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“Preet Na Jaane Reet”(1966) was produced by H K Ravi and directed by S Bannerji for Moviestan, Bombay. The movie had Shammi Kapoor, B.Saroja Devi, Parveen Chaudhary, Nazir Hussain, Minoo Mumtaz, Randhir, Shammi, Dhumal, Siddhu, Johnny Walker etc in it.
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Missing Films of 1960s – 9
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The next film from 1962 that we introduce today is ‘Kaala Chashma’.  Oh well, with a name like this, frankly, if I had been in a movie going age in that era, even I would had steered clear of this one.  Not fair, I know, but the acumen to make such educated decisions is coming on now, after years of listening to Hindi film music, and getting a penchant for searching for lost songs.  At any other time in the past, I would have not paid any attention to film.  Especially after knowing that the lead actors are Manju and Amarnath. Rather the response would have been – Manju and Amarnath, who??
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“Oomar Qaid” (1961) is a movie produced by Super pictures and directed by Aspi Irani. This B grade movie had actors like Sheikh Mukhtar, Sudhir, Nazima, Helen, Mukri, Hiralal, Sulochana, Mohan Choti, Jeevankala etc in it.
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“Madame Zorro” (1962), as the name suggests, is a quintessential B grade movie that very few people actually watch. And details about such movies are conspicuous by their absence. So our inhouse expert Mr Arunkumar Deshmukh has done a great public service by giving us all the details on this movie that we may ever need to know. Here is his fun take on this movie:-
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“Teasing” songs, where the hero is seen teasing the lady have been there from 1950s. And I mostly find them unrealistic. In real life, one cannot tease a girl like that in India and get away. But in Bollywood songs, the lady, after initial disapproval, begins to respond towards the later parts of the song. I find it difficult to identify with such picturisation.
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“Sunehri Naagin”(1963) was a C grade movie that has been forgotten with time. This movie had Mahipal and Helen in lead roles.Recently I have stumbled upon the songs of this movie and I find that the movie was full of some very nice songs.
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Dattaram is one of the “lesser” music directors who could becounted upon to compose great music every time he got an opportunity to work as an independent music director.
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