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Main to chanda ke sang kheloon aankh michauli

Posted on: November 19, 2021

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Today’s song is from the film Hanste Rehna-1950. The film was made by Rajan Pictures, Bombay. It was directed by Mohammed Hussain, about whom no information is available from any source, except for his Filmography. As per HFGK, it seems, he directed 39 films, most of which were B and C grade action films. In the 60’s decade he directed some films featuring Dara Singh. His first film was Sher E Bangal-1947 and his last film was Mandir Masjid-1977. Some well known films he directed were Sipah Salar-56, Aji bas shukriya-58, Rooplekha-49 and 62, Shikar-63, CID 909-67 Faulad-63 and Aaya Toofan-64 etc etc. He was born on 25-2-1918 in Lucknow.

The film had music by Wadhva. His only other film was Dushmani-50, as Ramnath Wadhva. The film lyrics were by Faruk Kaiser and Indivar. Faruk Kaiser (6 June 1918 – 10 November 1987) was an Urdu poet and a renowned lyricist , making a significant contribution to the success of many Bollywood films. He was one of the dominating forces of music in Indian Cinema during the 1950s through the 1980s. He contributed to more than 115 movies and 390 songs.

Faruk Kaiser was born in 1918 into a jeweller’s family. He was to be the second eldest of 12 children and was educated in Bombay (present day Mumbai). Faruk had an enquiring mind and, even as a child, exhibited a keen interest in reading- books and newspapers – and later in the wireless. Faruk’s mother died when he was 18; shortly after that he left his family home and found lodgings in a friend’s tailoring premises. Here, he devoted his time to further learning: immersing himself in poetry, literature, educational books, newspapers, magazines, and almost anything available in print – whilst also learning languages besides his native Urdu.

Faruk’s love for poetry and his friendship with neighbour Kamran Khan (father of Farah Khan and Sajid Khan) were instrumental in his developing an enthusiasm for the creative works of Hindi Cinema. While Kamran Khan produced and acted in films, Faruk was introduced into the Bollywood scene as an assistant director, whose expertise was frequently sought to modify dialogues and revamp scenes. He went on to direct several movies until he found his niche as a lyricist.

Among his many colleagues in the film industry, Faruk was a great friend of actor Kamal Mohan, who was the father of six sons and one daughter. Kamal Mohan proposed his daughter Aisha’s hand in marriage to his dear friend and confidant Faruk- who took an immediate liking for her. During their courtship, he penned the lyrics of Sari Sari Raat Teri Yaad Sataye for the movie Aji Bas Shukriya (1958) while she was stricken with tuberculosis and hospitalised in Bombay for a year. Soon after Aisha’s discharge from hospital in 1959, they married and moved to Bandra. Faruk’s career had developed and his work took him all over India; during his many travels he wrote diligently to his wife and soulmate. It was during his travels, on a shoot in 1963, that he wrote the song Oee Ma Oee Ma Yeh Kya Ho Gaya for the movie Parasmani (1963)

Faruk and Aisha had three children- one son, Shakil (1960) and two daughters – Bilkis Whelan (1962 -2003) and Tabassum (1963-1983).(Thanks to wiki)

The film was made on the famous novel ” Comedy of Errors” by William Shakespear. This story is so interesting that the story and its variations involving Mistaken Identity is used in Hindi as well as regional films, since the beginning of Talkie films. The first such film was Awara Shehzada-33. Later on, some of the well known films made on this story in Hindi are-

Chacha Chaudhari-53

Do dooni chaar-68


Cirkus-forthcoming in 2022

Some films in other languages-

Bhranti Bilas-Bangla-63

Ulta palta-kannada-97

Ulta Palta-Telugu-98

Double di trouble-2014.

These films used the same theme, but there are many more films in Hindi and other languages, in which the theme has some changes, but centrally it is “Mistaken Identity” only. Films like Ram aur Shyam, Seeta aur Geeta and Chaalbaaz were some films in this category.

Today’s song is sung by Leela Mehta. Leela is a name in Hindi films, which has several Same Name artistes-just like the name Nalini. In case of Nalini these were the artistes-

In Hindi films, as many as 12 NALINIs acted/ sang in films at slightly different times. Add to this list, the name of a Male actor ‘ Nalini Ranjan Roy ‘, who, thankfully, acceded to the suggestion to change his name to ‘Kanu’ Roy. ( It is another matter that even this name clashed with another artiste, Kanu Roy, who was MD, in the same period…causing serious ” Same Name Confusion”. ) The different NALINIs were…

Nalini Tarkhud…..many films

Nalini Jayawant…many films

Baby Nalini…Mera ladka-43

Nalini Nagpurkar…Krishnarjun yuddha-34, Chacha Chaudhari-53

Nalini Chonkar… many films

Nalini Borkar…singer

Nalini Dhere… Nagad Narayan-43

Nalini Gupte…Ankh ki sharm-43

Nalini Mulgaonkar…Didi-48, nakli Baap-49

Nalini Rao…Talash-43

Nalini Saraf (later Seema Deo)… Anand-70

Nalini korgaonkar… singer

Additionally, there were actresses called SuNALINI and MriNALINI too.

These Nalinis did not cause any Same name Confusion, because, being Marathi artistes, they wrote their names with Surnames, so their names remained different always.

