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Maa mujhe apne aanchal mein chhupaa le

Posted on: September 20, 2010

This post is written by Raja, a regular contributor of posts to this blog and a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie songs

Today is a very special day for this very special blog. It is a day that we celebrate not just one milestone for the blog but two. And two really special milestones too.

For one, today we mark the 3000th song on this blog. Yes, it is mind-b(l)ogg(l)ing, considering this blog is hardly two years old. That is an average of 4-5 songs every day! That’s an amazing run-rate, especially if you consider how much effort goes into every single song here.

Let us all realize that Atul runs this blog purely out of his love for music, purely as a hobby. As he has said many times, this is a labour of love for him. The time he spends here is on top of demands on his time from his family and his job. THAT is pure dedication for you.

We celebrate every 100-song milestone here. And rightly so. Each milestone is a confirmation of the progress of the blog and a trigger to look to the next one. And so we go, in blocks of a hundred, to the next one.

3000 is huge! And yet, as Atul himself says “there are still thousands of lovely songs out there that still belong here on this blog”. Which is not a bad thing at all – it means there’s still a lot to look forward to, we still have a lot of work to do.

For me, having seen this blog from day one, I have a special relationship with it. I knew Atul from before he started this blog. He and I have never met in person (I hope to correct that soon!) but we know each other from a cricket forum that both of us regularly visit.

From when Atul started – to today – this blog has grown tremendously. In the early days, it was indeed one song a day. Hence the name of the blog. Today it is more like a geetmala a day and reminds me of Vividh Bharti’s Jaimala with 5-6 songs every day.

It is a difficult run-rate to sustain and, to be honest, if anybody is judging this blog on its run-rate, I think he or she is missing the point entirely. It is the desire to bring these songs out to the public, to get the public to connect again with them that is the overriding goal of the blog. Whether this happens with 1 or 2 or 6 songs a day is entirely dependent on practical considerations, especially time.

Over these two years, Atul has also added features to the blog. He always used to get farmaishes (requests), he now has an official place for these. He has added quick reference lists for his readers. He is always looking for ways to improve the blog, so I guess suggestions are welcome.

As he will tell you, much of his inspiration comes from his readers. They have grown tremendously in number, reflecting the popularity of his blog. In fact, his blog often comes up first in searches on Hindi songs.

These readers engage here not just through their farmaishes, but also through comments. This, I think, is particularly important. It takes a lot of time to post a song here, it takes a few minutes for a reader to enjoy it. Would it not be a nice gesture to spend a minute or two to then just let Atul know how we feel about the song or his blog? It does make a difference to him.

Whew! Those were my thoughts about this milestone of hitting the magic number of 3000.

And then I realize that this is only one of the two mega-milestones of the day.


The other huge cause for celebration here is that, today, we have hit a magical number of songs for Lata Mangeshkar on this blog. Today, we post her 1000th song on this blog. Yes, you read it right – there’s no typo there. A thousand.

When Atul told me this milestone was coming up, I was in disbelief initially. A thousand songs of one singer is one hell of a lot. Especially considering that Atul has never made a conscious effort to post only a particular singer’s or artiste’s songs. He tends to actually distribute his songs quite nicely so as to provide a variety every day. Unless it is a special occasion of course.

A lot has been written and said about Lata Mangeshkar by people far more competent than me. 🙂 She and her sister Asha Bhosle have dominated the female singing voice for six decades of Hindi cinema. Lataji is THE colossus in the Indian music scene and, quite rightly, has many accolades to show for her efforts. And while she is best-known for her songs for Hindi films, one should not forget the number of non-filmi songs she has sung. Whether bhajans or patriotic songs like “aye mere watan ke logon”.

Lata ji has been a fixture in Hindi movies for as long as I can remember. Obviously she was already a legend way before I started listening to Hindi music (I am old but I am not THAT old. 😉 )

I will admit that in my younger days I was not particularly a fan of her slow, sad songs. I used to want the story to move on and when the heroine would slip into a Lata song, I would get impatient. Now, with age and hopefully more of an appreciation of music, I enjoy many of those old songs and smile at how stupid I was all those years ago.

