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Prem ki naiyya dol rahi hai

Posted on: December 4, 2019

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in other sites without the knowledge and consent of the web administrator of, then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

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Today’s song is from film Utho Jago-1947, a completely obscure film.

1947 was a very important year, not only for India, but also for the Indian Film Industry. Creation of Pakistan , on the basis of Religion, and Partition of India prompted an unprecedented exchange of people across the borders. Millions of people left their life earnings and ran to the other side of the border to save their lives. In this melee, millions died and millions lost their properties. More than any other industry, film line was affected more because it had the maximum mixture of Muslims with Hindus and films were made at Bombay as well as Lahore. These two centres now belonged to different countries and the film industries at both places were in turmoil.

However, in India, there was a second line of artistes ready to fill in the gaps created by the migration of Muslim artistes to Pakistan. Further, there were more centres of film making- other than Bombay- available in India, like Madras, Calcutta, Poona, Kolhapur, Bangalore etc. Therefore the damage to Indian film industry was redeemable faster, compared to Pakistan, which was left with only Lahore as a film centre. All they had now was what was left by Indians who left Pakistan, in addition to people who went from India to Pakistan- without a second line of artistes to take over after this generation was out.

The partition of India was expected for an year or so, ahead of actual happening, so film makers were in a hurry to complete their projects, before migration started. This led to making of films in quantity at the cost of quality. This resulted in the highest number of films being made in 1947- a total of 181 Hindi films. This was a record for a period of 54 years (1931 to 1985). This was broken only in 1985 when 187 Hindi films were made in one year.

Even in 1947, some good and musical films were made like Aap ki sewa mein, Bhook, Do Bhai, Doli, Dard, Elaan, Gaon, Jugnu, Kasam, Leela, Meera, Mehandi, Mirza Sahiban, Netaji Subhash, Pagdandi, Parwana, Saajan, Shadi se pehle, Shehnai, Sindoor etc etc. In this year maximum films made were obscure and made in haste.

Amongst all these films, film Utho jago came and went without notice. It neither had well known popular actors, nor a famous music director. The cast of the film included, Shehzadi, Ashiq Hussain, Jamshed ji, Baby Nalini, Aziz khan and others. The director was Pramod Chandra and the music was composed by Aziz Khan and Ibrahim. I do not know if this Ibrahim was the younger brother of Music director Ghulam Mohd. Ibrahim was an excellent harmonium player and he worked with Naushad for a very long time. Ibrahim had died even before Ghulam Mohd. died.

The hero Ashiq Hussain had started his career with film Talash-E-huq-1935, in which Nargis made her debut as a child artiste Baby Rani. He went on doing 25 films. Utho jago was his last film.After this film he married its heroine Shehzadi and both migrated to Pakistan. He had also sung 32 songs in 13 films in the beginning. Even in film Utho Jago-47, he had sung 2 solos and 1 duet with Amirbai Karnataki.

The other interesting name that appears in the cast is of Shehzadi. The original actress Shehzadi was the sister of Alam Ara-31 heroine Zubeida and Sultana. All 3 sisters retired from films in or around 1936.

This Shehzadi was different. She was born in Bombay and was well conversant with Hindi, Marathi, Urdu, Gujarati, Bangla and English. She joined Bombay Talkies and made her debut in film Jhoola-41. She was in the famous Dance-song ” Main to Dilli se dulhan laya re” along with Mumtaz Ali. She worked in films of Chitra productions,Saubhagya Pictures, Star Productions and Asiatic productions. She was Heroine of Gope in film ” Haso Haso aye duniya walon”-47.

Her acting in Saheli-42 and Yaad-42 was much appreciated. She did 26 films from 41 to 47 period. She started her own Ratnakar Productions in 1947 and made film ” Utho Jaago”-47, with actor Ashiq Hussain as a Hero. Soon after Partition, she married Ashiq Hussain and they migrated to Pakistan.

There is one new name in the cast – Jamshed ji. His full name was Jamshed ji Bairam ji, Khan Saheb. In some films, he was credited as Khan saheb also. He was born in Bombay in 1889 as a typical Parsee. He was one of the oldest and most experienced actors having worked with several directors and over 25 years of acting by that time.

He started with Silent films like Pyari Mamta, Madhuri, Sohni Mahiwal, pooran Bhagat, Gulshan E Arab, Hoor E Baghdad and Indira. His first talkie film was Daulat ka nasha-31 and Noorjahan-31. He acted in about 50 films. His last known film was Andaz-1949.

Jamshed ji, also gave music to 3 films- Naya Zamana-35, Zaate Shareef-36 and Jagat kesari-37.

Today’s song is sung by Mohd. Rafi. This is from his early years as a singer. Rafi came on the scene in 1944. for the first few years, he had to struggle but he came into films when it was going through a transition. Older generation actor singers had to stop singing because the public tastes were changing and newer composers opted for newer singers who were exclusive singers and not 2 in 1, like earlier actor singers.

These days I was reading a book “Rafinama” by noted film Historian and author Isak Mujawar. In this book he has brought out some very interesting facts about Rafi. The book is more a statistical data book than his biography. In today’s post I would bring out to you few of these interesting details. When Rafi started his singing in 1944, many of the erstwhile actor singers took the opportunity of stopping their singing – which was thrust on them – and Rafi actually replaced them. The book gives the details. Few cases are here…

Ashok Kumar’s singing spree stopped when Rafi sang for him in film Saajan-47.

Ishwarlal stopped singing when Rafi sang for him in film Sharbati Aankhen-45

Shahu Modak stopped after Chakradhari(1954).

