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A tribute to Poet-Lyricist – Bharat Vyas

Today 6th January’2022 is the One hundred and fourth birth anniversary of Poet Lyricist Bharat Vyas. He was born on 06.01.1918 and he passed away on 05.07.1982.

As per the statistics page on our blog he has written over twelve hundred songs for Hindi Films. Out of these 1246 songs, so far, only 436 songs have been posted on the blog. So it is still a long way oof before we have all the songs of Bharat Vyas on the blog.

It is quite possible that many of the songs written by him many not be available now.

It will be interesting to bring on board as many songs of Bharat Vyas as possible.

Today, as a tribute to him, here is a song written by him for the movie ‘Raja Vikram-1957’.

‘Raajaa Vikram-1957’ was directed by Dhirubhai Desai for ‘Sharad Productions. It had Usha Kiran, Shahu Modak, Nigar Sultana, Niranjan Sharma, P. Kailash, Vimla Kumari, Bhagwan, Suryakant, Sushil Kumar, Dilip, Ranjana Shukla, Vijaymala, Prabha Shankar, Bharat Kumar, Premi, Nemo, Poonam Kapoor, Mohini, Santosh Kumar, Chhotelal, Kalla, Anil Kumar, Pandya, Kesarbai, Noorjahaan, Nirmal Kumar, Devchand and others.

This movie was passed by Censor Board on 22.10.1957.

‘Raajaa Vikram’ has eleven songs written by Bharat Vyas and composed by B.N. Bali.

Here is the list of songs as mentioned for ‘Raajaa Vikram’ in HFGK Vol-III (1951-1960).

SNo. Song Title Singer/s Posted On
01 Ham aaj safar ko chaley Rafi, chorus 01.04.2013
02 Na maangoon main tera jahaan Rafi 28.04.2013
03 Chali re… piya ki gali re Geeta Dutt, chorus 05.07.2013
04 Aaya aaya zor se toofaan Manna Dey Song under discussion
05 Na ja , hamri nagariya aa ke saanwariya Geeta Dutt, chorus
06 Chup kyon dhartimaata, chup kyon … Geeta Dutt
07 Jaako raakhe saainyaa… Rafi
08 Aham brahm dwiteeyon Manna Dey, chorus
09 Dharti par jo rahaa, Manna Dey
10. Hey ambe hey durge, hey kaali Not mentioned
11 O aasmaan waale Geeta Dutt, chorus

From the above table we can see that three songs from this movie have been posted on the blog and all of them were posted in the ‘year 2013’. After that no song from this movie has appeared on the blog.

Today we present the fourth song from this movie which is sung by Manna Dey. I came across this song during my daily browsing on ‘Youtube’ and when I listened to it I immediately fell in love with this action packed song. I had always been a great fan of such songs.

Only the audio of the today’s song is available.

When I was about to send this song yesterday I noticed the date of his birth anniversary wich falls today. So, we are presenting this song as a tribute to this great poet and lyricist who has given us some of the ‘timeless’ songs.

Let us listen to today’s song now…


Song-Aaya zor se toofaan (Raja Vikram)(1957) Singer-Manna Dey, Lyrics-Bharat Vyas, MD-B N Bali


aaya zor se toofaan
aaya zor se toofaan
na koi tadbeer chalegi khiwaiyya
tera jeewan na tere haath
chhod de
raam bharose teri naiyya
aaya aaya zor se toofaan

chaaron oar se saagar ki goonjti
lehron ne tujhko gheraa aa
ab to na kuchh bhi deta dikhaayi
chhaane lagaa hai andheraa aa
aaj doley re dagmag praan
aaj doley re dagmag praan
bhanwar ka aage hai
bhool bhulaiyya
tera jeewan na tere haath
chhod de
raam bharose teri naiyya
aaya aaya zor se toofaan

angaaraa ban ke dhadhke re dharti
dhadke gagan ki chhaati
lehraati aur bal khaati bijaliyaan
baadal mein aag lagaatin
aaj kaanpe re saaraa jahaan
aaj kaanpe re saaraa jahaan
huaa hai krodhi wo jag ka rachaiyya
tera jeewan na tere haath
chhod de
raam bharose teri naiyya
aaya aaya zor se toofaan

aaj praan ka daanv lagaa ke
kar le prabhu ko raazi
sankat ki in ghadiyon mein saunp de
uske haath teri baazi
jo rakshak hai sabkaa mahaan
jo rakshak hai sabkaa mahaan
wohi tera hai bachaiyya
tera jeewan na tere haath
chhod de
raam bharose teri naiyya
aaya aaya zor se toofaan
na koi tadbeer chalegi khiwaiyya
tera jeewan na tere haath
chhod de
raam bharose teri naiyya
raam bharose teri naiyya

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