Personally (and this is not a criticism), I still find her voice sometimes a bit too shrill for my taste. But that is just my taste. And it is not with every song, it is with the odd one. But her voice is so sweet, it is not for nothing she is known as the Nightingale of India.

It is a great honour and achievement for this blog to have clocked a thousand songs of this legend of the Indian music scene.

And it is a great honour for me to be able to write about this (and about the 3000th song milestone).

Let us celebrate this double-milestone occasion and hope that we see many more such milestones coming up on this blog.

Now, finally, onto the song itself.

For a song to carry the burden of a double-milestone – the 3000th song on the blog AND the 1000th song of the singer, it needs to carry considerable weight.

Now there are plenty of classic Lata Mangeshkar songs out there. Many of them are very famous and are regularly played on radio and in reality show programmes.

However this blog prides itself on posting not necessarily the most famous songs out there but the songs that it would like to remind its readers of. Songs which may have been famous at one point in time but have, with the passage of time, somehow slipped into the recesses of public memory.

Or songs that were not necessarily all that famous but still have something about them and are still worthy of being brought to public notice.

The song that carries this double-milestone burden is a song that was once, in my opinion, an iconic song in India. It may have, over the years, got forgotten a bit though. Which is all the more reason for it to be brought back now – and in this manner.

It is also possibly one of the first Lata Mangeshkar songs I heard in my life. I had no clue which movie it was from, in fact I did not even know that it was from a movie. What I did know is that it was almost always one of the first songs in Antakshari for the letter “ma” (ok, so it used to compete with “mere sapnon ki rani”). 😀

Fittingly also, it is about “maa”. Or rather, about the mother-child relationship.

There are thousands of songs about love between man-woman, hero-heroine in Hindi cinema. In fact, that is the staple diet of Hindi music. But there are not quite as many songs that pull at the strings of your heart when they depict the relationship between a mother and child.

This song “maa mujhe apne aanchal mein chhupa le” is clearly one of them. It presents the child’s point of view (as opposed to many loris (lullabies) which present the parent point of view).

The lyrics are very simple but very powerful. In fact I think their power lies in their simplicity. If a child had been singing heavy-duty lyrics it would sound very unrealistic and would completely spoil the impression of the song. So full marks to the lyricist for keeping this in mind. Anand Bakshi is of course very well-known for his simple lyrics and he does a great job here.

The music is by Laxmikant Pyarelal. At that time they were still far from being in the top league. They were still working their way up. And then to deliver a song of this quality! No wonder they climbed that ladder the way they did.

And then of course, Lata ji herself. This is one song which is just perfect for her. In every sense. You feel she is emotionally involved in the song, putting herself in the shoes of the boy who cries out to his mother, begging to be accepted by her again. It is a really lovely rendition by Lataji, one that goes straight to your heart.

A little bit about the movie itself. The movie is Chhota Bhai (1966). If you have not even heard of it, I will not be surprised. I had not heard of it myself till I decided to watch it a couple of years ago, mainly because it stars Nutan (and I am a Nutan fan).

I was in for a very pleasant surprise. And not only because I had nil expectations from the movie. Even otherwise, I found it a lovely movie. Very sensitive. And different from the usual glamourous movies of the decade.

The story is around the relationship between Nutan (as Rehman’s wife) and Rehman’s younger brother, the boy in this clip (Master Mahesh Kumar) . Though technically he is her husband’s younger brother (hence the movie title “Chhota Bhai”) , he is more like a son to her because he has no mother.

The situations that develop in the story, the boy’s experiences at school and in the village, and how Nutan deals with him are all pretty interesting to follow. Yes, there is a lot (and I mean, a lot ! ) of melodrama but in this particular movie, I somehow did not mind it one bit. It was all just so sweet that I found the whole movie well worth it, even with its faults here and there.

When this song played, I sat up. It was the mother of all those “this song is in THIS movie!” moments. From a movie that I had never even heard of earlier, I most certainly did not expect to hear a song that I knew. And that too an iconic song like this. It warmed the cockles of my heart no end. In fact, from then on, understanding also the context of the song, I fell even more in love with it.

I hope you listen to this song and like it as much as I do. Everything about it is just perfect. Lata Mangeshkar may have (in fact, has) sung far more famous songs than this one but I think it in its own way, this song is quite deserving of having the honour of being her 1000th song on this blog.

