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This is an Asha Bhonsle song, and it is a fast dance song that is picturised on an pretty looking actress who is dressed seductively and dances seductively.
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In Bollywood movies, hero would give lift to the heroine, and after some time, the heroine, accusing the hero of making pass on her, would ask the car to be stopped and she would then walk out of the car.
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As melancholic songs go, this song must be a strong title contender. “ham tum se juda hoke mar jaayenge ro ro ke” is such a well known song that it needs no introduction.
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Here is a rare song from an unheard of movie. The movie is called “Return of Mr Superman” (1960).

This song is written by Manmohan Sabir and the music director is Anil Biswas. The song was sung by Meena Kapoor, who was Anil Biswas’ wife.
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I post many songs in this blog that I describe as timeless classics. I am sure such songs have some special qualities that ensures this, otherwise we also have songswhich are forgotten almost as soon as they are released.
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Here is a very old and rare song from “Humaayun” (1945). This song is created by names, many of which may be unknown for fans.

For example, this song is sung by Raj Kumari. Lyrics were written by Shams Lucknowi and Anjum Pilibhiti. Ghulam Haidar was the music director.
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Rajesh Khanna’s decline from his superstardom began in the second half of 1970s. During this period, he worked in a few movies which have been consigned to the dustbin of history. How many people, for instance recall this movie called “Bhola Bhala” ? Very few indeed.
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While posting lullaby songs, once I had commented that these lullabies are mostly sung by female singers and lullabies sung by male singers are very rare.

Here is a rare lullaby song, in the sense that it is sung by a male singer.
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I have posted quite a few songs in which two characters, mostly bit actors would sing a song ( often a philosophical song), and a crowd would gather around them to watch their poerformance. After the song, some people in the crowd would part with some small change as a token of their appreciation.
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Manna Dey, with some exceptions, was not a mainsteam singer of choice. His voice was often used for bit actors and sometimes for lead actors too. Most of his songs were supposed to be there for light hearted fun. Yes, Manna Dey would be required to sing a semi classical song, which was supposed to be picturised in a light hearted way.
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