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Abhi naa jaao chhodkar ke dil abhi bhara nahin

Posted on: September 15, 2008

This fantastic song that has become a memorable song indelibly etched on the psyches of music lovers across the generations was a magical song when it was released in 1961. This song, picturised on Dev Anand and Sadhna has remained popular ever since. Few people have much idea about the movie ( Hum dono) or about the music director (Jaidev), but the song is one which was never forgotten, so there is no question of this song being not known to any bollywood music listener.

Given the situation of the song, Sahir Ludhianvi came up with a wonderful lyrics, that too one where he describes the feelings of the hero and heroines in such details and so lucidly. The lyrics consists of a few simple looking words, but the effect created by these words, when sung by Rafi and Asha is nothing short of miraculous. The lyrics are quite sensuous in fact, but neither the song, nor the picturisation appears improper to anyone. The creators of the song have done a wonder ful tightrope walking, while creating this amazing masterpiece.

Jaidev, who was one of the assistants to S D Burman, got his opportunity as an independent music director in this movie and made a stunning impression. This song straighaway climbed to number 2 in Binaca geetmala final of 1961. Too bad that Jaidev did not get too many assignments in future to build up on this initial success.

Song- Abhi na jaao chhodkar (hum dono) ( 1961) Singers-Rafi, Asha Bhonsle Lyrics-Sahir Ludhianvi, MD- Jaidev


Abhi na jaao chhodkar
ke dil abhi bhara nahin
Abhi na jaao chhodkar
ke dil abhi bhara nahin

abhi abhi to aayi ho
abhi abhi to
abhi abhi to aayi ho
bahaar banke chhayi ho
hawa zara mahak to le
nazar zara bahak to le
Ye sham dhal to le zara
Ye sham dhal to le zara
Ye dil sambhal to le zara
main thodi der jee to loon
nashe ke ghoont pee to loon
nashe ke ghoont pee to loon
abhi to kuch kaha nahin
abhi to kuch suna nahin
Abhi na jaao chhodkar
ke dil abhi bhara nahin

Sitaare jhilmila uthe
Sitaare jhilmila uthe
chirag jagmagaa uthe
bas ab na mujhko tokna
bas ab na mujhko tokna
na badhke raah rokna
gar main ruk gayi abhi
to jaa na paaungi kabhi
yehi kahoge tum sada
ke dil abhi nahin bhara
Jo khatm ho kisi jagah
ye aisa silsila nahin
abhi nahin abhi nahin
nahin nahin nahin nahin
Abhi na jaao chhodkar
ke dil abhi bhara nahin

Adhoori aas
Adhoori aas chhod ke
Adhoori pyaas chhod ke
Jo roz yun hi jaaogi
to kis tarah nibhaaogi
ke zindagi ki raah me
jawan dilon ki chah me
kai mukaam aayenge
jo ham ko aajmaayenge
Bura na maano baat ka
ye pyaar hai gila nahin
haan Yehi kahoge tum sada
ke dil abhi bhara nahin
Haan dil abhi bhara nahin
nahin nahin nahin nahin


12 Responses to "Abhi naa jaao chhodkar ke dil abhi bhara nahin"

This is such a beautifully romantic song. I really like this song.


Indeed this song shows the kind of talented composers that were there in those days. This is a composition of a lesser known music director.


Thanks again, Atul.
This is an amazing song – I can never tire of listening to this.
Rafi and Asha at their best.

Like you say, this song cuts across generations. Sometime back, a group of us had taken a bus here to go some place for somebody’s party. (There were so many guests that the person had organised a bus).

There were elderly people (75+), there were people my age, there were people in their twenties, there were children who had not even entered their teens.

Guess what ? On the way back, it was a bit late in the evening. It was a long journey – we started singing. Youngsters started singing their songs, others were quiet. Older people started singing their songs, youngsters were quiet.

Then I kicked off with “abhi na jaao chhod kar”. You should have seen how everybody took part. Suddenly everybody – from 11 year old to 75 year old – were singing this song. I had just kick-started it, janta took over.

Obviously there was some besura stuff (Rafi and Asha are not easy to copy 😉 ) but the atmosphere suddenly transformed into one of fun and action.

This is a song for all ages.

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Indeed, you prove my hypothesis about this song being a song that is popular with all generations including the younger generations .


Dear All,

Just saw the news and also the comment posted by Peevesie’s Mom.
Still can’t believe it, it is simply not sinking in. Dev Saab always seemed invincible, and evergreen. And always so peppy and full of energy.

Film world will never be evergreen any more.

Wish I could call him back with the lines from this song.

“. . . . ke dil abhi bharaa nahin”



RIP Sadhana…. it was in this unforgettable song that I first saw Sadhana…..magical song!


In 1961 , I was a child of 7 years . Those were the days of radios , gramaphones , records . I still remember , my father bought a radiogram { A sort of two in one having radio and gramaphone( HMV ) in the same gadget for 425 rupees from Chandni Chowk , Delhi } along with two records . One of Him Dono another of Sasural . Three types of records were available viz revolving with ( 1 ) 78 rpm ( 2 ) 45 rpm and ( 3 ) 33 rpm . ‘ Him Dono ‘ record had ‘ Abhi Na Jaao Chhod Kar ‘ on one side while another record has ‘ Sasural ‘ with ‘ Teri Pyaari Pyaari Surat ‘ by most reverted Rafi Sahib . Gulshan Madhur , a renowned presenter of those invariably used play ‘ Abhi Na Jaao ‘ as the culminating song of his programme .


Sahir was from another galaxy! what a lyrics.


I am surprised I had not commented on this song so far :). I think this song could easily rate as a favourite song for every one who has heard it.. and even those who listen to it for the first time. In my playlist(s).. this song is up there having played at least more than 200 odd times. This also happens to be the song that plays in the car when we are driving and someone asks for an old hindi song. This is also the song.. when played.. i have never seen anyone ask you to skip the song :). Like Raja ji mentioned earlier.. you can never have enough of this song.. what a wonderful composition and of course such beautiful lyrics by Sahir saab.


Its said some extra stanzas were written, but not included here , any idea ?


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