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There have been several adaptations of the novel Devdas, not only in Hindi movies, but in movies of other languages too. Among the various movies of this name, “Devdas” (1935) and “Devdas”(1955) are regarded as masterpieces.
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“Saara Jahaan Hamaara”(1961) is an obscure B grade movie by now. This movie was produced by India Films corporation. Prakash Chhabra was the director and the starcast had Premnath, Shyama, Hiralal,Rajeshwari, Azraa, Ajay kumar, Jankidass, Manju etc in it.
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I am coming round to the view that the popular category of songs, viz “How come this soong was not posted earlier” contains not just hundreds, but thousands of songs. There are so many great songs that have not yet figured in the blog, despite this blog boasting of over 5500 songs.
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“Khazaanchi” (1958) is a movie which was produced and directed by P N Arora. Starcast of the movie had names like Rajendra Kumar, Shyama, Chitra, Manorama, Helen, Rajan Haksar etc in it.
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This article is written by Ava Suri, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a new contributor to this blog.

When I was 20 I moved to Delhi and stayed with my aunt’s family in Delhi. She had a large family of 6 children. Four of her older children were married and had moved out of the house. Her youngest two, a boy and a girl, became my beloved companions. Love of art and sports ran in the family. My cousin worked for and played hockey for Northern Railways, in addition to that he sang beautifully. His younger sister drew and painted beautifully and worked as a commercial artist.
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“Guzaara” (1954) is quite an obscure movie by any standards. Few people have heard of this movie. That is true for its songs as well. I became aware of this movie mainly because of the farmaish of a song from this movie.
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“Aurat” (1953) is a movie which was produced and directed by B Verma. The movie had Premnath, Beena Rai, Purnima, Ulhas, Hiralal, Roopmala, Nazira etc in it.
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If one makes an analysis of the songs based on their chronological age, one may find that majority of songs discussed in this blog are from the decades of 1950s and 1960s, with the number of songs tapering off drastically as one goes to the earlier as well as later decades. This follows the normal distribution curve (also known as bell shaped curve) as they say in statistics 🙂 .
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The list of songs that belong to ” How come this song was not discussed earlier ! ” category is quite long. Here is another song of this category.
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This article is written by Ava Suri, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a new contributor to this blog.

Tere Ghar Ke Samne is one of the great movies offered up by Indian Cinema. It stars Dev Anand, Nutan, Om Prakash, Hrindranath Chattopadhyaya and Rajendranath. As was mandatory, this movie had some of the lovliest songs ever, thanks to lyrics by Hasrat Jaipuri, set to music by SD Burman, sung to perfection by Lata, Asha and Rafi.
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