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Tera haathh haathh mein aa gayaa

Posted on: May 1, 2012

This article is written by Sadanand Kamath, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Today, May 1st, is the 93rd birthday of one of the icons among the playback singers who has enthralled the listeners of both filmy and non-filmy songs with his versatile singing for over five decades. He is Prabodh Chandra Dey, popularly known as Manna Dey. We are fortunate that Manna Dey is with us to remain a source of inspiration for budding singers.

I find that there are some dedicated websites on Manna Dey which have given his detailed profile. So I would avoid repeating them except a few points relevant for his singing career. Manna Dey was brought to Bombay(Mumbai) in early 40s by his uncle K C Dey who himself was an actor, singer and music director during 30s and 40s. Manna Dey got training in classical singing from his uncle and later from Ustad Aman Ali Khan and Ustad Abdul Rehman Khan. His first break as a playback singer came by way of duets with Suraiyya in ‘Tamanna (1943). He became popular after his solo song ‘uppar gagan vishaal’ from ‘Mashaal (1950) became a hit. It is said that even after becoming a successful playback singer, he continued his training in classical singing under his masters. He also composed music for a few Hindi films and also for his non-filmy songs.

Manna Dey is mostly known for his classical ragas based songs in Hindi films though he has sung almost all genre of songs – devotional,thumri based, romantic, comic etc. Apart from being a prominent playback singer of Hindi and Bengali films, he also sang songs in other languages such as Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi. A poignant song ‘manas maine varu’ from the Malayalam film ‘Chemmeen’ (1965) for which Salil Chaudhary was music director, won him Kerala Government’s award. For this song, his wife Sulochana Kumaran, who hailed from Kerala was his guru for improving his Malayalam diction. Another song I remember was his ‘rock and roll’ type Marathi song of early 70s ‘number 64 the house of the bamboo door’ set to music by C Ramchandra. This song became a rage among the younger generation and was most popular among picnic crowds.

He also sang many non-filmy songs. His most popular one amongothers was ‘nazaaron mein ho tum khayaalon mein ho tum’ which was released some time in 1953. This song drew attention of the Hindi film industry asthis song proved that apart from classical singing, he was equally at ease withsinging romantic songs with pop music. In fact, he is credited with lending poptouches to some of his semi-classical Hindi film songs which became hits amongthe masses. Manna Dey is the only playback singer who has a distinction ofsinging a duet ‘ketaki gulab juhi champakban phoole’ in ‘Basant Bahar’ (1956) with the doyen of classical singing, Bhimsen Joshi.

Manna Dey has so many popular songs that it is very difficultto narrow down the numbers of his hit songs. Some of my personal favouritesamong many of his solo songs are :
Teraa haath haath mein aa gayaa – Hamdard (1953)
Tu pyaar ka saagar hai – Seema (1955)
Kaun aayaa mere man ke dwaarey – Dekh Kabira Royaa (1957)
Ud jaa bhanwar maaya kamal ka – Raani Roopmati (1959)
Chale jaa rahen hain mohabbat ke mare – Kinaare Kinaare (1963)
Laaga chunari mein daag chupaaun kaise – Dil Hi To Hai (1963)
Ae meri zohra jabeen – Waqt (1965)
Kasme waade pyaar wafaa ke – Upkar (1967)
Yaari hai imaan mera yaar meri zindagi – Zanzeer (1973)

In addition, two songs among his many popular duets which I like them immensely are ‘ tum jo aao to pyaar aa jaaye’ from ‘Sakhi Robin’ (1957) and ‘ye nasheeli hawaa aa raha hai majaa’ from ‘Neeli Aankhen’ (1962).

On the occasion of 93rd birthday of Manna Dey, I have selected one of my favourite songs of his – ‘teraa haath haath mein aa gayaa’ from the film HAMDARD (1953). This is a classic ghazal penned by Majrooh Sultanpuri and set to music by Anil Biswas. Probably, keeping Manna Dey in mind, Anil Biswas has set the tune of this ghazal in a classical raag. I also like the sitar interlude between first and second stanza. The film was produced by Asha Biswas ( I guess, she was Anil Biswas ex-wife) and directed by S Bhagat. The cast included Shekhar, Nimmi, Smriti Biswas, Yashodara Katju, Jagirdar, Rajan Kapoor and Shivraj. I have the VCD of this film but unfortunately, this song is not included in it. I am not sure whether this song was included in the film. Going by the story of the film, this song fits in very well on Shekhar and Nimmi who were in lead roles. In fact Shekhar lipsyncs Manna Dey in all the songs of this film.

Incidentally, two lines from this ghazal was also sung by Mohammed Rafi in a different tune set by Ravi in the film ‘Tu Nahin Aur Sahi’ (1960) which was used as a background song towards the end of the film.

On behalf of the well wishers of this blog, I wish Manna Dey many happy returns of the day.

