late C H Atma. I used to hear it on radio during my adolescence.
I remember only its first line

” एरी बांसकी बाँसुरिया ,तूने कौन कौन तप किनो री, तूने कौन कौन ताप कीनो ”

I am sure you will help

With regards and best wishes for you and your team

Here is a song from the movie — Dus Numbri – 1976 —

Which was not reviewed till now. Only one song is reviewed from the movie.

Can you please review the song ???

Thanks n Regards

I am looking for the English translation of “Suna Suna Lage Veraj Ka Dham Gokal Ko Chod” – Mohammed Rafi (movie Neelmani)

and “Maa Teri Mamta Kitni Pyari” – Manna Dey (movie Bansari Bala).

Has one of these already been reviewed?

I recall only one line of the song “ bibi mere MA ayee, main hoon inter fail, kaho ab kaise hoga male.”, it’s a comedy song. I don’t have other details and have not been able to trace it on the internet. Could you help?

Himker ji,

What a fantastic reminder. I too remember this song; this used to play on the radio quite often during late 1960s, early 1970s.

However, this is not a film song. This is one of the non-film songs that were created at the Delhi station of AIR, and were aired in programs like Lehren on Sundays.

Another song that was popular and aired often was – “Priye Jala Kar Ghaas, Aag Ke Paas, Baith Kar Gup Shup Ho Jaaye. . .”.

I remember the signature piece of the Lehren program –
“Lehar Lehar Lehraaye Re Manwa, Ye Lehron Ka Mela”.

It is sad but such kind of memorable items – skits on Hawa Mahal etc., are a treasure that AIR is not releasing. Items like Khalifa Shidoo series, Music Master Bhola Shanker series, Loha Singh series, and many more which were one off. Wonderful items but not yet available in public domain.


Kamal ho Gaya. A few days back I was humming this song. The other two songs mentioned by Shri Sudhir were also very popular in late sixties/ early seventies. All AIR Delhi songs.

atul you have done a great job to create this site it is no joke to create and maintain such a site that too over the years!!

Bachpan (1963) song ‘Ab Main Jaun Kahan’ sung by Suman Kalyanpur still remains to be dealt in this esteemed blog.It is not available in public domain. May kindly cover this too.

I’ve been searching for a song for a long time but have not been to trace it on the internet or blog. The opening lines are “Bibi mere MA aaye, main hoon inter fail, kaho ab kaise ho ga Mail”. It’s a comedy song. You’ll you help

Sorry for the repost. Sudhir ji has already responded.

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