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Chubh gaye do nainaa matwaare

Posted on: October 7, 2011

The era of singing in K L Saigal singing style was over in 1947 with the demise of K L Saigal and new style of singing came into existence. However, there was C H Atma, a K L Saigal devotee, who continued to uphold K L Saigal singing style for another few years.

“Bilwa Mangal” (1954), which was a Minar movies production, was directed by D N Madhok and it had K C Dey,Ulhas, Asha Mathur etc in the movie.

Here is a song from “Bilwa Mangal” (1954). This song is sung by C H Atma in K L Saigal style. D N Madhok is the lyricist. Music is composed by Bulo C Rani.

Only the audio of this song is available, so one can only guess about the picturisation. It is my guess that this song was picturised on Ulhas. I request our knowledgeable readers to throw more light on this movie as well as on this song.


Song-Chubhh gaye do nainaa matwaare (Bilwa Mangal) (1954) Singer-C H Atma, Lyrics-D N Madhok, MD-Bulo C Rani


Chubhh gaye
chubhh gaye do nainaa matwaare
?? howe
nikat ab jaawe
nikat ab jaawe
inko kaun nikaale
chubhh gaye do nainaa matwaare

jin nainan ke kaarak (?)
baire taar bana kajraa
jo koi nikat gaya unke
uspe beeti kyaa kyaa
raat ki nindiya lut gayi uski
din ka chain gayaa
ghadi ghadi thhandi saans kahe
kyaa janm kiyo saajanwaa
chubh gaye
chubh gaye do nainaa matwaare

raat ik geet bani
pyaar jise gaaye hai
phir usi geet ko
man man mein hi dohraaye hai
deke jholi mein badhaayi
?? aaye
zindagi dekh ke
aankhon ko hansi jaaye hai
chubhh gaye
chubhh gaye do naina matwaare
kyaa kyaa howe
nikat ab jaawe
nikat ab jaawe
inko kaun mitaawe
chubh gaye do naina matwaare

3 Responses to "Chubh gaye do nainaa matwaare"

Atul ji,
BILWA MANGAL(1954),the story of a great Krishna Bhakta has been very popular all over India in various forms and names.In eastern India,it is Bilwa mangal,in North India,same story is attributed to Sant Soordas,and even in southernmost Kerala,it is Vilwamangalam Swamiyar.
Many books have been written on him and needless to say many films also are based on this story.BILWAMANGAL was produced in 1919,1929,1932,1954,in 1948,Bhakta Bilwamangala was produced and in Malyalam CHILAMBOLI(1963) was the last movie on this story(with Prem Nazir and Thikkurissi).
IN BILWAMANGAL-1954,the lead pair was C.H.Atma and Suraiyya,with Asha Mathur,ulhas,Zebunnisa,P.Amarnath,Rajani,Nandkishore,Ramesh Thakur etc.It was produced by Taimur Behram Shah and directed by D.N.Madhok,who also wrote the lyrics.
The story tells us about Bilwamangal,who falls in love of a courtesan,despite having a good wife and family.He gets so much carried away by the courtesan,that even when his father is on deathbed,he goes to meet her,but she has gone to neighbouring villege.meanwhile,the father dies and wife jumps in river killing herself.He swims the river with help of a log in the night and climbs with a rope to reach his lover.Actually,the log is his wife’s dead body and the rope is a snake.
When the courtesan learns all this,she scolds him and advises that he should show this earnestness in God’s Bhakti.
With repentence and remorse,Bilwamangal renounces the world and becomes a Saint.He loses his eyesight also,but regains it,etc.
C.H.Atma had 4 solos and 2 duets with suraiyya in this film.


Atulji: Thanks for such a resourceful site. I recently found it and am glued to it due to my love for Hindi songs. I live in Vancouver, Canada but my heart belongs to India where I grew up. The lyrics are very important to me and I love songs with great lyrics.

Best Regards to you.

Mira Murarka


Thanks a lot for your encouraging words.


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