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Mere pardesi mehmaan

Posted on: December 28, 2011

“Andher Nagri Chaupat Raja” (1955) was a movie produced by the production house of Chitramahal. Shamim Bhagat directed the movie. The “star” cast of this B grade movie included names like Chitra, B. M. Vyas, Uma Devi, Gope, Amarnath, David Abraham etc.

I have discussed one song from this movie in the past. Here is another song from the movie. This song is a duet which is sung by Shamshad Begam and Rafi. Bharat Vyas is the lyricist. Music is composed by Avinash Vyas.

Here is this light hearted romantic song where the lady is coming on hard expressing her love for the gentleman who in turn is trying hard to get rid of her.



Song-Mere pardesi mehmaan (Andher Nagri Chaupat Raja)(1955) Singers-Shamshad Begam, Rafi, Lyrics-Bharat Vyas, MD-Avinash Vyas


Mere pardesi mehmaan
ho mere pardesi mehmaan
kaha mera maan
ye hathh ab chhod de
mere sang preet ka naata
pyaare jod de
jod de
mere pardesi mehmaan
aa haa haa haa haa

arri ho
mere kanthhon mein hain praan
tadapti hai jaan
ye naata tod de

o main jhuk jhuk karoon salaam
pind mera chhod de

<font color=”0000FF”chhod de
mere pardesi mehmaan
kaha mera maan
ye hathh ab chhod de
mere sang preet ka naata
pyaare jod de
jod de
mere pardesi mehmaan

tere ghoonghar waale baal
gale ki maal
mere man bhaaye re
bhaaye re
ho teri tedhi tirchhi chaal
nazar ka jaal
jiyaa uljhaaye re
uljhaaye re
ho teri ajab niraali shaan
aa haa haa haa
ho teri ajab niraali shaan
huyi main hairaan
tanik munh mod de
mere sang preet ka naata
pyaare jod de
jod de
mere pardesi mehmaan

arri o
tere kau kau kau kau kau kau
kauwwe jaisa rang
atpata dhhang
koi dar jaaye re
jaaye re
dar jaaye re
ho tera hathhini jaisa ang
tera hathhini jaisa ang
huaa main dang
jiya ghabraaye
ghabraaye re
tu hai insaan ya haiwaan
palat tera dhyaan
ye rukh ab mod de

mere sang preet ka naata
pyaare jod de
jod de
mere pardesi mehmaan
ho mere pardesi mehmaan
kaha mera maan
ye hathh ab chhod de
mere sang preet ka naata
pyaare jod de
jod de
mere pardesi mehmaan

5 Responses to "Mere pardesi mehmaan"

Atul ji,
ANDHER NAGARI CHAUPAT RAJA-1955 was a Chitra mahal ltd. film produced by Asha Bishwas and Directed by Shamim Bhagat.Avinash vyas gave music and Bharat vyas wrote the story,s/play,dialogues and the lyrics too.
Andher nagari chaupat raja or taka ser bhaji taka ser khaja are some of the phrases/muhavaras that are used in our languages.There are some stories behind them and this is also one such story.The whole film is actually,a dream sequence.In fact it is a social satire.
Many times when something goes wrong,we feel,if I were there…..
But everytime this doesnt work.’Jeno kaam teno thay’ ie,let the right man do the job is always true.
One song was featured on 10th Dec also and khyati ji wanted to know the Hero.Yes,it was Amarnath and Chitra as lead pair in this film.
There is a villager who has an ugly daughter.He is unable to get he married.She had no looks and he had no enough money as dowry,which he thinks would have got her married.One day he sees the king’s daughter getting married with pomp and show and he starts thinking…………..
He becomes thew king of Andher Nagari and tries to bring radical changes in the law and order,social and political structures.”Equality” and “Justice” for all is his Mantra.So,as per his order evrything in the market is equally priced.Gold or Gobar(cow dung),Elephant or Donkey all are same price.All crimes get the same punishment.For murder or spitting the punishment is Death equally.Everybody’s pay is same etc etc.
With this kind of Equality and justice,there is chaos in the kingdom.King arranges Swayamvar of his ugly daughter.Even his power or riches can not get her married.He is enraged and gives order that if his daughter can not get married,no one in the kingdom will get married.
There is a couple,Madho and Imrati whose marriage is kept on hold.They start a rebellion and together,the king is thrown out of his golden heaven to the muddy earth……………….
The villager realises that making laws alone can not make a good kingdom.Similarly for everything ” if I were there” does not work.You must let the right person do the job.
The story had plenty of scope for fun and laughs,but the direction was not upto the mark and the film did not click,though the idea was great.


Indeed a story like this, which we all grew up with, had great scope when made as a movie. But obviously the makers of this movie ran out of ideas.


Thanks Arunji for confirming the hero Amarnath for me. Can you give me names of other movies in which he acted as a hero?
Just need one more “identification” from you about the Deewan of the King in this movie. If you listen to the first song, Ik baar to mil lo gale………which was posted on Dec 10, 2011, in the begining, you will see a person (called by other man as Deewanji) who comes to capture the girl, sounds like Raj Kumar (Pakeezah, Neel Kamal hero). Can you help me clarify my doubt?

-Khyati Bhatt


Khyati ji,
AMARNATH was a handsome and tall person.He acted in more than 100 odd movies in different roles.As a Hero he was popular in B/C grade movies,but as a character artist he acted in many A grade films.In the late 40s and early 50s,he was working as a Hero.Off hand I only can tell you few film names where he was a Hero-In 1952,with Geeta Bali-Johari and Bahu Beti,With Shyama in Badshah salamat-56 and Haseena-55,With Nimmi in Danka-54,with Purnima in Nirmal-52 and with Begum Para in Jalawa-55 as a second Hero with Karan Dewan.There are many more films,in which he was Hero.
The ‘Deewanji’ in the earlier song may be Mirza Musharraf.


The video of this song


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