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Love ki ghanti baj gayi meri

Posted on: September 28, 2020

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Today is 35th birthday of Ranbir Kapoor, son of Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh, grandson of Raj Kapoor and great-grandson of the formidable Prithvi Raj Kapoor.

Talking of Prithvi Raj Kapoor, reminds of Mughal-e-Azam, where the first generation of Kapoorkhandaan as Shehenshah Akbar, over shadowed his mild crown prince Salim, played by a demure Dilip Kumar. Right, as a friend commented, Dilip Kumar looked like a mouse in front of Prithvi Raj Kapoor.

So Ranbir Kapoor is the chashm-e-chiraag, the fourth generation of Kapoor clan, to make a name and fame in the film industry. Critically acclaimed actor in his own right, some say he is the best actor in the whole family. That may be true. But I may not be qualified to be a judge of that. I have seen some very old movies of Prithvi raj Kapoor, like Sikandar-e-azam and Pukaar, where he looks exactly like Shashi Kapoor. Back in the 80’s when Sohrab Modidied, the Bombay Doordarshan had shown some of his movies, so I got to see those two historical costume drama movies. I have seen some of the famous and non-famous movies of Raj Kapoor mainly on TV and cable TV, Teesri Kasam, Sangam, Awara, Chhalia etc. to name a few. Films like Shree 420 and Barsaat I have seen later on youtube. I have seen many movies of Rishi Kapoor again on Cable TV and some in the theatre. The last movie of Rishi Kapoor I remember watching in theatre is “Damini”.

Coming to the 4th generation, I can say that I have loved his film “Ajab Prem ki Gajab Kahaani”. Seen a few more films like ‘Wake up Sid” “Rockstar” etc or a few more partly. Sometime in 2011-12 or some time before that I have disconnected my home cable connection. It once got disconnected, we got used to it and we don’t miss the “Ehmaq Dabba”(Idiot box) at all. I go to parents place, where if the TV is on, it sounds like noise pollution to me. Looks also like visual pollution, I can’t help it.

So this way, my connection with new films is severed. What we don’t know, we don’t miss. It is important to keep track of the known things, rather than worrying about the unknown, right!

I have managed to keep the lid on overload of conventional media, and social media in general, but than whatsapp became unavoidable. I can hear the fans of modern technology, shouting “caught you”.

Whatsapp to peechha nahi chhodtaa….

Few years ago, when I read about Facebook book paying multiple bucks and buying over Whatsapp, I wondered what is the source of income of whatsapp, and why would someone pay to buy it. I asked many people, but there was no answer. I googled the question, but there is no satisfactory explanation there too.

A few months ago, my brother shared the links of a song from ‘Money Hiest” of a song called ‘Bella Ciao”. The original, is an Italian revolutionary song, the link is here. Without even knowing what it meant, it was a stirring song. I have heard it a few times since, and it grows on me as I learn more about it.

This is the translation I found with one of the links:

One morning I woke up
goodbye my beautiful, goodbye
one morning I woke up and
I found the invader.

Oh partisan take me away
goodbye my beautiful, goodbye
oh partisan take me away for
I feel like I’m dying.

And if I die as a partisan
goodbye my beautiful, goodbye
and if I die as a partisan
you must bury me.

And you will bury me up there, on the mountain
goodbye my beautiful, goodbye
you will bury me up there on the mountain
under the shadow of a beautiful flower.

And all the people passing by
goodbye my beautiful, goodbye
and all the people passing by will tell me:
what a beautiful flower!

And this is the flower of the partisan
goodbye my beautiful, goodbye
and this is the flower of the partisan
who died for freedom.

Last week after doing this post, I wondered, if there is a hindi film song inspired by Bella ciao. In fact I have a few such songs listed, which I want to write a post about. So one of those projects was finding a song which is copied, lifted or inspired by “Bella ciao”. The search was a short one and google immediately gave this song from the film Besharam(2013). The music is credited to Lalit Pandit(of Jatin-Lalit fame) and lyricist is Rajeev Banwal. The singer is Sujeet Shetty, but the dialogues in between is in the voice of the actors.

As the songis on Ranbir Kapoor, in the movie, so this is the song for the occasion.
As per Peevesie’s Mom, this song reminds peevesie of the song “hum thhe wot hhi” from “chalti ka naam gaadi”. I checked the song and also if it is mentioned in It turns out the inspiration behind this S D Burman song is the song ‘The Watermelon song’ (1957), by Tennessee Ernie Ford.



Song-Love ki ghanti baj gayi meri (Besharam)(2013) Singers-Sujeet Shetty, Lyrics-Rajeev Barnwal, Music Director-Lalit Pandit
Ranbir Kapoor, Amitosh Nagpal


Love ki ghanti
baj gayi meri
dekhaa ussko
pyaar huaaaa
aankhen phat gayi
tabeeyat nipat gayi
dil meraa kood padaa
pehle ladki
thoda sa bhadki
boli aaye ho tum kyun yahaan
main bola
mera hai good luck
mujhe laayi yehaan
teri maan


haan us ski baatien
nukkad ki chaye
thhodi meethhi thhodi garam
jaise teekhe pyaazi pakode
mirchi dhaniya ka dam m m
gusse mein chamki
di mujhko dhamki
main tas se mas na huaaaa
gaalon pe usske
de daali pappi
dil uss ka phool huaaaa


wo khadi thhi
main khadaa thha
nazren takraayee
paas aayi
baahen thhamen
thhoda sharmaayeeee
pyaar se phir
uss ne mujhko
shirt pehnaayaaaa
touch kiya to
dil mein jaise
gudgudi chhaayeeee
shirt bhi badal daali
ye to setting ho gayi hai
seene se mere
phir wo lipat gayi
aisa zor ka jhatka lagaaaa
mere dil ke radio par
sa re ga ma pa bajne lagaaaa
kaanon mein mere
dheere se bolee
mere hero thhe abtak haan an
main rapat gayaa
wahi salat gayaa
chali pyar ki mast hawaaaa
Love ki ghanti
baj gayi meri
dekhaa ussko
pyaar huaaaa
aankhen phat gayi
tabeeyat nipat gayi
dil meraa kukukood padaa
dil koodaaa
dil bhaagaa
teraa dil bhaagaa
dil bhaagabhaaga
dil bhaagabhaaga
dil bhaagaaaaa
dil koodaa meraa
dil koodaa dil meraa
dil jhooma jhooma
dil jhooma mera dil
dil kudaa meraa dil
jhooma mera dil



4 Responses to "Love ki ghanti baj gayi meri"

Nahm Ji,
Thanks for the post , and more so for the song ‘Bella Ciao’ and its English translation. Found it nice. I have also not heard ‘Besharam’ song earlier. ( nor have I seen the movie, which .I am told, Rishi Kapoor regretted being part of). It seems the movie was a disaster.


Secondly, You and I are in same state of wonderment why Facebook paid so much for whatsapp, where no user is spending money to use it. So how is ROI generated. ? 🙂


About ‘Besharam” – things we don’t know we don’t miss. If they are too good, than they find a way to us as destined.

Can’t say the same about things like whatsapp. The power of whatsapp is driven home in the recent times. Clearly it is a powerful medium.




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