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Today is the day Rafi left this world 28 years ago. And the Bollywood music world truly lost its voice. Every year, we pay our heartfelt tribute to Rafi in various ways on this day. One way of paying our tribute is by playing his immortal songs.

There are some songs that are bound to figure in everyone’s list on this occasion.

Not all of these great songs were created by big name music directors. There are some immortal Rafi songs created by lesser known Music directors as well. People may not have heard of these music directors, these songs may not have become too popular in countdown shows,the movies containing these songs may have sunk without a trace- but one fact remains. All these Rafi songs have become immortal nevertheless.
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Here is a cute song for the whole family. The song is meant for tiny tots, and indeed the song was picturised as such. Kids love to listen to story, especially at bedtime.Here the kids are shepherds out in a jungle and Amitabh Bachchan is a stranger. Amitabh tries to befriend the kids by offering to tell them a story. Wary at first, the kids are lured by the offer of a story. And what is the topic of story? It is not the story of kings and queens, or fairies. He would tell them the story of a tiger. The mention of a tiger naturally make the kids nervous.
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People who are normally happy and cheerful, sing great happy songs. But when they have occasions to feel sad, their sadness is genuinely painful. That may explanation why the sad songs sung by Kishore Kumar sound so poignant, and so full of pathos.

And when it comes to Kishore Kumar’s sad songs, the feeling of pain and sadness comes out so well in this particular song. The movie is long forgotten, but this song has assured that the name of the movie would always be remembered while discussing this song.
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Boys have been wooing girls for many generations, and despite cultural differences, modus operandi remains the same across all cultures. It is the male who has to act, and the female reacts. And a fine delicate balance must be struck. The male should not be so shy that he would not even approach the female, nor should he be too crude to turn the girl off. The usual Indian way, to launch a trial baloon, and to test the waters to see that the conditions are favourable for the approach- it is the recommended way that still works, as it did 50 years ago.
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One of the most romantic songs from early 1970s. Featuring Rajesh Khanna and Zeenat Aman, this number tugged at your heartstrings, if you lived through that era. The feelings and emotions involved when you are in love with a girl is so wonderfully penned by Anand Bakshi, and so wonderfully sung by Kishore Kumar on R D Burman’s tune. All the people featuring in this song were the creme de la creme of Bollywood world in their fields at that time. And their teamwork has resulted into this evergreen, unforgettable, romantic song.
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What makes a song tick and makes it hummable? Here let me talk about just this song. If you have not seen the movie or the visuals of the song, you can still visualise the theme by listening to the lyrics and the tune. One can make out that the two persons are on a hill station and are yearning for those days when they had time and the life went on at a leisurely pace. Listen to the lyrics, and listen to the music, both go hand in hand like the two actors ( Sanjiv Kumar and Sharmila Tagore) enacting the scene, at perfect harmony with each other.
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A cute song from 1973. Rekha, a raw teenager was an ugly duckling and an immature youngster at that time,who was not expected to go very far in Bollywood. She would later turn over a new leaf in 1978. But that was far off in the future. This movie was only her third movie, and here she was paired with a leading actor for the first time. Her earlier two heroes were debutants Navin Nischol and Randheer Kapoor.
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A mast mast song from 1970s, that had everyone dancing on their feet. The song is great, sung wonderfully by Kishore and Lata,and it has a characteristic foot tapping music by R D Burman. It was filmed on the reigning heart throbs Rajesh Khanna and Mumtaz.And let us not forget the lyrics. It is the lyrics of Anand Bakshi, so simple, so effective, and so easy to sing that has made this song one of the perennial favourites for most Bollywood music lovers.
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Do you need big pleasures in life to make you happy ? Then happiness may well elude you most of the time.

Blessed are those who get happy with small pleasures of life, for they will be happy most of the time.

Here is a nice song where down to earth real life like characters find lots of positives in their lives to cheer about and sing and dance about. This song will surely make you feel happy about life , notwithstanding all the problems associated with it.

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This song is a happy song. And if one listens to this song, one will feel happy and energetic for many hours thereafter.This song has the ability to lift the spirits of its listeners. It is a true gem of the song, that was, and continues to be a favourite of all kinds of audience, old, young, classes, masses, every one. One of the most memorable songs of the Bollywood golden era certainly.
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