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Bhagwaan karega madad teri

Posted on: November 28, 2014

This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Sometimes in happens in nature. When particular facility is absent, the nature makes up for it by bestowing extra capabilities in other facilities. No other example is more eminent and more gifted in the Indian film industry, than KC Dey – an artist who lost his eyesight completely, just as he entered his teen years. And this apparent handicap was compensated by nature, by gifting the young Krishna Chandra with exceptional memory, an extraordinary understanding of the finer nuances of music, and a brilliant creativity that enabled him to be an outstanding artist in ways more than one.

Remembering the legendary KC Dey on the anniversary of his passing away (28th November).

The way Manna Da (nephew to KC Dey) has described – his uncle never did rehearsals in preparation for singing. He would instruct Manna Da to read out the words of the song to him, twice. After that, the song, with all its musical characteristics, would be stored in his brain like a recording. On the stage, or in front of the mike, he would simply render it, so effortlessly and so perfectly that, as Manna Da says, soon it ceased to be a matter of wonder. He just did it.

Besides being a singer, KC Dey has also composed for many films. Think about the music director, who also has to compose background music. For that, he needs to see the visual, the flow of situations, the emotions of the role players. For KC Dey, it simply was a narration of the scenes by someone else, and after that his own imagination and creativity would take over to create just the right background music for the situation. And not just in talkie films. KC Dey has composed background music for silent films also.

His singing is now a legend. In the 1930s and 40s, it was the trio of Saigal Sb, KC Dey and Pankaj Mullick whose voices ruled the film music arena. In the Hindi films, his portfolio may be limited to about 20 films and approximately 70 plus songs. But considering his prolific contributions in the Bangla films and in the non film space, his legacy of music and songs is incomparable. The iconic songs that are unforgettable, are so many that I will not even make an effort to put down a sample list. Today, let us hear one more fabulous gem that was recorded, oh gosh, so long ago – practically none of us were even born at that time.

This wonderful song is now eighty years young. The film is ‘Grihalaxmi’ from 1934. The alternate English title is ‘Educated Wife’. The film is produced under the banner of Sagar Movietone and is directed by Sarvottam Badaami. The cast of actors includes Jaal Merchant, Sabita Devi, Aasuji, Yakub, Swaroop Rani, Kamla, Lalita, Mehboob, Bala Ram, Pandey, and KC Dey himself.

There are 16 songs listed for this film in Geet Kosh. The music director is S P Rane. The name or names of lyricists are not listed. With so much music from that era lost, probably forever, it is a great thing that one record of this film has been identified and is available. Which means there are two songs available for this film. Both songs are sung by KC Dey. Since his name appears in the list of actors, in all likelihood, this song is picturized on him.

Timeless treasures – it is a blessing that these recordings are available. Listen to this deep and vintage sound that takes you on a trip down the hallowed bylanes of history. Listen and enjoy.

Song-Bhagwaan karega madad teri (Grihalaxmi)(1934) Singer-K C Dey, MD-S P Rane


aaaaaaaaha aaaaa
bhagwaan karega madad teri
dukh door ba-asaani hoga
bhagwaan karega madad teri
dukh door ba-asaani hoga
ik roj doodh ka doodh alag
aur paani ka. . .
paani hoga
dukh door ba-asaani hoga
bhagwaan karega madad teri
dukh door ba-asaani hoga

jab aaj ve pehle din na rahe
hargiz na rahenge kaal ye adhik
is rajni ka aakhir parbhat
hoga ve deewaani hoga
dukh door ba-asaani hoga
bhagwaan karega madad teri
dukh door ba-asaani hoga
aa aa asaani hoga
haaaa aaaaa
haaaa aaaaaa
aaaaa aaaaaa aaaaaaa
aaaaasaani hoga
bhagwaan karega madad teri
dukh door ba-asaani hoga

vaidhavye tujhe dhamkaata hai
bar jori sar par aata hai
aaaaaa aaaa
aaaaaaaaa aaaaa
aaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaa
vaidhavye tujhe dhamka..aa..ata hai
bar jori sar par aa..ta.. hai
eeshwar pe chhod de tu isko
phir ye bhi lasaani hoga
dukh door ba-asaani hoga
bhagwaan karega madad teri
dukh door ba-asaani hoga
bhagwaan karega madad tereee. . . .

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)

आssssssहा आsss
भगवान करेगा मदद तेरी’
दुख दूर बो-आसानी होगा
भगवान करेगा मदद तेरी’
दुख दूर बो-आसानी होगा
इक रोज़ दूध का दूध अलग
और पानी का॰ ॰ ॰
पानी होगा
दुख दूर बो-आसानी होगा
भगवान करेगा मदद तेरी’
दुख दूर बो-आसानी होगा

जब आज वे पहले दिन ना रहे
हरगिज़ ना रहेंगे काल ये अधिक
इस रजनी का आखिर प्रभात
होगा वै दीवानी होगा
दुख दूर बो-आसानी होगा
भगवान करेगा मदद तेरी’
दुख दूर बो-आसानी होगा
आसानी होगा
हाँ भगवा॰॰आ॰॰न
हाss आss
हाss आss
आss आssss आsssss
आ॰॰आssसानी होगा
भगवान करेगा मदद तेरी’
दुख दूर बो-आसानी होगा

वैधव्य तुझे धमकाता है
बार जोरी सर पे आता है
आsss आss
आssssss आsss
आssssssss आssss
वैधव्य तुझे धमका॰॰आss॰॰ता है
बार जोरी सर पे आss॰॰ता है
ईश्वर पे छोड़ दे तू इसको
फिर ये भी लासानी होगा
दुख दूर बो-आसानी होगा
भगवान करेगा मदद तेरी
दुख दूर बो-आसानी होगा
भगवान करेगा मदद तेरी॰ ॰ ॰

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