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Zindagaani ke sahaare laut aa

Posted on: May 12, 2022

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Today’s song is from the ‘1952’ movie ‘Saloni’.

If you are a music lover and have been collecting cassettes earlier, you will remember that when HMV brought out the compilations of songs ‘decade wise’ it mentioned this decade of 1956-1966 as the ‘Melodious Years’ of Hindi Cinema. (If I remember correctly, the earlier decades were titled as ‘The Sentimental Era (1936-1946?)” and ‘The Fabulous Years (1946-1956)”.

‘Saloni”(1952) had eight songs. Seven of them were composed by Basant Prakash and one by Vinod.

I do not remember to have listened to the songs of this movie earlier. However, I went through this movie’s details, and its songs because of our regular reader Shri Deepak Patwardhan ji, who sent me ‘farmaaish’ of the song under discussion.

‘Saloni-1952’ was directed by J.P. Advani for ‘Goodluck Pictures, Bombay’. It was produced by Ram H. Khilnani.

This movie had Ashok Kumar, Nalini Jaywant, Poornima, Gulab, Mohna, Shakeela, Rajani, Heera Sawant, Mona, Bela, Achala Sachdev, Shivraj, Radhakishan, Randhir and others.

This movie was passed by Censor Board on 14.04.1952.

(The addenda in HFGK Vol-III (1951-1960) mentions that this movie was earlier titled as ‘Chanchal’).

As mentioned above this movie had eights songs composed by two music directors. Four lyricists penned the lyrics of the songs. The breakup of their workload is given below

Raja Mehndi Ali Khan three songs
Arjun Dev Ashq three songs
Aziz Kashmiri one song
Hasrat Jaipuri one song

Here are the details of the songs of this movie :-

SNo Song Title Lyricist Singer Posted On
01 Ek dil sharmaata hai, ek dil ghabraata hai Raja Mehndi Ali Khan Kishore Kumar, Rajkumari _
02 Meri veena ke sur saat Arjun Dev ‘Ashq’ Lata Mangeshkar 13.01.2018
03 Mere dil pe guzarti hai jo tum bin… zindagaani ke sahaare laut aa Raja Mehndi Ali Khan Lata Mangeshkar Being presented today
04 Mujhe dard toone ye kya diya Arjun Dev ‘Ashq’ Lata Mangeshkar 17.01.2016
05 Muhabbat ne badal di haalatein kuchh is tarah dil ki Arjun Dev ‘Ashq’ Rajkumari 21.05.2017
06 Dil de diya hai seene se nikaal ke ise rakhnaa zaraa Aziz Kashmiri Shamshad Begum, Trilok Kapoor 11.02.2014
07 Roti huyi aankhon mein hain tasveer kisi ki Raja Mehndi Ali Khan Asha Bhonsle _
08 Ye aayi sadaa dil tadap kar jab tootaa Hasrat Jaipuri Lata Mangeshkar _

We can see that four songs from this movie have been posted on the blog.

Today’s song is a melancholic song sung by Lata Mangeshkar. Lyrics are by Raja Mehndi Ali Khan and music is composed by Basant Prakash.

Let us listen to the song now …

Song- Zindagaani ke sahaare laut aa (Saloni)(1952) Singer-Lata Mangeshkar, Lyrics – Raja Mehndi Ali Khan, Music – Basant Prakash


o o o o
o o o o
o o o o
zindagaani ke sahaare laut aa aa
zindagaani ke sahaare laut aa
mera har aansoo pukaare
laut aa
laut aa
zindagaani ke sahaare laut aa aa
zindagaani ke sahaare laut aa

dhoondhti hai mujhko o
baaghon mein
bahaar aayi huyi ee
mere dil pe tere ae ae
gham ki hai ghataa
chhaayi ee huyi ee ee ee ee ee
dekh phoolon ke nazaare laut aa aa
dekh phoolon ke nazaare laut aa
mera har aansoo pukaare
laut aa
laut aa
zindagaani ke sahaare laut aa aa
zindagaani ke sahaare laut aa

kya khabar thhi ee ee ee ee ee
tere bin
ik pal naa kal paayenge ham .an .an .an
tum agar waapas na aaye
haaye ae
mar jaayenge ham
meri qismat ke sitaare laut aa aa
meri qismat ke sitaare laut aa
mera har aansoo pukaare
laut aa
laut aa
zindagaani ke sahaare laut aa
zindagaani ke sahaare laut aa


5 Responses to "Zindagaani ke sahaare laut aa"

Dear Avinash ji,

The credits for the Lyricists and the Singers have been inadvertently reversed for Sr No.6 of the Table. You may like to check.

With warm regards





Thanks Partha Chanda ji for pointing out the mistake.
Thanks for the correction Atul ji.
I sincerely regret my mistake and the inconvenience caused thereof.


Thanks Avinash ji. Remember the cassettes released by HMV. That time due to shortage of “funds” , could not purchase them. But was able to get this song recorded on cassette. Life is very easy now as far as listening songs .


very poor audio quality /record compnay audio link:


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