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Seeli hawaa chhoo gayee

Posted on: December 15, 2012

This article is written by Sadanand Kamath, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

I have been an admirer of Gulzar’s films ever since I saw his film ‘Parichay’ (1972). I have seen all of his films released till 1982 and thereafter I have watched most of his subsequent films either on TV or on VCDs/DVDs. His films may not be a box office bonanza for film distributors but his ‘middle of the road’ films revolving around the intricate human relationship are a treat to watch for an audience of the good films.

Surprisingly, I was not aware of his film ‘Libaas’ (1988) until a few months back. The film had Naseeruddin Shah and Shabana Azmi in lead roles with Raj Babbar, Utpal Dutt, Sushma Seth, Annu Kapoor, Savita Bajaj etc in supporting roles. The film went on the floors in 1982 and it took nearly six yours to complete. I also listened for the first time all the 4 songs of the film on YT, all in audio clips. All the songs are superb and are to my liking, giving a feel of songs of the golden period of Hindi film music. Apparently the film was never released. If I go by the reason stated in most of the places in the websites, the Censor Board did not issue certificate for release of the film due to its bold subject of extra-marital affairs of a woman. I thought, at least in the late 80s, this could not have been reason for denying the censor certificate. A few films like ‘Arth’ (1982) had handled this subject and such films were released. In one blog, I found a comment quoting Gulzar’s interview to a film magazine that he did not like the way film had turned out. So he did not release the film. However, this film was shown in a few film festivals – international as well as domestic, sometime in early 90s.

The film is stated to be based on a short stroy ‘Seema’ written by Gulzar which subsequently featured in the collection of stories in his book ‘Raavi Paar’ published in 1999. Sometime in 2005 or so, a Hindi play ‘Kachhe Lamhe’ was staged in Mumbai which was also based on Gulzar’s short story ’Seema’. The play become very successful and it was later staged in some cities of north India. From here, I got a broad clue about the story from one of the reviews of the play. It becomes apparent that the story revolves around Naseeruddin Shah in the role of a director of his theatre group and his wife Shabana Azmi who is the actress in his plays. Naseeruddin Shah is so much engrossed in his theatre activities that he sees her more as an actress carrying the various shades of roles in his theatre group than as his wife. Over a period of time, she starts feeling uncomfortable in her artificial identity. At this point of time, she meets in her house Raj Babbar who is an industrialist and a close friend of Naseeruddin Shah. After a couple of meetings, she finds herself in a new relationship with Raj Babbar. I have no idea as to how the film ends with three central characters in the film – whether they redefine their relationship or status quo is maintained. Going by the broad outline of the story, it would have been interesting film to watch.

Gulzar worked with R D Burman in most of his films. Known more for his western style of compositions, R D Burman gave some of his most memorable compositions in Gulzar’s films where he based his compositions on classical and folk tunes with soft orchestration. The songs in this film were no exceptions. All the four songs were sung by Lata Mangeshkar – 3 solos and one duet with Suresh Wadkar. The song I like the most is ‘seeli hawaa chhoo gayi seelaa badan chhil gayaa’ written by Gulzar and sung by Lata Mangeshkar. The lyrics have the typical Gulzar touch. The composition is soft and sublime. This is one of those Hindi film songs where the combined efforts of the singer, the lyricist and the music director made it a masterpiece. This song is one of a few instances where Gulzar agreed to pen the lyrics on a tune which was already composed by R D Burman.

R D Burman had composed the music for this film at a time when most of his films flopped during mid-80s. If this film were to be released, the songs would have become popular and he could have regained some lost ground. It is said that songs of this film were later released in a audio cassette incorporating some important dialogues from the film.

