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Nahin kiya to kar ke dekh

Posted on: July 30, 2012

Music lovers often tend to have pre conceived notions about various artists. For instance, what does one imagine when told that Mukesh is the singer and Anil Biswas is the music director. Does one imagine a melancholic song, viz. Dil jalta hai to jalne de (Pehli Nazar) ?

Here is a song from the same singer-music director combination. This song is from “Chaar Dil Chaar Raahen” (1959). This song is an upbeat song that can cheer the listeners up immediately. I heard this song just now that this song has already made my morning.

Sahir Ludhianvi is the lyricist of this song.

Only the audio of this song is available and so it is difficult to guess how and on whom this song is picturised. I request our knowledgeable readers to throw more light on this matter.

PS-Guess which of our knowledgeable readers threw more light on this matter ? It is none other than Mr Raju Bharatan, the legendary historian of Hindi movies and cricket. Here is what he has to say about this song and this movie:-

The film opens with this Mukesh song and it is picturised on Raj Kapoor all right.

Somehow, as a Mukesh song on Raj Kapoor (playing Govinda), this one did not prove as popular as it should have proved.

This was something that went against its composer Anil Biswas — he (as a Mukesh specialist) was naturally expected to produce a raging hit with Mukesh going on Raj Kapoor.

But the K A Abbas film failed miserably and, with it, failed ‘Nahein kiya toh kar ke dekh’.

Sad but true, with this 1959 film, Anil Biswas lost his position in Hindustani Cinema in spite of a superb number like Lata’s ‘intezaar aur abhi aur abhi’ — picturised on Nimmi (as Pyari).

Anilda told me he was still grateful to K A Abbas as this 1959 film’s distributors had wanted Anil Biswas replaced in the film as a music director.

But K A Abbas had told them: “That is one change I just cannot make. Ask for something else and I will consider.”

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Nitin Shah.

Song-Nahin kiya to kar ke dekh (Chaar Dil Chaar Raahen)(1959) Singer-Mukesh, Lyrics-Sahir Ludhianvi, MD-Anil Biswas

Lyrics(Provided by Nitin Shah)

nahin kiya toh karke dekh
tuh bhi kisi pe mar ke dekh
nahin kiya toh karke dekh
tuh bhi kisi pe mar ke dekh
husn ke bikhre phoolon se
dil ki jholi bhar ke dekh
tuh bhi kisi pe mar ke dekh
nahin kiya toh karke dekh
tuh bhi kisi pe mar ke dekh

o o o
o o o o
o o
kaun tujhe kya kehta hai
kyun uska gham sehta hai
arre kutte bhaunkte rehte hain
aen aen
kutte bhaunkte rehte hain
kaafila chalta rehta hai
bhai kaafila chalta rehta hai
kabhi apne mann ki kar ke dekh
tuh bhi kisi pe mar ke dekh
nahin kiya toh karke dekh
tuh bhi kisi pe mar ke dekh

o o o
o o o o
o o
reeti rasme todd bhi dey
dil ko akela chhod bhi de
arre duniya dil ki dushman hai
ae ae
duniya dil ki dushman hai
duniya ka munh modd bhi de
tu duniya ka munh modd bhi de
arre kuchh toh anokha kar ke dekh
tuh bhi kisi pe mar ke dekh
nahin kiya toh karke dekh
tuh bhi kisi pe mar ke dekh

o o o
o o o o
o o
ek rasta hai daulat ka
doosra aish o ishraat ka
arre teesra jhoothi izzat ka
aa aa
teesra jhoothi izzat ka
chautha sachchi ulfat kaa hai
chautha sachchi ulfat kaa
arre iss raste se guzar ke dekh
tuh bhi kisi pe mar ke dekh
nahin kiya toh karke dekh
tuh bhi kisi pe mar ke dekh

6 Responses to "Nahin kiya to kar ke dekh"

It is not difficult to guess : It is picturised on Raj Kapoor.


I have seen the movie but do not remember this song. But I feel it has to be Raj Kapoor since he sang it himself without music accompaniments in this video
Please visit

How beautifully he has sung the song. He could give Mukesh run for his money any day. He could play number of musical instruments and had a fantastic sense of music. No wonder all his songs have become classics of the years. He would make the life of SJ miserable till got what he wanted.. the right notes and correct effects. Watch him play the dafli in Jis Desh…. and the sarangi in Parvarish and you will see what I am driving at. Truely a well rounded personality


What a lovely song! Never heard it till today – and totally love it.

What is the meaning of “kaafila” and “ishrat”?


Kaafila-a group of travellers


The song ‘ nahin kiya to karke dekh ‘ has been picturised on Raj Kapoor while he was travelling through bullock cart. The film itself begins with this song. Unfortunately the song has been ommited from the film’ s video cd available in the market. There are umpteen instances wherein you buy video cd for particular song of your choice & that song would be found missing. Can we have some legal solution on this trend ?…Sharad Patwa


To Rajaji and others
Please buy book Aaina e Ghazal(A Ghazal Companion) by Mrs Zarina Sani and Dr Vinay Waikar by Mangesh Prakashan, Nagpur. It also furnishes meaning in Hindi and English and usage in a ghazal sentence.
It was costing Rs 120.00 in 1991. Or you can always google. Enjoy


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