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I do not like getting bored. Do you ? I am sure, no one wants to get bored, forget liking it. Have you ever thought about what is ” Liking ” ? Psychology says, you like a thing when it is in line with your thinking, your values and your beliefs. For example – an old man does not ” Like ” the behaviour of ” Youngsters “, because they do not think on his lines, their values are adapted to current times and they believe only in practical ways and not emotional ways !

Most old systems, behavioural ways and values have changed drastically -due to the needs of the times, due to no visible benefits, and due to not believing conventions. For example, my Grandmother ( and ladies of her age) never took my grandfather’s name. She never came in front of outsiders without a Ghunghat on her head. My Mother had no objection to taking my Father’s name, if needed. She came to the Drawing room – not with a Ghunghat, but only if needed. Almost the same was the case with my wife but with an improved version. She moved about the home freely and also sat with guests in the drawing room. Now my daughter in law calls my son by his first name, wears whatever dress she wants and goes out alone with her friends. Now, will my Grandfather like the behaviour of my Daughter in Law ? NEVER !

The principle is the same in liking Films and Film Music. If I am used to from my childhood to listen to melodious music and enjoy it, at the age of 80+ years, will I like today’s music, films and songs ? It is not a question of adapting to new ways – that would be compromise for peaceful life. At the same time, I have no right to criticise today’s films or music- simply because it is not meant for me, it is meant for today’s youngsters. The best policy would be ” To each his own ” or ” पसंद अपनी अपनी , खयाल अपना अपना “.

Therefore when I find people criticising new films, songs and music, I tell them ‘ let them listen and enjoy. It is made for them, not for you. And don’t forget, like you, the new generation too can criticise and ridicule old films and songs/music.”

Ever noticed how the old film duets differ from new film duets ? In old films, even without Corona, the Hero- Heroines maintained social distance, in spite of being the only two of them in the scene. Today, duets are with about 60 extras doing Yogic exercises in uniformity or when they are only two in the scene, they look like one due to extreme closeness !

Old or new, films are not a part of the Curriculum Textbooks, their purpose is to entertain in the way the audience understands, accepts and enjoys. They are like reflections of the audience in the mirror. So, you love your time films and allow them to enjoy theirs. No question of ” Liking” any film !

Film Chhota Bhai-1949 was a film made by New Theatres, when it was counting its days. Most of its sheen was lost, popular artistes gone elsewhere and public taste had changed drastically. The company was under stress of huge debts and no respite was in sight. By the early 50s ,it closed down. The Elephant in their Logo fell silent after its last film ‘ Bakul’ in 1955….after making a solid beginning on 10-2-1931….just a life of 24 years. But what a Life !!! No film lover ever can forget what New Theatres gave to indian audiences while it was shining !

I am not sure if the film Chhota bhai was a remake of a Bangla film. Must be so, looking at its cast. All bengali actors and film made in Calcutta. The Bengali names are an enigma to me personally – Chhabi Biswas is a Male actor but Chhabi Roy is an actress ! Asit Sen is an actor but Asita Bose is an actress. Make a mistake in spelling and you change male to female effortlessly.

The film was directed by Kartik Chatterjee, who also directed the film ‘Yatrik’-52 (the songs of Yatrik are evergreen). However, in the film Garib ki ladki-41, he was a Music Director. I believe he was an actor also. The film had music by Pankaj Mullik, who was very loyal to New Theatres. Despite many important artistes like actors, Music Directors, Directors and Cinematographers leaving New Theatres, Pankaj mullick stuck to it till last (though he was not very happy). The cast included Molina Devi, Rajlaxmi, Maya Bose (Chouranghi-42, Saugandh-42, Samapti-49, Yatrik-52 etc.), Chhabi Roy, Shakoor, Asit sen, khursheed, Tulsi Chakravarti ( a Male actor !) and many others.

Molina being an uncommon name there was no other actress of this name. Molina Devi was born on 3-6- 1917. She received training in acting from Aparesh Mukherjee, and made her debut, at the age of 8, in a silent movie. She was acknowledged as one of the leading actresses of the Bengali stage, with her professional career spanning more than three decades.

In 1924, she debuted in a silent film while at the age of 8 and thereafter worked as dancer mainly in the mythological and historical plays. She performed some memorable roles in Bengali as well as Hindi films. She got a breakthrough in Puran Bhagat and Molina played the title role in the movie, Rani Rasmani. She took various roles, even vamps in her early career such as in Pramathesh Barua’s Rajat Jayanti in 1939. She also directed a Kolkata based theatre troupe, M. G. Enterprises.

Molina worked in Rangana theatre as chief artist. She performed as a singer on radio and contributed to the formation of Mahila Silpi Mahal, a welfare association for female artists of Bengal. Molina Devi’s high creative excellence had found expression in such diverse media as the stage, the film and the radio. As a founder of the M. G. Enterprise, now in its twenty-third year, she had been responsible for the success of such well-known plays as ‘Thakur Sri Sri’, ‘Rani Rasmoni’, ‘Jagatbandhu’ and ‘Bholagiri’.

She had been honoured and decorated by many eminent organisations and learned bodies. For her eminence in the field of Drama and her contribution to its enrichment, Molina Devi received the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for Acting.

Her first husband was Jolu Boral and the second husband was actor Gurudas Banerjee.

Molina died on 13 August 1977 in Kolkata. She acted in 22 Hindi films. Her first Hindi film was Raaj Rani Meera-33 and last film was Babla-53. She also sang 11 songs in 4 Hindi films.

Today’s song is sung by Utpala Sen. This is the third song from Chhota Bhai-49 to appear on this Blog.

Song-Paar karo dukhiyan ka beda beda paar karo (Chhota Bhai)(1949) Singer-Utpala Sen, Lyricist- Ramesh Pandey, MD- Pankaj Mullick


paar karo
dukhiyan ka beda aa
beda paar karo
paar karo dukhiyan ka beda
beda paar karo
apne sharnaagat ke man ki
apne sharnaagat ke man ki
peeda aan haro o o
beda paar karo

ik din tumne hi duniya mein
ik din tumne hi duniya mein
prem preet ka khel rachaaa aaa
aa aa aa aa
ik din tumne hi duniya mein
prem preet ka khel rachaaa
aa aa aa
tumhi ne birha ki jwaaala mein
bhole man ko tadpaaya
aab aa kar
ab tum hi aa kar
birhan ke sheetal nayan karo o
beda paar karo

kyaa jaane
kyaa jaane
kab bikhar jaayegi
sapnon ki
sapnon ki maaya
kya jaane kab mil jaayegi
mitti mein mitti ki kaaya
kyaa jaane
ab ek jhalak dekar r
ab ek jhalak dekar
bhakton ka jeewan safal karo 0
hey ae bhagwan
hey ae bhagwan
paar karo dukhiyan ka beda
beda paar karo o

This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

The most common milestone in this blog is century of songs in the blog. Then we also have some associated milestones viz centuries by artists, contributors etc.

After this blog touched the five figure mark of songs on 20 july 2014, some of the regulars began to point out some “special” numbers that the blog was approaching. Though not round figures like centuries, these numbers held arithmetic significance and we in the blog decided to associate these numbers with special writeups.
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This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

“Chhota Bhai” (1949) was directed by Kartik Chatterji for New Theatres,Calcutta. The movie had Molina Devi, Rajlakshmi, Shakur, Pal Mahendra, Maya Bose, Asit Sen, AH Shor, Khursheed, Chhabi Rai, Tulsi Chakravarty, Manorama, Natwar, Asha, etc. in it.
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