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If one has to see how one can express one’s feelings of joy and happiness through a semi classical song and dance, then look no further than this song.
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“Kashmir Ki Kali” (1964) is an out and out entertainer of an movie. Shammi Kapoor and debutant Sharmila Tagore, not to speak of Pran, Anoop Kumar and co make this movie a great fun to watch.
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“Mirza Sahibaan” (1957) is an obscure movie which had Shammi Kapoor and Shyama in lead roles.
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What is the way to win a person over ? By treating him/ her well. Musically, it means making him/her listen to music that is soothing/ pleasing to the senses. Creators of music need not impress the listeners by their ability to create great music with impressive orchestra. The listeners gets impressed more when he gets so involved in the song that he begins to visualise the imagery alluded to in the song.
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When you need to look for iconic songs on any topic, you should look for songs composed by Ravi. I have noticed that majority of iconic Bollywood songs, whatever be their topics, have been composed by Ravi.
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One of the most lovable category of songs are those that I call “mental massage” category. These are basically sweet, melodious songs with simple lyrics and minimal music that do not tax one’s mental faculties and make one feel relaxed .
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1980s was when I had begun to lose track of Bollywood songs and movies. The fact that it also coincided with the time when the quality of songs was going downhill was also one of the factors.
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I have heard of “Usne kahaa tha” (1960), and I have heard of its song “aha rimjhim ke ye pyaare pyaare geet liye” too, but that is all I knew about this movie.
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By 1966, O P Nayyar was not the number one music director that he was one decade ago.His crown had slipped decisively by then, But O P Nayyar could still show his sparks of brillinace, given a chance.
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“Guide” is a movie whose music was voted as containing the best music among all Bollywood movies, when an Indian magazine polled the industry insiders ( viz singers, lyricists and music directors). Coming from those who themselves create music for Bollywood movies, this was high praise indeed.
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