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“Zindagi Aur Toofaan” (1975) was a movie which had Sajid Khan,Yogita Bali, Helen etc playing important roles in it. This movie was an “art” movie as low budget movies were then called. It was based on a Hindi novel by a noted Hindi author. On you tube, someone mentioned this novel as “Meri Kashti” by Mahaveer Adhikari, though I cannot vouch for the authenticity of this information.
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I have posted a few songs from “Vaasnaa” (1968) in the past. This movie had some nice songs in it. But considering that 1968 had a bumper crop of outstanding songs, many great songs found themselves pushed out of contention by other songs jostling for the same space. Songs of “Vaasna” fell in that category.
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“Saahib Bibi Aur Ghulam” (1962) is a landmark movie in the history of Bollywood movies. The story, the plot, the acting- all these were top class. Public as well as critics appreciated this movie.
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Bollywood movies typically sell on the name of their Hero/ Heroine. Then there were movies that sold because of the music.
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I love posting old songs in this blog. Here is a song that is old even by the standards of this blog. This song is from “Laal Haweli” (1944). Those were the days when the actors sang their sons themselves and the recordings were often live.
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There are so many modes of transportation in India viz foot, bullock cart, tonga, car, bus, trains,etc. And Bollywood movies have songs picturised on all these modes of transportation. In fact, Bollywood movies have songs on some unusual modes of transportations as well. For example, there have been songs where hero is seen riding an elephant and singing away.
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“Burma Road” (1962) was a low budget movie starring Ashok Kumar, Sheikh Mukhtaar, Kumkum etc. Movie may be a low budget and therefore B grade, but its music was A grade.
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“Barsaat Ki Raat” (1960) was a fantastic musical blockbuster and all its songs have gone on to become timeless classics. What amazing songs this movie had !
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I had not heard about this movie called “Mehbooba” (1954). Now I know that this was a movie starring Shammi Kapoor and Nalini Jaiwant. Though it must be said that Shammi Kapoor was more like a struggler than a star at that time.
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A lot of old songs from the golden era of Bollywood music were created by lyricists and Music directors who went on to become legends. But they were not the only ones who were creating great music. There were others who were just as talented but who got limited opportunities to show their talent.
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