W.M.Khan after Aalam Ara (1956).

Master Nissar ater Boot polish(1954).

G.M.Durrani after Lal Pathar(1971).

Karan Dewan after Duniya(1949).

N M Charlie after Zameen ke Tare(1960).

Balak Ram after Shri Ram Bharat Milan (1965).

Moti Sagar after Paak Daman (1957).

Man Mohan krishna after Basant bahar (1956).

Mohd. Rafi even sang for some composers who used to sing in films
S N Tripathi -Pawanputra Hanuman (1957).
Snehal Bhatkar-Bawre Nain-(1950) ( he was doing a Beggar’s role) and
Sudhir Sen- Saat Phere (1970)

Rafi was the only male playback singer who sang with 3 major singer actresses
Noorjehan-Jugnu (1947).
Khursheed- Aage Badho- (1947) and
Suraiya- many (13) films.

Rafi sang with some old time female singers, about whom the new generation may not know much. He sang with Nirmala Devi, Paro, Shamim, Uma Devi, Chandbala, Chand Burke, Gandhari(Rane), Laxmi Roy (sister of Geeta Roy), Kumudini Dikshit, Kaumudi Munshi, Laxmi shankar, Pramodini Desai, Vinodini Desai, Malti Pande (Popular Marathi singer), Pushpa Huns, Kamal Barot, Jagjit kaur, Minu Purushotham, Madhubala Zaveri, Usha Timothi, Krishna Kalle, Chandrani Mukherjee, Dilraj kaur, Sushama Shreshtha Kanchan, Sulakshana Pandit etc etc.

Mohd. Rafi sang maximum songs with Asha Bhosle-806 ….Maximum in O P Nayyar’s films-92 duets. In film Basant-60 he sang 11 duets with Asha Bhosle.
Rafi sang maximum songs with (First five)..Laxmikant Pyarelal…369 songs, Shankar Jaikishan…341, Chitragupta…247, Ravi…235 and O P Nayyar…197 songs.

There are many more aspects of Rafi’s singing….but more about it in some other post.

With this song film Utho jago (1947) makes its Debut on the Blog.

Song- Prem ki Naiyya dol rahi hai (Uthho Jaago)(1947) Singer- Mohd. Rafi, Lyricist- Not known, MD- Aziz Khan and Ibrahim


prem ki naiyya dol rahi hai
prem ki naiyya dol rahi hai
bojh hriday ka taul rahi hai
bojh hriday ka taul rahi hai
prem ki naiyya
haaye prem ki naiyya dol rahi hai
prem ki naiyya dol rahi hai

prem mein aisi soorat bigdi
prem mein aisi soorat bigdi
sar par joote, paanv mein pagdi
sar par joote, paanv mein pagdi
izzat ke pat khol rahi hai
izzat ke pat khol rahi hai
prem ki naiyya
haaye prem ki naiyya dol rahi hai
prem ki naiyya dol rahi hai

Mem>aise dhanwaalon ke laal
ud gaye jinke sar ke baal
aise dhanwaalon ke laal
ud gaye jinke sar ke baal
haan haan ud gaye jinke sar ke baal
dekho, ud gaye jinke sar ke baal
sar ki taat bhi bol rahi hai
sar ki taat bhi bol rahi hai
prem ki naiyya
haaye prem ki naiyya dol rahi hai
prem ki naiyya dol rahi hai

prem na aaya tumko raas
prem na aaya tumko raas
kahe ye tumse gappu daas
kahe ye tumse gappu daas
haan haan kahe ye tumse gappu daas
kya, neeat daanwaadol rahi hai
neeat daanwaadol rahi hai
prem ki naiyya
haye prem ki naiyya dol rahi hai
prem ki naiyya dol rahi hai
prem ki naiyya aa aa aa

5 Responses to "Prem ki naiyya dol rahi hai"

I came to know about this book “Rafinaama’ by Isaaq Mujawar in an article in Marathi newspaper some time back. I was wondering if you had referred to it in any of your posts. The book is available on Amazon.


Nahm ji,

Isak Mujawar’s books are mostly based on his first hand information from the artistes concerned. His knowledge of Hindi and Marathi films was unfathomable. I was, rather I am, a fan of his books and have collected most of his books in Marathi, Hindi articles and English books. His recent death is a big blow to old film lovers.





Thanks a lot for this information-packed post. Rafi replacing actor-singers: Cases like Ashok Kumar, Ishwarlal, Karan Dewan make sense, because till that break they had a regular acting-singing career. Others would give a misleading picture to someone who is not very familiar with old HFM. For example, GM Durrani though once a top rank singer had no worthwhile song after his duet with Shamshad Begum, Nazar phero no humse in Deedar (1951). Others were hardly known as regular playback singers till the years mentioned against their names. They might have sung many years earlier, which came to a virtual stop when great playback singers came to the fore 1947 onwards.

I am sure the book prominently mentions Rafi also singing for Kishore Kumar several songs when the latter’s singing career never came to a stop from the late 40s, finally becoming the no. 1 singer post-1969 (Aaradhana).


AK ji,
In the list in the post, except GMD, no one else was a Playback singer. The rest all sang for themselves only. When playback from Rafi became available they felt relieved, as they were not singers but they were basically actors only.
The point emphasised in the post was that coming of Rafi as a playback singer proved to be a boon to actor singers, because they felt relieved.
The book has a separate chapter on Rafi-Kishore songs. In case of Kishore, basically he was a singer and never wanted to be an actor. So, in some cases when Rafi sang for him for differernt reasons everytime, Kishore had no problem because he continued as a singer, in any case.


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