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Dedication 🙂

This article is dedicated to ‘males’ who are good at cooking, are good chefs (the professionals) 🙂 , and the non-professionals who can cook well for themselves (for their wives (sometimes) (?), and for their family members and/or friends 🙂 as and when required. 🙂
Also I would like to express my gratitude to all females too who cook food for their family members and do all the hard work to ensure the family members get to ‘eat’ and are’ happy’. 🙂

I salute to all of them and wish I could also try and be like them and learn cooking. :).

I hope from the above statements nobody gets confused and misunderstands me if I am going to write about ‘cooking’ only and how it is going to be getting connected with a song, as, after all, this is a blog to present songs. 🙂

Yes, we are definitely going to enjoy a song which in my childhood was frequently heard on radio and so I was longing to share it here …

I was thinking about writing on this subject for almost two to three years. This kept getting delayed for one reason or the other…
Also this subject came to my mind because I am not good at cooking and had always found it as ‘boring’ or ‘burdensome’.


When I was about twenty I had to leave home and parents for my job and this was the first time that I was going to be staying alone without family members and so I would be without home cooked food by Mother who normally cooked for all of us at home. It was the first time for me when I faced this situation of having to cook food for myself.

My mother was also a working woman, so I remember that sometimes we three brothers used to assist her in some small things like sometimes getting coal for the ‘sigri’ and arranging it till it got ignited and hot enough to cook food. Sometimes we used to collect wood for burning. Those were the days and my childhood was like that, until cooking gas come to our home finally may be in 1985-86 I think.
But, I must also mention here that my Father was good at cooking some special dishes but it depended on his mood- viz on some special occasion or when the situation so0 demanded :).

I had to leave my parents as I took up a job and started to live with my other bachelor colleagues and so the ‘cooking’ phase of my life began for me. My colleagues wondered how come I was so ignorant of this matter and why I had never been to a ‘hostel’. To my sensitive soul, it appeared as if I was being held guilty of a ‘big crime’ or ‘big sin’. 🙂

Slowly they took pity on me and started teaching me the basics of coolikng viz chopping of vegetables starting with ONIONS first, which was enough to bring ‘tears to my eyes’. 🙂

When we used to get late from work and cooking at home was not possible we had to eat in Hotels and that resulted in ‘food poisoning’ and ‘diarrhoea’ on several occasions.

We used to have this ‘rice thali’ in ‘Madras Hotel’ at Kota where I was a regular monthly member. I ate there for almost 6/7 years till I get married 🙂

Before marriage I had already learnt to cook a few dishes well and also ‘cleaning’ of utensils (even now I can do this work whenever my wife wants me to her her in cooking. :). I consider cleaning and washing easier than cooking.

Nevertheless I was very good at and keep improving in one area, viz making good ‘tea’ (‘kadak chaai’).

During those ‘bachelor days’ in the morning after waking up the first thing I would look for was ‘ek cup garam chaai’. In cse I was unable to get it for reasons such as someone forgetting to buy the necessary stock of provisions to make tea, then that would spoil my morning.

On one such instance when I wanted to have a ‘cup of tea’ but found the ‘tea powder’ (tea leaves) was out of stock!!
I think I left office a little earlier that day , determined to buy the grocery first so I bought Tea powder – one kg :). My colleageus found it amusing when they knew this reason for my leaving early in the morning. 🙂

During my stay at Kota,I often had to change accomodation as my colleagues would get transferred to other sites. I had developed a group of friends who use to cook occasionally. I learnt to cook ‘mixed Punjabi daal’ from them and I used to give the ‘daal’ a good ‘chhonka’. I also learnt the chemistry of ‘rice & water’ and there were some ‘thumb rules’ that our neighbours staying there taught to us.
One of my friend from Indore was expert in making perfect ‘round chapaatis’ and we were very happy for that, his only condition was he would eat rice daily since he was habitual of that because of his stay in interior Andhra Pradesh for some time.

This cycle of ‘cooking’ for self, or eating out and risking health, and hiring a maid to cook, later on sharing cooking activities with friend, again going back and joining hotels on monthly basis to eat ‘rice plate’ (which normally in Maharashtra means having chapati, rice, dal, sabzi etc etc) continued for five-six years till I got married.

After my marriage sometimes I had cooked ‘mixed Punjabi daal’ for my wife and this remains my favourite.

