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The blog completes 14 years of its existence today (19 july 2008-19 july 2022).

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Hullo Atuldom

19th July- our blog turns an year older. I have been writing for the occasion for a few years now. (Think the habit set-in in 2015 or 2016). But I seem to have missed writing a post in 2021. Here is my post from 2020. Whatever I have said in that post still holds true for me.

I am still thankful that I discovered the blog and thankful that Atulji gave us this platform where novices like me have a place to post our thoughts. Thankful that Atulsongaday gave me a new set of HFM loving friends who have a wealth of information which has enriched us. There are some among the regulars who I have met a few times and some whom I have never met – Atulji included. Let us hope we have a grand party where all Atulites and Satulites congregate. As Rajaji has said in the comments to my post (on 19th July 2020), and I quote “We all might have got onto this journey at different stations but it has been a wonderful journey, with lots of memories and shared experiences.”

In my post on 19th July 2020 I had mentioned my blog journey but I simply love what Sudhirji has written in his post dated 19th July 2012. And I quote “I suggest to Atul ji, to put up a Statutory Warning on the home page – that the new visitors be aware that this website is intensely habit forming – enter at your own risk. 🙂 🙂 ”

This blogsite is indeed very addictive.

The following are Atulji’s thoughts on his post of 19th July 2020

“Once again, I thank one and all on the occasion of the birthday of the blog. Let us hope and wish that this musical bandwagon will keep rolling on and on for many more years.”

To which I say ‘Tathastu’ or ‘Ameen’ or ‘So Be It’

May we have many more birthdays of our favourite blog and may we find many more gems.
I am not attempting a blog-ten-year-challenge. Just out of curiosity I visited the post of 19th July 2012 and these are the songs posted on that date.

Blog post number Song Movie (Year) Poster YIPPEE status
6265 Allah megh de paani de Palkon Ki Chhaaon Mein(1977) Atul Ji YIPPEED
6266 Chupke se dil de de nahin te shor mach jaayegaa Maryada(1971) Atul Ji YIPPEED
6267 Aa bhi jaa meri duniya mein Daaera(1953) Raja ji YIPPEED
6268 Ye kaafilaa hai pyaar ka chalta hi jaayegaa Lekh(1949) Sudhir ji Not YIPPEED
6269 Duniya mein rehna hai to kaam karo pyaare Haathi Mere Saathi (1971) Atul Ji YIPPEED

As can been seen five songs were posted of which only one movie is yet to be yyiippeeeed, and I have no clue as to the availability of the songs of that particular movie viz. “Lekh” (1949). But three of the songs posted that day featured the much-loved Rajesh Khanna. He had just said ‘goodbye’ to this mortal world on 18th. Gosh!!! unbelievable, it is already ten years!!! As Rajesh Khanna has mouthed in one of his songs-

“waqt chalta hi rehta hai rukta nahin
ek pal mein ye aage nikal jaata hai”

Even though he has said in another song “Yahaan kal kya ho kisne jaana”.

Let us have a song from a Rajesh Khanna movie today and recall his lovely smile, expressive eyes and dancing style.

Currently I am on a short vacation, along the Western Sea Coast of this lovely country of ours. Soaking in the sea and the rains, much like the date in 2014 when the 10000th song was being awaited by the followers. I also seem to be making a habit of taking a break from routine around this time of the year.

I tried looking up for a Rajesh Khanna song that is filmed on a beach, Goa specifically. Could only recall the iconic song from “ANAND”. The other song which features Rajesh Khanna as a fisherman has been posted. Hence I am settling for the following. (Rajesh Khanna fans on the blog will definitely think up of more Kaka songs on the beaches and seashore)

The song is from the 1976 release “Mahaachor” which had music by RD Burman and Anand Bakshi was the lyricist. The playback singers used were Asha Bhonsle-Lata Mangeshkar-Kishore Kumar. There was a very Punjabi-flavoured song which had Rajesh Khanna in disguise. He looks lean & handsome and Neetu Singh looks charming as the ‘roothhi biwi’. The couple seem to be running from the cops and suddenly leave the vehicle to break into the song. That song has Anand Bakshi giving his voice for Rajesh Khanna (I think it is a first) and Asha Bhonsle sings for Neetu.

Happy Birthday to

Song-Sun banto baat meri (Mahachor)(1976) Singers-Anand Bakshi, Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-R D Burman


Sun banto baat meri ee haaye
sun banto baat meri
din ta guzar jaaega aa aa aa
naiyo katni raat meri
din ta guzar jaaega aa aa aa
naiyo katni raat meri
rahne de yeh betaabi
ve chuteya rahne de yeh betaabi
main ghar nahin jaana aa aa
lai fad ghar di chaabi
main ghar nahin jaana aa aa
lai fad ghar di chaabi

o chup kar ke gaddi de vich baija aa
chup kar ke gaddi de vich baija
ke roi te chaped khaayengi
roi te chaped khayenegi
teri gaddi vich nayin baina
ve ja teri gaddi vich nayin baina
jithe teri yaad aaye ae ae
uthhe baith ke ro lena
jithe teri yaad aaye ae
uthhe baith ke ro lena

main tujhe ghar se bhaga ke nahin laaya aa
tujhe ghar se bhaga ke nahin laaya
ke aayi hai tu marzi se ae e
aai hai tu marji se

hatt chhod mazaak channa
oy ae
hatt chhod mazaak channa
teri meri nayi nibhni ee
mainu de de talaaq channa
teri meri nayi nibhni ee
mainu de de talaaq channa aa aa

te apne ghar rahna tha
apne ghar rahna tha
doli mein na daae
baabul se kehna thha
doli mein na daale ae
baabul se kehna tha
mere baabul ka naam na lena aa
mere baabul ka naam na lena
tu chaahe meri jaan kad lai ae ae
chaahe meri jaan kad lai

ho ik roothe te dooja manaye ae ae
ik roothe te dooja manaye
yahi toh pyaar hai mitraan
ek roothe
tum samjhe main rooth gai
ve ja tu samajhe mai rooth gai
umraan di yaari ee ee
pal na vich toot gai
umraan di yaari ee ee
pal na vich toot gai ee

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