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Raaja ko raani se pyaar ho gaya

Posted on: October 1, 2020

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01/10/2020 – 101st Birth anniversary of Majrooh Sultanpuri.
Mujh se kaha jibrayil e junoon ne ye bhi vahi-e-ilaahi hai
Mazhab to bas mazhab-e-dil hai baaqi sab gumraahi hai

The Angel(of obsession) tells me that this too is divine decree,
The religion of love is the faith, rest all is deception

Dekh zindaan se pare, rang-e-chaman josh-e-bahaar
Raqs karna hai to phir paaon ki zanjeer na dekh

Look far away from the dungeons, towards the colourful garden and spirited spring
Want to dance (fly), than don’t be bothered by the limitation of feet.

Bahaane aur bhi hote hain zindagi ke liye
Ham ek baar teri aarzu bhi kho dete

There could be other reasons to live
Had the hopes of you been lost.

Jafaa ke zikr pe tum kyun sambhal ke baitth gaye
Tumhari baat nahi baat hai zamaane ki

When there is talk of unfaithfulness (or deception/tyranny), you are alert.
This is not about you, but lamenting is for the world at large.

Bacha liya mujhe toofan ki mauj ne warna
Kinaare wale safeena mera dubo dete

The tall waves of the storm have sheltered me, otherwise
the idle waves of the coast were bent on sinking my (last)boat.

Rok saktaa hamen zindaan-e-balaa kya majrooh
Ham to aawaz hain deewar se chhan jaate hain

Can the darkened holes of adversity stop us Majrooh
We are those sound waves which pierce the walls

Zaban hamaari na samjha yahan koyi Majrooh
Ham ajnabi ki tarah apne hi watan mein rahe

No one understands the words we speak, Majrooh.
We stayed as outsiders in our own homeland.

tujhe na maane koyi tujh ko iss se kya Majrooh
chal apni raah bhatakne de nukta-chinon ko

Don’t bother if they believe you or not Majrooh
Go on your way, let those critics wander around


There is no better way of describing a poet and paying tribute to him, than quoting some of his work. So the major part of this post is going to be taken up by Majrooh sahab’s sukhan or kalaam. Today is the 101st birth Anniversary of the poet from Sultanpur district of Uttar Pradesh, the state in India which is the known as the ‘gehwara’ of urdu civilization. There are great shua’ra from other parts of the country, but those poets will also agree that UP is essentially the cradle of urdu. Like all children, the ‘khari boli’ urdu has also grown up and left the cradle. So that other children may enjoy the same nourishment and contentment that urdu had in its childhood.

Maybe some caravan’s upped and left the homeland and took their belongings. The cradle did not want to go away from the roots, so they took the embellishments and the toys from the cradle, and left if bereft. But some of the old dolls and some pillows were not taken with them as there was not enough space. They remained with the cradle and they strived to make the gehwara, the playground of urdu. Majrooh Sultanpuri is one of those old pillows which graced the old cradle.

After all this sentimentality, I don’t wish to write more. I have written a few posts about Majrooh and so have other contributors, in the past. So I will let his poetry do the talking.

I am reproducing one of his famous ghazals here :

Jab hua i’rfaan to gham aaraam-e-jaan bantaa gayaa
Soz-e-janaan dil mein soz-e-digaraan bantaa gayaa

Rafta rafta munqalib hoti gayi rasm e chaman
Dhire dhire naghma e dil bhi fughan bantaa gayaa

Main akelaa hi chala thha jaanib e manzil magar
Log saathh aate gaye aur kaarwaan bantaa gayaa

Main to jab jaanun ki bhar de saaghar e har khaas o a’am
Yun to jo aaya wohi peer e mughaan bantaa gayaa

Jis taraf bhi chal pade ham aabla-paayaan e shauq
Khaar se gul aur gul se gulistaan bantaa gayaa

Sharh-e-gham to mukhtasar hoti gayee uss ke huzoor
Lafz jo munh se na niklaa daastaan bantaa gayaa

Dahr mein majrooh koyi javedaan mazmoon kahaan
Main jise chhutaa gayaa wo javedaan bantaa gayaa

The song with this post is written by Majrooh sultanpuri, and the music director is Anu Malik. It is from Akele ham Akele Tum (1995). Udit Narayan and Alka Yagnik are the singers. Aamir Khan and Manisha Koirala are the actors in the film, who are singing it on screen.

This is the fourth song in the ‘inspired/copied’ song series. The inspiration behind this song is “The Godfather theme” .

During the tough months of April/May, someone posed this quiz in the family group on whatsapp :

“What is it that connects, The Godfather, Arvind Swamy and Anu Malik ?”.

This song is the answer to the quiz.



Song-Raaja ko raani se pyaar ho gaya (Akele Ham Akele Tum)(1995) Singers-Udit Narayan, Alka Yagnik, Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri, MD-Anu Malik


Raaja ko raani se
pyaar ho gayaa
pehli nazar mein pehla pyaar ho gayaa
dil jigar donon ghaayal huye
teer-e-nazar dil ke paar ho gayaa aa
raaja ko raani se pyar ho gayaa

raaja ko raani se
pyaar ho gayaa
pehli nazar mein pehla pyaar ho gayaa
dil jigar donon ghaayal huye
teer-e-nazar dil ke paar ho gayaa aa
raaja ko raani se
pyaar ho gayaa
pehli nazar mein pehla pyaar ho gayaa
dil jigar donon ghaayal huye ae
teer-e-nazar dil ke paar ho gayaa aa aa

raaja ko raani se
pyaar ho gayaa
raaja ko raani se
pyaar ho gayaa

ho o o
raahon se raahen
baahon se baahen
mil ke bhi milti nahin
ho oo
hotaa hai aksar
armaan ki kaliyaan
khil ke bhi khilti nahin

phir bhi na jaane
kyun nahin maane
phir bhi na jaane
kyun nahin maane
deewaana dil
beqaraar ho gayaa aa
raaja ko raani se
pyaar ho gayaa
raaja ko raani se
pyaar ho gayaa

raani ko dekho
nazren milin to
aankhen churaane lagi ee
hoo oo
karti bhi kya wo
sar ko jhukaa ke
kangana ghumaane lagi ee

raaja ne aisa jaadu chalaaya
raaja ne aisa jaadu chalaaya
na karte karte
iqraar ho gayaa aa

raaja ko raani se
pyaar ho gayaa
pehli nazar mein pehla pyaar ho gayaa
dil jigar donon ghaayal huye
teer-e-nazar dil ke paar ho gayaa aa

4 Responses to "Raaja ko raani se pyaar ho gaya"

you are a masster at giving translation of urdu couplets. thank you
That is one weird quiz question. 😉




i have not listened to this audio version, but label displays Kumar sanu`s namer alongwith Alka, Help(seems like longer than the another audio link)


there are 2 versions of this song
one by Alka Yagnik and Kumar sanu
and another by Alka Yagnik and Udit Narayan


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