Song-Tera haath haath mein aa gayaa (Hamdard)(1953) Singer-Manna Dey, Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri, MD-Anil Biswas


teraa haath haath mein aa gayaa
teraa haath haath mein aa gayaa
ke charaag raah mein jal gaye
mujhe sahal ho gayi manzilen
mujhe sahal ho gayi manzilen
wo hawaa ke rukh bhi badal gaye
teraa haath haath mein aa gayaa
teraa haath haath mein aa gayaa

badi cheez hai tujhe kyaa pataa
badi cheez hai tujhe kyaa pataa
teri ik adaa teri ik sadaa
teri ik adaa teri ik sadaa
jo tadap rahe thhe bahal gaye
jo tadap rahe thhe bahal gaye
jo gire thhe girke sambhal gaye
teraa haath haath mein aa gayaa
teraa haath haath mein aa gayaa

aa aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa
aa aa aa
jise sun sakaa thaaa na aaj tak
jise sun sakaa thhaa na aaj tak
wahi raaz jaise ke sun liyaa
wahi raaz jaise ke sun liyaa
wahi geet jo mere dil mein thhe
wahi geet jo mere dil mein thhe
wo labon pe aake machal gaye
mujhe sahal ho gayee manzilen
wo hawaa ke ruk bhi badal gaye
teraa haath haath mein aa gayaa
ke charaag raah mein jal gaye
teraa haath haath mein aa gayaa

7 Responses to "Tera haathh haathh mein aa gayaa"

Thanks for posting this. Many many happy returns of the day to the last doyen of hindi film-music. I am proud of my brief association with the great singer, though indirect. I briefly worked with Manna Da’s eldest daughter at Sun 13 years back. I wish the whole family a very very happy birthday.

Vijay Rajvaidya


Thanks for the beautiful song. I have looking on the YT for another beautiful song from Hindi film Durga Mata (1959) by Manna da: “Manikya Veena Bhupalalayanti Madalasa Manjul Vagvilasa…… Jai su Bhavani Jai Kalyani”. The Music is scored by G. K. Venkatesh. Could you please cover the song in your blog. Thanks


I wish Manna–da Many Many Happy Returns of This Day!
Manna Dey was as versatile as Rafi. Give him any song and he would sing it with aplomb! Incidentally, there’s this beautiful Manna / Rafi duet in ‘Kalpana’…”Man mora bavara…” It’s a treat!
His Malayalam diction in “Maanase maine varu…” was perfect! To this day, this song is a favourite of the people in Kerala.
Among his other well known songs are…”Sur na saje, kya gaaun main..” and the lovely Manna / Lata duet “Nain mile chain kahan..”from ‘Basant Bahar’. Then there is that stunning “Poochho na kaise maine rain bitayi…” from ‘Meri Surat Teri Aankhen’
I wonder if many people have heard the wonderful, naughty, classical Manna ? Lata duet “Ja tosey nahi bolu kanhaiyya..” from ‘Parivar’.
And “Jhanak jhanak tore baje paayaliya…” from ‘Mere Huzur’
I’m afraid the list is endless……………………


Kamath ji,
Thank you for a very good write up on Manna Dey-ofcourse,as usual !
Manna Dei is wellknown after he became ‘Manna’ from Prabodh.His early years are not much known to many.
Manna Dey(M-D)’s uncle K.C.Dey had become blind when he was just 13 year old,but undaunted he learnt music and achieved name and fame in it.Because of his blindness,he needed somebody with him always.M-D was the person who spent maximum time with his uncle.KCD first taught himself and then sent M-D to Dabeer Khan where he learnt Rabindra Sangeet.
In Bombay he was under Tulsidas Sharma,Ghulam Mustapha khan,Abdul Rehman khan and Aman ali khan.Later Hariprasanna Das took him as his assistant.After his first song in Tamanna,Vijay Bhatt called him and gave him 3 songs in his Ramrajya-1943.Since then,he was branded as a singer of Mythological films.From 1943 to 1950(till Mashal) he sang 50 songs in 28 Mythological films !
Songs which no other singer was ready to sing were given to M-D and songs in which Sanskrit or difficult words were present also came to him.Established female singers were afraid to sing with him,as they were worried that his solid voice will drown their komal voice.
In his entire career only 1 film VIKRAMADITYA-1945 is there where there are 7 songs by Manna Dey alone !


I has a hearty laugh when I read the second last paragraph of your comments. Indeed his ‘high fidelity’ voice would have edged out the soft voices not only of female singers but also of Talat Mehmood :).

It was a new information for me that Manna Dey had 7 songs in VIKRAMADITYA (1945).

Thanks for additional inputs on Manna Dey.


-Aey Meri Zohra-e-Jabeen
-Mausam Beeta Jaaye
-Aey Mere Pyare Watan

–Manna Dey & Balraj Sahni……Both born on 1st May.


Our zohra-e-Jabeen-Achala sachdevji passed away on april 30th, I think she was born on May 3rd
Balraj ji and Manna da both born on 1st may


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