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If one is not aware of the details of the song, one may mistake it for an O P Nayyar composition. Punjabi sounding tunes and picturised on girls wearing Punjabi dresses, and sung by Asha Bhonsle- how can it be otherwise ?

But no, this catchy and racy tune was composed by S D Burman, assisted by his son R D Burman.
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A very moving tale of an Afghani Pathan living in Calcutta, leaving his wife and young daughter behind in Afghanistan. This story was written by Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore, and I had read it in my Hindi textbook during my school days.

It was the first time I read such a moving tale. I could fully empathise with the feelings of the Afghan towards the young Calcutta girl who reminds him of his daughter.
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One of the most outstanding songs sung by Lata Mangeshkar, this must go down as a very special song in her career as well as in the annals of Bollywood filmy music.

For once, the lyrics of the song were so different. Unlike the prevalent concept of lyrics those days ( heavy Persian influenced lyrics, and sometimes common day to day words), this song is written in textbook Hindi, the kind that was taught in schools and colleges.
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As sad songs go, Mukesh was unparalleled. And it is very difficult to say which of his sad songs were the best. In my opinion, appreciation of music is a highly subjective matter, so one should just enjoy it, without trying to rank them or trying to compare them.

This movie ” Chhoti Behan” (1959) had that immortal Rakhi song, “bhaiya mere rakhi ke bandhan ko nibhana”. In this song, the sister Nanda sings the song and ties rakhi on the wrists of her brothers Balraj Sahni and Rahman.
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Young kids growing up in India learn as much of their vocabulary from family members and friends as from Bollywood movies and songs. I learnt the meaning of “ladki pasand karna” for the first time when I heard my mother advising her brother (mama for me) to get married ( “Shaadi kar lo. Koi ladki pasand kar lo”).

As if on cue, this song ” maine ek ladki pasand kar li” started blaring on loudspeakers after a few days. And thanks to my newfound knowledge ( gained by overhearing my mother), I knew the meaning of the phrase “ladki pasand kar li”.
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S D Burman would typically sing a song at the beginning of the movie that would become an immortal song. “Zindagi Zindagi” also had such an opening song sung by the maestro that became immortal.

“Zindagi Zindagi” went one better. Not only did the movie open with a S D Burman classic song, the movie ended likewise too. And the song that plays at the close of the movie is just as standout as the opening song.
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“Yaadon ki baraat” was a movie full of memorable foot tapping numbers. Its songs are what I would call party songs. These songs were sung in parties in the movie. In fact, the entire movie was full of parties and every party had one memorable party song.

One song that was extremely popular among teens like me was the song where the boy invites a girl to come to the stage. A dream situation for desi teens those days. No wonder I simply loved this song.
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I have mentioned it earlier that S D Burman tended to have one philosophical song in his movies at the start. Credits would appear on the screen accompanied by the voice of S D Burman singing a song that would set the tone for the movie. This was the case in “Guide”, as well as “Amar Prem”.

There was a movie released just after Amar Prem, which also had a song like this. Unlike the above mentioned movies, this movie “Zindagi Zindagi” was not successful. And I am very disappointed with this fact. I have heard laments that most Bollywood movies are hackneyed. But when some good off beat movies are produced, the audience do not have the maturity to appreciate them.
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I am not much impressed with the present day Bollywood music, and so I do not follow it. Once, while travelling by bus, I was subjected to some songs blaring from the audio system of the vehicle. Most songs appeared typically “modern” read “trash” to my ears, but one song caught my ears. It went “main yahan hoon yahan”. I wondered how such a catchy tune, so reminiscent of music in the era betwen 1950-70 got created after 2000 ?

This song lingered in my mind. When I went home and googled it, I found that it was from “Veer Zaara”. Wow ! So that was the explanation for this tune. Veer Zaara uses tunes that Madan Mohan had left unused when he died in 1975.
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Impressing masses and classes both, that too without playing to the gallery must be a great quality for any music director. And S D Burman was quite an accomplished music director that way.

And what about his singing ? Different and unconventional no doubt, but what a voice ! He carved a unique niche for himself as a singer of note.
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