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I have often mentioned that the Hindi that one got to listen to in Hindi movies is not the same that I studied in my Hindi classes during my school days. The Hindi taught in the school was chaste Hindi whose vocabulary was mainly derived from Sanskrit. The Hindi, as used by Government of India is also of the same nature. On the other hand, the Hindi spoken in Hindi movies contained words that were not familiar to Hindi speakers. For instance, the language used in expressing the feelings of heart in Hindi movies is different from the language used in textbook Hindi.
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I have mentioned it that drunkard songs, in which an actor is seen getting drunk and singing asong is mainly a preserve of male actors. On the other hand, a woman getting drunk and making a spectacle of herself is considered rather unheard of. That is why one rarely finds songs in which female actors are seen singing drunkard songs.
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“Daaman” (1951) is an obscure movie which had Ajit, Nigar Sultana, Agha,Pran etc in it.
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I have been discussing the songs of “Parbat Pe Apna Deraa” (1944) these days. and what wonderful songs this movie has ! It is a treasure trove of gems.
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This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Prem Dhawan is better known as a lyricist who has had a very long stint of more than 5 decades in the Hindi film industry.
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There have been several movies called “Devdas”. All these movies had nice songs in them.
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“Khoj” (1953) is as obscure a movie as any. This movie apparently had Shammi Kapoor, Mahipal, Kesari, Lalita Kumari, satish etc in it. Out of these actors, Shammi Kapoor and Mahipal went on to become well known actors in future, but even they were largely non entities in 1953 when this movie was released. It is unlikely that this movie helped them advance further in their career, seeing that this movie itself failed to survive at the box office.
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I had never heard of this movie called “Sheeshaa” (1952). I do not think that much is known about this movie and its story. All I know is that this movie had actors like Sajjan, Nargis, Kumkum, Amar, Achala Sachdev, Vimla, Cukoo etc in it.
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In Hindi movies, mujra songs are quite common, especially in Hindi movies of 1950s to 1970s. When one looks at the lyrics of these mujra songs, one finds that the lady, who is supposedly from the poorer and lesser educated section of society, uses quite sophisticated and high sounding words and highly evolved thoughts in her mujra songs.
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I have discussed the title song of “Parbat Pe apna Deraa” (1944) recently. Here is another song from this movie.
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