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Though 1970 was a decade when action movies had begun to dominate, there were small time movie makers who produced small budget family entertainers sans fights and action. Rajshri Productions, the Basus ( Basu Bhattacharya and Chatterji), Hrishikesh Mukherji and some South India producers were the ones who produced such movies.

Though these movies lacked stars most of the time, but the music in these movies was of a high quality. Such movies and their music created their own niche market.
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This song is one of those memorable and immortal songs that the trio of Madan Mohan, Lata and Raja Mehdi Ali Khan created in 1960s. Most such songs were favoured by class audience, and the masses kept away. But here was a classy song that influenced even the masses. This song featured in Binaca geetmala final of 1964 (at 15th position).
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Forget the talk of modernisation and all, when it comes to selecting life partners, Indians are ultra conservatives. In olden days, parents would decide whom their kids would marry and the kids, often underage would see their spouses for the first time at the time of the wedding, and sometimes, even later.
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During 1960-70s, I only wanted to listen to new songs. But with Vividh Bharati, you stood no chance, and Radio Ceylon broadcasted new songs at night only on wednesday in Binaca geetmala. So most often than not, it is songs like this Lata song that I got to hear at night. These days, I would get mesmerised if I listened to this song, but those days, such songs would put me to sleep out of boredom.
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Here is a very catchy song from a by now forgotten movie called “Banphool”. Kishore Kumar sang this song with gusto. Lyrics were written by Anand Bakshi and the music was a typically racy Laxmikant Pyarelal tune.

How do I classify this song ? There are a few songs in this blog that I call “car songs” because they were sung while riding a car. Here the hero Jeetendra sings this song riding an elephant. 😉
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I can barely believe that this song is 60 years old, and that it was regarded as an old song even during my childhood. But just listening to this song even today makes me feel like I am getting a breath of fresh air.

This song is magic, an iconic song among iconic songs. It is from that perennial favourite “Barsaat”. I wonder how many great songs this movie had. I have given up counting them. Shankar Jaikishan was the music director and Lata the singer. And what about the lyricist who penned this memorable song ? It was someone called Ramesh Shastri. Kudos to him for writing this much loved, much sung and much copied lyrics.
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This is one of the iconic songs of the days when I was growing up as a young impressionable kid. This song was everywhere in 1970, blaring out from loudspeakers as well as radios.

As with most popular songs of those days, this song had appealed to all just on the merit of the audio. People like me had no idea which movie this song was from and how it was picturised. Laxmikant Pyarelal’s music and Anand Bakshi’s lyrics, along with Lata’s voice were all we needed to enjoy this song.
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Here is a nice song from a 1980 small budget movie called “Ek baar phir”. Most people involved in this song were relatively small time artists. An upcoming Anuradha Paudwal of pre T-series vintage was the female voice and the male voice was Bhupinder Singh, who was around for two decades but barely got to sing in too many movies. The lyricist was a little known Vinod Pande and the music director was an equally out of work Raghunath Seth.
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This song from “Holi Aayi re” appeared as a solo as well as a duet in the movie. The solo song sung by Mukesh is the one that became more popular and I too like the solo song more.

Mukesh, as usual, paints a vivid picture of the feelings that the lyrics of indeewar seek to convey. The way his voice can almost make you enter the mind of the character and visualise what is going through there is simply amazing. There were those who said that Mukesh was classically not trained, but such people miss the real fact. The fact is, Mukesh’s ability to express different feelings in all their nuances was simply awesome and that was the reason why majority of his songs struck a chord with the listeners.
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This song is one of the oldest in this blog, and one of the most cherished one. Noorjahan makes her debut in my blog with this song. Rafi figures in this song too. This was one of the earliest hit filmy song of Rafi.

Except this song and singers, most other things about this song have been largely forgotten. This movie was called Jugnu ( I only knew a Dharmendra- Hema Malini movie of this name in 1970s). The lyricist is someone called Tanvir Naqvi, a namesake of the current Pakistani new ball bowler. Music director was someone called Feroz Nizami.
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