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Today 5th June 2018 is World Environment Day. This year’s theme is ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’!! And this year our own country India is the host for celebration of this day world-wide.

Last year I presented a post here on the blog celebrating this day, with a relevant couplet paying tribute to mother nature and mentioning some songs from Hindi movies which have used nature as a symbol/metaphor and direct reference. For this year’s theme, I don’t think any song relevant to this or either relevant to pollution, is available in our Hindi Movies. There is one song which I can relate to my favourite subject – scrap and its disposal – can be cited. It is penned by none other than Sahir Saab, the song being “Khaali Dabba Khaali Botal Le Le Mere Yaar“.

Few years back I had penned a poem – a ‘self-narrative’ by a ‘polybag (Panni) ’ and if our editors allow it can be reproduced here. The poem is in Hindi and for today’s presentation I have got its translation into English done by my daughter Ashwini.

मैं एक पन्नी हूँ और भटक रही हूँ यहाँ से वहाँ,
वैसे ही जैसे मेरे ‘प्लास्टिक’ परिवार के बाकी सदस्य,
फ़ैल रहे है  डगर-डगर और भटक रहे हैं नगर-नगर,
सह रहीं हूँ  मैं लोगों कि बेदर्दी जो मुझे देखके मुंह फेर लेते हैं,
कोई आए, उठाये मुझे, और ले जाए मुझे मेरे सही मक़ाम तक,
मुझे भी कोई गले से लगाये और प्यार से पूछे के ‘तेरा हाल क्या है’
मेरे और भी भाई-बहन हैं जो मेरी तरह ही दर दर कि ठोकरें खा रहें हैं,
कल ‘पीवीसी’(PVC) सुना रहा था अपनी दर्द भरी दास्तान,
क्यूं नहीं बचाते लोग मुझसे अपनी जान,
क्या अपने बच्चों की और भविष्य कि भी चिंता नहीं हैं इंसान को,
जो हमें सहेज कर, कर दे अलग, और रखे साफ़ अपने घर-परिसर,
कितनी निर्दयता से लोग हमें मिला देते हैं एक दूसरे के साथ,
कभी मैं काँटों में फस जाऊं , कभी किसी पेड़ कि टहनी से लिपट जाऊं,
कभी नालों में बह जाऊं और अटक जाऊं किसी ‘डिब्बे’ या ‘पीपे’ के मुहाने पे,
कभी पानी पे तैरती रहूँ यूँही और बन जाऊं कारण गन्दगी का,
या फिर सडती रहूँ नदी-ताल-तलैया की सतह पर और प्रदूषित कर दूं सब जल,
आज कल तो आप जहां भी देखोगे मुझे हर जगह पर पाओगे ,
खेत-खालिहनोंमें-अपने आसपास के परिसर में, अत्र-तत्र-सर्वत्र- मैं ही मैं हूँ,
यूँही उड़ते-फिरते, गिरते-पड़ते कट रहा हैं सफर – मंजिल कि नहीं खबर,
मुझे अपना लो, मुझे चाहो – मुझे समझो, मुझसे प्यार करो,
पहुंचा कर मुझे मेरे ‘मोक्ष’ तक, बचालो अपनी ‘वसुंधरा’ को,
कर रक्षण ‘पर्यावरण’ का, निभाओ ‘फ़र्ज़’ अपने ‘इंसान’ होने का !