As years passed I again got disconnected from the ‘cooking habits’ and was only restricted to making Tea, since I used to have two three cups Tea in the morning and sometimes a cup in the evening too after coming back from work to home.
Later on in the morning we agreed that the first ‘tea’ would be served by my wife, the second by me and the third turn – if required – would again be by her with breakfast. 🙂

Other than this the routine continues where my wife has to do everything for all of us but now my daughters have also taken up helping their mother in cooking …

After getting married there were instances in the initial years when my wife was with my parents and I was at project sites and so she would stay with them for a few months because ‘bade bete ki shaadi ke baad garb mein bahu aayi hai to …’
After all she was the ‘badi bahu’ and since I had no sisters a new female member was welcomed with warmth and love …

Well, life is an on-going process with only ‘change’ being the only constant and we never know what life has in store for us in future …

After a few years, it so happened that I visited Mumbai for our Atulites gang-out and had to stay with our ‘Maha Guru’ at his home in Mumbai. I was feeling very great and very fortunate, but then I was very very blessed when I got to eat food cooked by our ‘Maha Guru’ himself and I was really feeling ashamed on my laziness once again (because ‘apni galti par pachhtaana har insaan ka farz hai, lekin ye pachchhataap kuchh kshnon ke liye rehta hai 🙂 ) and I decided that when our ‘guru’ in his seventies can do ‘cooking’ why not me?, and so as usually I decided that I will cook myself for my wife … or at least start helping her in domestic works :).

The ‘gang out’ was in November’16 and it so happened that the next month on the first day of the next new year I and my wife travelled to Anand to see my daughters and while she will stay there with my daughters I will visit to Khandwa for my official works and return to Nagpur.
Now the real ‘test’ was after my reaching at Nagpur!!

As was usual for me, I ate out in nearby hotels for a couple of days and then I decided that ‘now I should take inspiration from our ‘Maha Guru’ and other ‘Gurujis’ and resolved to cook for myself-at least dinner in the evening.
It was decided that I would make a video call to my wife every evening after I finalised the menu and do the preliminary cleaning chopping of ingredients as required and keep ready the basic ingredients nearby …

And thus, started my ‘online learning for cooking’ course and every day I used to call my wife in the evening after initial preparations of the menu I wish to have that evening …
This time the ‘judaai’ was longer for almost a month a little over one month …

I learnt a great deal from her in this distance learning course.

Sometimes whenever she is not feeling well, I would first suggest her to order food from outside to have a change … but then she would come up with ‘kitna achchaa hota agar koi khaana banaake mujhe khilaaye’.

So, I would suggest to her that I would cook if she allowed me … she put us a great resistance the first time.

‘Rehne do, mujhe kuchh achchha khaane ka man kar rahaa hai, aap ke haath se wo swaad nation aayega’ 🙂 ‘main khud hi banaa deti hoon’, ‘Aap agar ho sake to wo saaf-safaai kar dena bas’ 🙂 …

Now, away from our country and home and ‘ghar ka khaana’, I am missing it all. Though we are getting ‘Indian Food’ to eat here (in our Camp) and some of us (from Bihar) are also good at cooking we get to eat ‘litti chokha’ ‘samosas’ ‘jalebi’ on special occasions, it can never be a substitute for the real thing. …

All those fond memories of having food at home since childhood keep haunting me nowadays and also I also remember how once in my childhood I refused to eat ‘aaloo ki bhaaji’ and was ‘scolded’ and ‘slapped’ by my father.

The movie …

‘Wafaa-1972’ was directed by Ramanna for R.R.Pictures, Bombay.

It had Sanjay, Rakhi, Hina Kausar, Nazeer Hussain, Joginder, Krishan Dhawan, Naaz, Sunder, Sulochana Chatterjee, Anwar Ali, Padma Khanna, Prem Kumar, Swaraj, Jayshree T, Kalavati, Deshpande, Shabnam, Puranik, Anand,

Prem Nath, Rajendra Nath, Bipin Gupta, Madan Puri, Sapru had friendly appearance in this movie.

Lyrics for all the five songs (as per HFGK Vol V) were written by Rajinder Krishan and music was composed by Laxmikant-Pyarelal.
Asha Bhonsle, Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar and Manna Dey have given their voices to the songs in this movie.

With today’s song this movie ‘Wafaa-1972’ is making its debut on the blog.

This movie was passed by Censor Board on 30.03.1972.