And I think it carries the burden of 3000th song on this blog quite lightly too. It is very much a gem in its own right and can stand tall amongst many, far better-known songs.



Song-Maa mujhe apne aanchal mein chhupaa le (Chhotaa Bhai) (1966) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal


Maa mujhe apne aanchal mein chhupa le
Galey se lagaa le
Ki aur meraa koi nahin
Maa mujhe apne aanchal mein chhupa le
Galey se lagaa le
Ki aur meraa koi nahin
Phir na sataunga kabhi paas bulaa le
Galey se lagaa le
Ki aur meraa koi nahin
Ki aur meraa koi nahin

Bhool meri chhoti si bhool jaao maata
Bhool meri chhoti si bhool jaao maata
Aise koi apnon se rooth nahin jaataa
Rooth gayaa hoon main, tu mujh ko manaa le
Galey se lagaa le
Ki aur meraa koi nahin
Maa mujhe apne aanchal mein chhupa le
Galey se lagaa le
Ki aur meraa koi nahin
Ki aur meraa koi nahin

God mein teri aaj tak main palaa hoon
God mein teri aaj tak main palaa hoon
Ungli pakad ke teri maa main chalaa hoon
Tere bin mujhko ab kaun sambhaale
Galey se lagaa le
Ki aur meraa koi nahin
Ki aur meraa koi nahin

Na to yahaan andhiyaara na koi jyot hai
Na to yahaan andhiyaara na koi jyot hai
Na to yahaan jeewan hai na yahaan maut hai
Tu ne kiya mujhko kiske hawaale
Galey se lagaa le
Ki aur meraa koi nahin
Maa mujhe apne aanchal mein chhupa le
Galey se lagaa le
Ki aur meraa koi nahin
Phir na sataunga kabhi paas bulaa le
Galey se lagaa le
Ki aur meraa koi nahin
Ki aur meraa koi nahin

16 Responses to "Maa mujhe apne aanchal mein chhupaa le"

What a unique milestone song! It is the 3000th song, and Lataji’s 1000th song, and it is this beautiful song, an ode to motherhood. I have always loved this song, but of course, I had forgotten about it until I came across it today, and I had no idea, just like Raja, about the movie it came from. A truly beautiful song!

Words cannot describe the pleasure I get from this blog daily. I visit it daily, almost like my daily pilgrimage. Thanks, Atul, for this great pleasure you give readers like me daily.


Thanks a lot, Lalitha. Getting comments like yours is what powers this blog. Your farmaishes have contributed a lot in adding several gems to this blog.

And I take this opportunity to thank all the visitors of this blog whose continued support in various form is the reason why we have been able to achieve such landmarks today.


I thank Raja for this detailed and thorough post. It is superbly done. And Raja’s contribution in various forms has been a source of great encouragement for me throughout these two years and so. As Raja has mentioned, our on line association goes back several years, which began through our common interest in cricket, and then we found that we shared other interests as well, including the interest for Hindi movie music.

I take this opportunity to thank Raja from the core of my heart.


Congratulations, Atul, on this milestone! What a treasure trove you are building up for music lovers! The amount of time and effort it must be taking on your part to bring up those popular and not-so-popular songs! Here is wishing you hundreds of “centuries” in the months to come.

Raja: Very well written, from the heart. All three pieces of your post.


Thanks, Santosh. Indeed the idea is to build a treasure trove of great songs at one place. And this treasure already contains some invaluable rare gems not easily available elsewhere.


congrats for the milestone and all the best for the next 100 or i should say 1000.
and thank you raja for the song and write up and info


Thanks !


Congrats Atul on 3000–the fruits of the summer race.

About the song, isn’t it curious that Lata with her high C pitch sang for a boy. And Lata can do regular pitch.


Those days female singers used to sing for kids, including male kids. It was in early 1980s that kids briefly began to sing for kids (most famously in Andaaz).


Please translate this song for me… thank you… and Congrats!


Can you give english translation for this song


Love this song, I do not know Hindi, and would love to know the meaning. Please translate in English. Thank You!


Could u plz give English translation for this song? Much appreciated


Can I have the English translation for this song? I truly love this song, I play it a lot but I don’t know what it means… I don’t know any Hindi..I’m from Trinidad.





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