Song-Seeli hawaa chhoo gayi (Libaas)(1988)(UR) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Gulzar, MD-R D Burman


seeli hawaa chhoo gayi
seelaa badan chhil gayaa
seeli hawaa chhoo gayi
seelaa badan chhil gayaa
neeli nadi ke parey
geelaa saa chaand khil gayaa
seeli hawaa chhoo gayi
seelaa badan chhil gayaa

tumse mili jo zindagi
hamne abhi khoyi nahin
tumse mili jo zindagi
hamne abhi khoyi nahin
tere siwaa koi na thaa
tere siwaa koi nahin
seeli hawaa chhoo gayi
seelaa badan chhil gayaa

ho oo
o o o
aaa aaa
jaane kahaan kaise shehar
le ke chalaa ye dil mujhe
jaane kahaan kaise shehar
le ke chalaa ye dil mujhe
tere bagair din naa jalaa
tere bagair shab naa bujhe
seeli hawaa chhoo gayi
seelaa badan chhil gayaa

jitne bhi tai kartey gaye
badhte gaye ye faasle
jitne bhi tai kartey gaye
badhte gaye ye faasle
meelon se din chhod aaye
saalon se raat le ke chale
seeli hawaa chhoo gayi
seelaa badan chhil gayaa
neeli nadi ke pare
geelaa saa chaand khil gayaa
la la la laa
la laa laa
la la la laa
la laa laa laa aa

English translation

moist breeze touched me
my moist body got bruised
beyond the blue river
a wet moon blossomed

you gave me a life
I have not yet lost
there was no one apart from you
there is no one apart from you

I don’t know where and which town
this heart is taking me
without you the day does not shine
without you the night does not become dark

whatever we decided
the distance elongated
we left days miles behind
we took nights with us for years

5 Responses to "Seeli hawaa chhoo gayee"

I have seen this movie when it was shown at Bangalore film festival circuit in the year-1991. This particular song has been picturised on a big ship deck, while Rich business tycoon Raj Babbar and his newly married wife Shabana were on their Honeymoon trip.

But about the climax of the movie, mujhe teek tarhaa se yaad nahin aa rahaa hai.Abhi movie dekh ke bahut saal guzar gaye hai, phir bhi itnaa yad hai ke
“last scene mein Naseer apne middle class flat mein (akele-kitchen mein ),shabana azmi ghar mein hai aisaa sochke unnse baathein karte rehthe hain. They have ended the movie symbolically.

We are allowed to imagine that Naseer may be conversing with his fictitious wife shabana or may be Naseer is conversing with his newly married 2nd wife.

Movie was very good, I enjoyed the movie very much, eventhough that day the movie theatre was HOUSEFUL, Unforutunately I remember first half of the movie very much and the song picturisation also I remember, but I don`t remember the second half. Shabana and Naseer emoted very well in this movie.

Shabana`s mother`s role was played by Sushma Seth and another Lata song was picturised beautifully at night time –“Phir kissi shaakh ne phenkee chhaaon”on Naseer, Shabana,Raj Babbar.

And the R.D.burman, Lata`s song was lip synced by Naseeruddin Shah and Shabana Azmi , while they are rehersing one Drama at a outdoor theatre.

Another lata,suresh wadkar song also very good “Khaamosh saa afsaanaa, paani pe likhaa hotaa, kuch tumne sunaa hotaa, kuchch humne sunaa hotaa”

In the movie, once Shabana gets married to Middle class Play director Naseer, she gets bored with the daily mudane things of middle class standard of living and hankers after materialistic rich things of life, which Naseer can`t buy for her.

I remember a scene where she shouts at Naseer when their kitchen water tap leaks and she gets very much irritated about that thing and Naeer`s inability to repair that leaking tapand she expresses her hatred towards their poor standard of living.

Thank you Sadanandji for the lyrics and all the information about the song.


1) one duet song was sung by R.D.Burman and Lata mangeshkar “Kya buraa kyaa bhalaa, ho sake toh jalaa dil jalaa”(Lip synced by naseer and Shabana)

2 solos by lata
“sili hawaa chhoo gayee”
“Phir kissee shaakh ne”

And another duet by Suresh wadkar and lata
“Khaamosh saa afsaanaa”
But I remember listening to another solo version of “Khamosh saa afsaana ” May be it is my imagination or “Wahem”

Please correct me if I am wrong


main likhne bhool gayaa thaa ke

“movie climax mein Naseer ko apne biwi ke saath baathein karte dikhayaa gaya hai, par audience ko unnke patni ki face dikhaayaa nahin gayaa. “


Whenever I listen to this song (which I often do,this song and “Phir kissee shaakh ne phenkee chhaanv”: are my sunday afternoon favourites)
I thought the lyrics of first stanza as “tumse mili jo zindagi hamne abhi boyee nahin” 🙂 🙂



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