Almost forty seven years back …

(We already have ‘Wafa-1950’ movie already on the blog, this ‘Wafaa-1972’ joins its company)

There is another song from the 1973 movie ‘Jwaar Bhaata’ ‘daal roti khaao prabhu ke gun gaao’ which along with the today’s song had been in my memory since childhood, the reason may be that they were frequently played on ‘radio’ in those years…
I was also surprised that the song being presented today had not been posted on the blog so far.

Let us now enjoy the today’s song where in the first half the husband is trying to cook for his wife but as usual surrenders finally 

Today (13 february 2019) also happens to be the ‘World Radio Day’ and this one ‘from radio days’ will definitely bring back memories of those days for many. 🙂


Song-Aaloo ki bhaaji baingan ka bhatra (Wafaa)(1972) Singers-Kishore Kumar, Lata, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal


Aaloo ki bhaaji
Baingan ka bhartaa
Aaloo ki bhaaji
Baingan ka bhartaa
Bolo ji bolo kya khaaoge ae
Jo bhi sajan tum khilaaoge
Jo bhi sajan tum khilaaoge

Maide ki poori
Aate ka phulkaa
Bolo ji bolo kya khaaoge ae
Jo bhi sajan tum khilaaoge
Jo bhi sajan tum khilaaoge

Shrimaan rasoi pakaaye ae
Shrimati baithh baitth khaaye ae
Shrimaan rasoi pakaaye ae
Shrimati baithh baitth khaaye ae
Kaho to kheer pakaaun
Aha ha ha
Zaraa si aag jalaaun
Zaraa sa chaawal laaun
Arey waah
Zaraa sa doodh milaaun
Hi hi hi hi
Pheeki kheer khilaaoge
Shakkar na milaaoge

Arey tere ki
Fail ham ho gaye pehle sabak mein
Aur koi cheez bolo khaaoge ae
Jo bhi sajan tum khilaaoge
Haan haan
Jo bhi sajan tum khilaaoge

Ho ho o la la la laa
Ho ho o la la la laa
Ae he he
O ho ho
Aha ha
Dekh dekh pyaari
Soorat tumhaari
Bhookh to hamaari mit gayi bechaari
Dekh dekh pyaari
Soorat tumhaari
Bhookh to hamaari mit gayi ji bechaari
Hato chalo hato raaja
Ye hai rasoi
Aisi jagah karta hai pyaar bhalaa koi

Chhodo chulha chauka
Hai munna raaja bhookha
Balmaa anaadi
Khichdi khayaali
Kab tak kaho ji pakaaoge

Baahon mein jab tak naa aaoge
Baahon mein jab tak naa
Tak naa
Tak naa
Aaoge ae
Devnagri Script lyrics (Provided by Avinash Scrapwala)
आलू की भाजी
बैंगन का भरता
आलू की भाजी
बैंगन का भरता
बोलो जी बोलो क्या खाओगे ए
जो भी सजन तुम खिलाओगे
जो भी सजन तुम खिलाओगे

मैदे की पूड़ी
आटे का फुल्का
बोलो जी बोलो क्या खाओगे ए
जो भी सजन तुम खिलाओगे
जो भी सजन तुम खिलाओगे

श्रीमान रसोई पकाए ए
श्रीमती बैठ बैठ खाए ए
श्रीमान रसोई पकाए ए
श्रीमती बैठ बैठ खाए ए
कहो तो खीर पकाऊं
आहा हा हा
ज़रा सी आग जलाऊं
ज़रा सा चावल लाऊं
अरे वाह
ज़रा सा दूध मिलाऊं
ही ही ही
फीकी खीर खिलाओगे
शक्कर न मिलाओगे

अरे तेरे कि
फ़ैल हम हो गए पहले सबक में
और कोई चीज़ बोलो खाओगे ए
जो भी सजन तुम खिलाओगे
हाँ हाँ
जो भी सजन तुम खिलाओगे

हो हो ओ ल ल ल ला
हो हो ओ ल ल ल ला
ए हे हे
ओ हो हो
आहा हा
देख देख प्यारी
सूरत तुम्हारी
भूख तो हमारी मिट गयी बेचारी
देख देख प्यारी
सूरत तुम्हारी
भूख तो हमारी मिट गयी बेचारी
हटो चलो हटो राजा
ये है रसोई
ऐसी जगह करता है प्यार भला कोई

छोडो चूल्हा चौका
है मुन्ना राजा भूखा
बलमा अनाड़ी
खिचड़ी खयाली
कब तक कहो जी पकाओगे

बाहों में जब तक ना आओगे
बाहों में जब तक ना …
तक ना …
तक ना …
आओगे ए

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