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Saaqi ki nigaahen sharaab hain

Posted on: November 22, 2013

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“Hamaari Baat” (1943) was directed by M I Dharamsey for Bombay Talkies. The movie had Devika Rani, Jairaj, Suraiya, Shah Nawaaz, Mumtaz Ali, David, Prabha, Rajkumari Shukla, Kamta Prasad, Uday Kumar, Arun Kumar, Dulari, Raj Kapoor etc in it.

Nine songs from this movie have been discussed in the past. Here is the tenth and final song from the movie.

This song is a duet. Online sources tell us that this song is sung by Arun Kumar Mukherji and Suraiyya. While the male voice sounds like Arunkumar Mukherji, the female voice does not sound like Suraiyya. So I can only assume that the name of Suraiyya could well be an error. I have already seens errors in mentioning the singers of other songs of this movie where a duet song was described as a solo and a solo as a duet. I request our knowledgeable readers to help identify this unknown female voice.

Pt Narendra Sharma is the lyricist. Music is composed by Anil Biswas.

Only the audio of this song is available. I am not aware how this song is picturised.

With this song, “Hamaari Baat” (1943) joins the list of movies that have all their songs covered in the blog.

Song-Saaqi ki nigaahen sharaab hain (Hamaari Baat)(1943) Singers-Arun Kumar Mukherji, Unknown female voice, Lyrics-Pt Narendra Sharma, MD-Anil Biswas


saaqi ki nigaahen sharaab hain
saaqi ki nigaahen sharaab hain
mere dil mein muhabbat ke khwaab hain
o mere dil mein muhabbat ke khwaab hain re

saaqi ki nigaahen sharaab hain
sharaab hain
sharaab hain
saaqi ki nigaahen sharaab hain

uljhan se bhare jo sawaal hain
jo sukh dukh ke laakhon sawaal hain
uljhan se bhare jo sawaal hain
jo sukh dukh ke laakhon sawaal hain
ye pyaale hi unke jawaab hain
o ye pyaale hi unke jawaab hain
jawaab hain
saaqi ki nigaahen sharaab hain
o mere dil mein muhabbat ke khwaab hain re
saaqi ki nigaahen sharaab hain
sharaab hain
sharaab hain
saaqi ki nigaahen sharaab hain

3 Responses to "Saaqi ki nigaahen sharaab hain"

Congratulations Atul ji on covering all songs (and all rare songs in fact) of this movie ‘Hamaari Baat-1943’ and its joining to the list of ‘movies-all songs covered’…!!!!


I am pretty sure, that it is Suraiya singing in the duet. I had recorded this song from ‘Radio Ceylon’ during fifties and it is in my treasure collection under ‘songs of Suraiya’.


Atul ji and Sudhir ji,

The female voice is surely that of Suraiya if I compare her voice in other songs of ‘Hamaari Baat’ (1943). Also for the following reasons:

1. In 78 RPM Shellac Record No.N.26348, two songs viz. ‘Jeewan Jamuna Par and ‘Saaqi ki nighaaen sharaab hai’ have been credited to Kanhaiya and Jamuna, probably the names for their roles in the film.

2. Since Suraiya has already been credited in the Blog for the song ‘jeewan jamuna paar’, logically in this song also the credit should go to her as in both the songs the female voice has been mentioned that of Jamuna on the record label.

3, SAREGAMA has now uploaded the song which also gives credit to Suraiya along with Aroon Kumar (Mukherjee).

Last but not the least, the late Bharatbhai, in his comment above, had identified the female voice as that of Suraiya who was one of his favourite singers. I remember he had a pendrive full of almost all the songs of Suraiya. He could not go wrong in identifying her voice in this song.

Please add ‘Suraiya’ to the tag.


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