(Translation in English provided by Ashwini Scrapwala)

I am a ‘polybag’ wandering places,
Wandering just like the other members of my species are,
Spreading throughout and travelling into the unknown,
Getting ignored with no hopes of getting cared and cured
Yet I keep wishing, for someone to pick me up in their loving arms,
I wish someone would take me to my rightful ‘disposal’, the place where I belong.
I wonder where my siblings are,
Maybe they’re wretched just like me,
Maybe they too have a gruesome story to tell
Like PVC had to tell this other day;
“Oh! the ignorant Humans!
Why aren’t you saving yourselves from me?
Don’t you care about your future?
The future of you and your progeny…”
I wish you would have kept us away from your surroundings
Instead of letting I and my specie get all messed up with each other.
I myself have been through a lot,
Be it getting trapped in cluster of spikes
Or being wrapped up around the branch of a tree!
I’ve floated in the drains, muffled over cans and ducts
Just to become the culprit of everything filthy!
I am that tramp, who keeps wandering constantly,
Rotting through rivers and pools,
Ending up spreading pollution everywhere,
You ask me where I’ll be found,
I am Omnipresent I say!
Flying, crashing through nowhere
Hoping for some day ‘someone’ will come,
And take me to my ‘appropriate disposal’
Please embrace me, love me, care me
Help me to reach – ‘my final destination’
Take me where I belong and save your Habitat,
Save your mother, Oh human,
Save your nature, Save ‘mother earth’

I wish our movie makers make more films on subjects like sustainable living, pollution and other environmental issues. In 2014, I had attempted to write a meaningful poem using Hindi movie titles on the occasion of World Environment Day in 2014. I am sharing herewith the link for this post.

Dharti Kahe Pukaar Ke… Jiyo Aur Jeene Do

For today’s occasion, again I have very small poem/song from a very recent movie “Kalpvriksh” (कल्पवृक्ष) aka “The Wishing Tree” from 2017. This song is penned by Gulzar Saab. I came across this movie during my air journey from Mumbai to Ethiopia while travelling to Kenya. I always find such movies very close to my heart and I like them very much. “Kalpvriksh” is presented by Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change for Rhombus Films Production. It is produced by Raajaysh Chetwal and Directed by Manika Sharma, who also wrote the screenplay and dialogues for this movie.

The star cast includes Shabana Azmi, Prithvi Zutshi, Saurabh Shukla, Rajat Kapoor, and many other child artists and other artists. The credits in the beginning of the movie does not mention the names. Lyrics (for other songs) are written by Anil Pandey and Kausar Munir. Music is composed by Sandesh Shandilya. Amitabh Bachchan has lent his voice in the beginning of the movie and Gulzar Saab’s name is mentioned with Special Thanks in the titles. Editing of this movie was done by Kaushik Das.

A brief about this movie copies from the YT link of the trailer of the movie is given below;

‘THE WISHING TREE’ is a magical, inspirational and an extremely entertaining story of five children in a hill-station who come together to save their ‘wishing tree’ from being cut by vested interests. The film is extremely lively, entertaining, endearing and engrossing so that the underlying message to protect trees and environment is seamlessly driven home.

Let us now listen and enjoy the beautiful, poignant and thoughtful verses by none other than Gulzaar Saab!!!
Other songs of this movie are also very good and I like them very much 😊.

[Auth Note : An interesting aside – since its inception in 1974 the ‘World Environment Day’ never had ‘Save Trees’ as its theme except in 1986 when the theme was ‘A Tree for Peace’ 😊.]


Song – Darakht Jab Sochte Hain (Kalpvriksh) (2017) Singer – Gulzar, Lyrics – Gulzar, MD – Sandesh Shandilya


darakht sochte hain jab
to phool aate hain
wo dhoop mein dubo ke ungliyaan
khayaal likhte hai
lachakti shaakhon par
to rang rang labz chunte hain
khushboo’on se bolte hain
aur bulaate hain

hamaara shauq dekhiye
ke gardanein hi kaat lete hain
jahaan kahin mehakta hai koyi

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Avinash Scrapwala)

दरख़्त सोचते हैं जब
तो फूल आते हैं
वो धुप में डूबो के उंगलियाँ
ख़याल लिखते हैं
लचकती शाखों पर
तो रंग रंग लब्ज़ चुनते हैं
खुशबूओं से बोलते हैं
और बुलाते हैं

हमारा शौक़ देखिये
के गर्दनें ही काट लेते हैं
जहां कहीं महकता हैं कोई

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