Similarly, there were many Leelas, commonly found in HFGK-

Leela Sawant-A/s

Leela Gupte-A

Leela Desai-A/S

Leela Mishra-A

Leela Chitnis-A/S

Leela Mehta-A

Leela Naidu-A and

Leela Chandragiri A/S. There may be some more Leelas, found occasionally.

Like Nalinis, these Leelas (except two-Leela Desai and Leela Chandragiri) did not cause Same Name Confusion as their names were used with surnames.

Today’s singer Leela Mehta was an actress in Gujarati and Marathi films and stage dramas, but she acted in only one Hindi film. She sang 17 songs in 9 films. Her today’s song is her last song in Hindi films.

Daughter of Kanhaiyalal Mehta and Indumati, Leela was born on 10-12-1935 at Borivali in Bombay. She was the elder of the two sisters. Due to loss in business, her family shifted first to Ahmedabad and later to Baroda, where they settled. Leela studied in Marathi medium school- New Era Vidyalaya in Baroda. Leela participated in all functions of the school and acted in dramas, much to the annoyance of their social circle. She developed interest in singing after listening to songs by Khursheed and Kananbala. She started learning music despite the resistance from home and others in their society.

V.M.Vyas, the famous Director and a family friend knew about her interest and offered her the main role in the film Ranak Devi-46. She was just 11 year old and did not suit the role, but she was given another role in it. Kokila Balsara aka Nirupa Roy too acted in it as a Debut film.

Due to her father’s death, the family shifted to Bombay and Leela took the responsibility of being the bread earner by acting and singing in dramas and Radio plays. Meanwhile she learnt further music from Prof. Surendra Rao. She started acting and singing in Gujarati films. Ranjit Movietone offered her a big role in the film Gunsundari-48, but since the role needed her to put on a Sleeveless Blouse, she refused that role. Finally, it went to Dulari. She, however, sang songs in that film and they became quite popular in Gujarat.

Leela Mehta had grown up in a Marathi atmosphere and also was educated in Marathi Medium, so her Marathi was very good. She was invited to work in Marathi dramas. She did roles in famous and popular Marathi dramas and also sang songs. From 1950 onwards, she started acting in Gujarati dramas. Meanwhile she used to sing in Hindi films occasionally. In the early 50s, she made very successful foreign trips with her troupe, to do Gujarati dramas and singing concerts.

In Spite of being successful and acting and singing in Marathi, Hindi and Gujarati films and dramas, her father did not see even one show of hers. This pained her till end. Leela stayed in a Bungalow in Versova in Bombay. Once it was rumoured that there was a Ghost in it, she immediately left that house and shifted to Dadar. Inadvertently, she forgot to inform the industry about her change of address, and this diminished her demand drastically.

Her mother died in 1972. In 1982, she toured the USA. In 1985, the Marathi Natya Parishad honoured her with a cash award. Till 1992, she acted in Marathi and Gujarati TV serials. In all, Leela acted in 300 Gujarati/Marathi dramas, films and serials. Leela was bedridden and unable to speak also.Her house was demolished. She was under the care of a close relative, Nitin Dahisariya. Finally, the news came that Leela Mehta expired in September 2019.

Leela Mehta acted in only one Hindi film- Shri Ram Avatar-50. She sang 17 songs in 9 Hindi films, including 2 Unreleased films.
Her Films are Nai Kahani-43 ( 2 songs), Gaurav-47 (1), Namak-47 (1), Pehli Pehchan-47 (2), Gunsundari-48(2), Satyawan Savitri-48..No information, Chocolate-50..No information, Shri Ram Avatar-50 (4) and Hanste Rehna-50 (1). Her unreleased films were, Apradh-48 (3) and Bidhata-48 (1).
( My thanks to Harish Raghuvanshi ji for some information from his book, ‘ Inhe Na Bhulaana’.)

Let us now listen to her song in this film.

Song- Main to chanda ke sang kheloon aankh michauli(Hanste Rehna)(1950) Singer- Leela Mehta, Lyricist- Farooque Qaiser, MD- Wadhwa


Main to chanda ke
Main to chanda ke sang kheloon aankh michauli
kheloon aankh michauli
Main to chanda ke

chanda ki nazron se khud ko bachaa ke
baadal ke tukde mein chhip jaaun jaa ke
chanda ki nazron se khud ko bachaa ke
baadal ke tukde mein chhip jaaun jaa ke
dhoondhe sitaaron ki toli
main to chanda ke sang
dhoondhe sitaaron ki toli
main to chanda ke sang
kheloon aankh michauli
main to chanda ke
Main to chanda ke sang kheloon aankh michauli
kheloon aankh michauli
Main to chanda ke

duniya hai meri sabse niraali
duniya hai meri sabse niraali
chaand aur sitaaron ki main rehne waali
chaand aur sitaaron ki main rehne waali
ye hai mere humjoli
ho main to chanda ke sang
kheloon aankh michauli
Main to chanda ke
Main to chanda ke sang kheloon aankh michauli
kheloon aankh michauli
Main to chanda ke

khel chukoon main khel apne nyaare
chanda hanse aur muskaayen taare
khel chukoon main khel apne nyaare
chanda hanse aur muskaayen taare
baaten karoon aisi bholi
main to chanda ke sang
baaten karoon aisi bholi
main to chanda ke sang
kheloon aankh michauli
Main to chanda ke
Main to chanda ke sang kheloon aankh michauli
kheloon aankh michauli
Main to chanda ke

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