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Arre suno kahaani

Posted on: February 15, 2013

This article is written by Pamir Harvey, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

“Zehreela Insaan” (1974) was Rishi Kapoor’s second movie after his debut as a lead actor in “Bobby” (1973). He took a major risk going from his chocolate hero in “Bobby” to a hero with dark shades in “Zehreela Insaan”. The box-office, unfortunately, didn’t think highly of this commendable act. The film flopped and from then on he hardly ventured into this territory again.

The music in this film is by R D Burman. His different approach to songs can be seen here quite well. Normally, we are used to hear the opening lines of a song as a refrain, but here the short mukhda, kali masal gayi paav tale , comes after a whole stanza. Only at the end of the song do we get to hear the first stanza again. This fits for the song, because it is a narration of a story and a sad story as well.

The story is about a college student (Rishi Kapoor), who is in love with a fellow-student (Moushumi Chatterjee), who gets married off to another guy. Disappointed by this “betrayal” he falls on bad ways. But this disappointment is cured very soon by a new student at the college, played by Neetu Singh.

A chance encounter brings him to his first girl-friend. And this is what she has to recount.



Song-Arre suno kahani (Zehreela Insaan)(1974) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri, MD-R D Burman


arre suno
jab main huyi tumse judaa
kisi aur ki dulhan bani
phir se jutte usne mujhko akeli bithaake
o, dooje ki baahoon mein phekaa mujhe kuchh pilaake
phir aandhi aayi,
daali tooti
phir aandhi aayi,
daali tooti
kali masal gayi paanv taley
kali masal gayi paanv taley

mera hi suhaag,
mujhko chhal gayaa
dekho mujhe,
dekho zaraa
ghar ke deep se,
meraa ghar jal gayaa
kuchh na rahaa,
kuchh na rahaa
ab ek akeli baahon mein sabki
ab ek akeli baahon mein sabki
phiroon main paapan shaam dhaley
kali masal gayi paav taley

chhodaa tumne to,
sabse chhut gayi
saath aaye tum,
naa ye jahaan
tumhi tab miley
jab main lut gayi
kaam aaye tum,
naa ye jahaan
ab tooti naiyyaa,
jaaye udhar ko
ab tooti naiyyaa,
jaaye udhar ko
hawaa liye jis oar chaley
kali masal gayi paanv taley

apna hi lahoo,
phirti hoon piye
log nashe mein,
jaane mujhe
doloon apni hi
arthi si liye
kaun hai jo,
thaame mujhe
arre sab do pal to haath lagaayen
arre sab do pal to haath lagaayen
sadaa lagaaye kaun galey
arre suno kahaani,
jab main huyi tumse judaa
kisi aur ki dulhan bani

17 Responses to "Arre suno kahaani"

You know very well I love O Hansini a lot from this film. I was not aware of the story of the movie, thanks for the summary. So THIS was the first time Neetu-Rishi were paired together?

It is a nice song.


o hansini is a classic!
I didn’t like it when I was a kid, I always used to imagine a big fat swan running away from Rishi!
BTW Moushumi was pregnant while filming the movie, that is why she gets that shawl to wrap around in the song above and also in o hansini.


and yes this is at least first Rishi-Neetu pairing to get a proper release.


This movie was a remake of famous Kannada novel adaption movie “Naagara haavu”(Means poisonous snake”).Both films are directed by Late. S.R.Puttanna Kanagal(a famous Kannada movie director).The story of this movie was based on famous kannada Novel by Ta.Ra.Su.(Ta Ra Subba Rao)

In this movie hero was misunderstood(But at heart he was a very good person,only he calls a spade, a spade-This nature always brings him a bad name and bad reputation, That`s why his nature is compared to that of a “Poisonous Snake”) & rejected by Moushumi`s family because of his rebellious nature and no nonsense nature. And afterwards he loves a Christian girl Neetu Singh.In that direction also, he fails.

Good movie, But the story was rejected by North Indian audiences, who failed to catch the spirit of South Indian (Small Village)story.

The original Kannada Movie was a very big success in Karnataka State.

Thank you Harvey jee for the lyrics of My favourite song.


Thanks for the background info to the film, dear Prakash!
I discovered the song only a few months back. More of Zehreela Insaan songs will come soon.


Do you know BTw, where this song has been filmed?
It features in three songs of the movie.


Most probably this particular song was picturised at Mysore Vridavan Gardens.

And I think you are talking about the location of other 3 songs of the movie.

Yes I know the other 3 songs are picturised at Chitradurga District of (Near Bangalore)Karnataka state, where you have many rocky forts (Famous for old time rulers like Veera Madakari Nayaka and a famous Lady who helped the king namely Onake Obavva)


Thank you Prakash!
Sorry for the confusion created. Although I stupidly asked that question. You knew exactly what I meant! Telepathy? 🙂
Of course I meant the places, where the other three songs of the film. They will come soon! The locations in them are breath-taking. I would love to visit those places!


Now about the location of this song:

Through my guess work, I just imagined this piece of imagination:

This song must have been picturised on the location of Bangalore Ashoka Hotel(Then one of the famous and prestigious Hotel of Bangalore), If I am not wrong, one such fountain used to be exists in front of that Hotel at that time.(that is in front of Bangalore Ashoka Hotel-in its garden area)
Please correct me If I am wrong.


Ashoka Hotel seems quite probable, but I have nevr been there!
So I’ll take whatever you offer me.


I think I am wrong in identifying the location as Mysore Vrindavan Gardens in my previous attempt.(Fountain dekh liyaa aur jumped into conclusion that it is Vrindavan Gardens)


You are right, a single fountain doesn’t make Vridnavan Gardens!


Just found the song in Naagara Haavu from the same situation. sounds much subdued and restrained!
Young Vishnuvardhan looks amazingly different!


Yes famous south Indian playback singer P.Susheela is the playback singer and the lady who lip syncs for the song is Aarathi,(Director Puttanna Kanagal`s favourite protege,Heroine,muse and 2nd wife)
Music Director:Vijaya Bhaskar


In fact the whole kannada and Hindi movie was picturised in the locations of Chitradurga District


Really! I should look up the songs of the original, if I find any on you tube! Thanks for the tip! Since I used to visit Mangalore and Bangalore in my vacation as a kid, I can still understand a bit of Kannada, but not so good as in those days! Though all my other relatives can speak fluent Kannada. I’m the only black sheep of the family! 😦



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