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“Idgaah” is a timeless classic penned by Munshi Premchand (31 july 1880-8 october 1936). This is the story of Hamid, a seven year old boy whose parents are no longer alive and he is brought up by his grandmother. On the festival day of Eid, he goes to Eid mela with his friends. While other kids buy themselves candies and toysHamid, thinking of his grandmother, buys a pair of tongs to help her make rotis, since she burns her hands trying to cook them bare-handed.

This moving tale was written by Munshi Premchand during his stay at Gorakhpur between 1916 to 1921, though the story itself could be published in 1933. The story, like many stories of Premchand, became a classic. It is a story that people, including children, can easily identify with. This story was there in my Hindi text book (class 7, I think). This story continues to be there in Indian school text books. I gather that even other regional language text books in India include this story.

TV serials came to India in 1980s, Premchand’s stories were telecast on Doordarshan in 1990s in a series called “Tehreer- Munshi Premchand Ki”.
This story too was telecast as part of this series.

The place in Gorakhpur where Munshi Premchand used to stay is today known as Premchand Park. In its rear is a famous Mazaar called Mubarak Khan Shaheed ki mazaar. There is an idgaah in front of this mazaar. Munshi Premchand used to be a regular visitor to this mazaar and he used to spend hours there.

A mela is held near this Idgaah during Eid. Munshi Premchand got the idea for his story of “Idgaah” from this particular idgaah located near his residence.

This time, there is a lockout due to coronavirus, not just in Gorakhpur, but also in India and for that matter in the entire world. It is also quite a coincidence that a similar pandemic of Spanish flue had take place in India (including Gorakhpur) from 1918 to 1919 when Munshi Premchand was in Gorakhpur. Some parts of Gorakhpur (namely Railway area called kawwaabaagh) was quarantined during those days when one person was infected with Spanish flu.

This time there will be social distancing in this famous idgaah and very few people will attend the namaaz during Eid. And there will be no mela this time.

Here is a song from Shamshad Begam on the occasion. It is a non film devotional song. One could imagine Hamid’s daadi singing this naat to her grandson on this occasion.

I have not been able to get a few words right in the lyrics. I request our knowledgeable readers to help fill in the blanks / suggest corrections as applicable.

I am not aware about the details of this song vis a vis lyricist and music director etc. I request our knowledgeable readers to fill in the details of this song.

On this occasion, I extend greetings of Eid Mubaarak to one and all. On this occasion, Let us savour this divine devotional song is the voice of Shamshad Begam.


Song-Ramzaan ka maheena bada barkaton ka hai (Shamshad Begam NFS)(1960) Singer-Shamshad Begam


paighaam mominon ke liye ae ae
paighaam mominon ke liye rahmaton ka hai
Ramzaan ka maheena bada barkaton ka hai
Ramzaan ka maheena bada barkaton ka hai

Jisko namaaz e roze ka armaan ho gaya
us par khudaay e paak meharbaan ho gaya
Ramzaan aaya qaid mein shaitaan aa gaya
naazil isi maheene se Quraan ho gaya
zyaada azeez rakhte thhe Ramzaan ko rasool
hoti hai is maheene mein har ik dua qubool
Ramzaan ka maheena bada barkaton ka hai
paighaam mominon ke liye rahmaton ka hai

utre hain is maheene mein taurait aur zaboor
naazil hui hai Issa pe injeel bhi zaroor
khwaab e gumaan hain is mein shab e qadr ka zahoor
momin ne is maheene mein paaya khuda ka noor
waajib hai har ameer pe Sadqaa adaa kare
daaman gul e ummeed se mohtaaj ka bhare
Ramzaan ka maheena bada barkaton ka hai
paighaam mominon ke liye rahmaton ka hai

is maah mein hi paida huye ghause nek naam
Ramzaan ka kiya hai unhone ye ehteraam
hargiz piya na doodh kabhi din mein maa salaam
bachpan mein hi huzoor ne roze rakhe tamaam
roza nazar ka noor hai dil ki ummeed hai
Ramzaan mominon ke liye goyaa eid hai
Ramzaan ka maheena bada barkaton ka hai
paighaam mominon ke liye rahmaton ka hai
Ramzaan ka maheena bada barkaton ka hai

har rozaadaar hashr ke din muskuraayega
deedaar e haq jamaal nabi ka wo paayega
dozakh ki aag se usey roza bachaayegaa
rahmat usey nawaazegi jannat mein jaayega
jo rozaadaar hai yahaan wo kaamyaab hai
iftaar bhi karaane ka behad sawaab hai
Ramzaan ka maheena bada barkaton ka hai
paighaam mominon ke liye rahmaton ka hai

karta hai roza deen mein duniya mein sarfaraaz
hai humpe farz roza rakhen aur padhen namaaz
har waqt nek kaam karen ban ke paakbaaz
har ghamzada ko kar den museebat se beniyaaz
majboor aur ghareebon ki khidmat kiya karen
jitni bhi ho khuda ki ibaadat kiya karen
Ramzaan ka maheena bada barkaton ka hai
paighaam mominon ke liye rahmaton ka hai

insaan nekiyon mein hamesha laga rahe
daaman gunaah o jurm se hardam bacha rahe
jaari dilon mein har ghadi hamd-o-sanaa rahe
har waqt lab pe zikr e habeeb e khuda rahe
Ramzaan rahmaton ka maheena hai mominon
Allah tak pahunchne ka zeena hai mominon
Ramzaan ka maheena bada barkaton ka hai
paighaam mominon ke liye rahmaton ka hai
Ramzaan ka maheena bada barkaton ka hai

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

The year is 1935.

A young Anil Biswas is preparing to record a song for a newly arrived Heroine-RATTAN BAI. She had come from Calcutta, after working in the big banner ” New Theatres”. Having worked in films like ‘Subah ka Sitara’ and Yahudi ki Ladki-1933, with the legendary singer Sehgal, her name had become famous already. She had also worked in Rooplekh-34 and karvaan-e-hayaat-35.
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