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Insaanon se kyun jhukte ho…zindagi zindagi

Posted on: July 1, 2015

This article is written by Mahesh Mamadapur, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Mukesh and his Composers – 2
Mukesh started his singing and acting career in 1940. Madan Mohan started his composing and singing career a decade later in 1950. His first film Aankhen had some interesting trivia.
• Meena Kapoor sung her only song for Madan Mohan, the beautiful “Moree Atariyaa Pe Kaagaa Bole Moraa”.
• Madan Mohan himself sang a duet with Shamshad Begum.
• Raj Khosla, the famous director and producer has sung a rail song in this movie.
• Lata Mangeshkar was not part of this debut movie of Madan Mohan’s.

Mukesh was very much part of Madan Mohan’s first film, singing a sad solo and a comic/teasing duet with Shamshad Begum which was not exactly his forte. However he comes out with flying colours in this duet too. Thereafter it took Madan Mohan seven years to recall Mukesh for another song. The table below provides the list of songs where the duo have figured together.

S No. Name of song Movie Name Year of release Co singer if any Lyricist
1 Preet lagaa ke maine Aankhen 1950 Raja Mehdi Ali Khan
2 Hamse nain milaana Aankhen 1950 Shamshad Begam Raja Mehdi Ali Khan
3 Kyaa saath mera doge Samundar 1957 Lata Rajindar Krishan
4 Tum chal rahe ho Duniya Na Maane 1959 Lata Rajindar Krishan
5 Hum chal rahe thhe Duniya Na Maane 1959 Rajindar Krishan
6 Ek manzil raahi do Sanjog 1961 Lata Rajindar Krishan
7 Bhooli huyi yaadon Sanjog 1961 Rajindar Krishan
8 Chal chal mere dil Akeli Mat Jaiyyo 1963 Johny Whisky Majrooh Sultanpuri
9 * Zindagi zindagi Chowkidaar 1974 Rafi, Asha Bhonsle Rajinder Krishan

No, this is not a sample list but the complete works of the combo. Considering the fact that Madan Mohan passed away in 1975, you have 9 songs in 25 years. On an average, this comes to around one song in three years. If one has a look at the list above 1-7 are excellent songs which are very well known. Why they did not catch up with other more frequently is again not known. As I said in the last post in this case too there may be no reason whatsoever.

Lata Mangeshkar who was very close to both Mukesh and Madan Mohan has three duets in 25 years.

Anyway, 8 of the above 9 songs are already in the blog. The present song is from the film Chowkidaar released in 1974 and directed by Shyam Rahlan. The cast included Sanjeev Kumar, Yogeeta Bali, Vinod Khanna, Om Prakash etc. The song itself is a triad with Mukesh, Asha and Rafi. It’s written by Rajinder Krishan. Even though this may not be a good song by Madan Mohan standards, I developed a liking for it as I had to listen to it several times to jot down the lyrics and attribute them to various singers. 🙂

In the next part of this series we shall take up the more curious case of S D Burman’s collaboration with Mukesh.


Song-Insaanon se kyun jhukte ho (Chowkidaar)(1974) Singers-Mukesh, Asha Bhonsle, Rafi, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-Madan Mohan
Mukesh + Asha Bhonsle
All Chorus
Female chorus
Male chorus


insaanon se kyun jhukte ho
tum bhi to o insaan ho
hare bhare ye khet hain mandir ir ir
jinke tum bhagwaan ho

zindagi ee ee zindagi
zindagi ee ee zindagi
chhoti ho ya lambi ho
haan chhoti ho ya lambi ho
kyun beete takraar mein
kyun na gujren pyaar mein aen aen
zindagi ee zindagi
zindagi ee zindagi

o ho ho ho ho
ho ho
o oho ho
o ho ho
o oho ho
man ki khidki khol ke rakkho
jaane pyaar ka jhonka
kab aa jaaye
nafrat ke sab deep bujhaa kar ar
preet ke phool khila jaaye

zindagi ee ee zindagi

Balle Balle

sone ke ambaar lage hai dharti par
ho o
dharti par

haan dharti par
khushiyon ke bazar saje hain dharti par
ho o dharti par

haan dharti par
mehnat ki taqdeer hai daane daane mein
aur insaan ki taqdeer hai daane daane mein

dharti de aur bete khaayen aen
phir bhi maa ke gun na gaayen
haiwaanon se
keh do aa kar ar
insaanon ko ye samjhaayen

zindagi ee ee zindagi

kyun na mil jul kar sab baithhen
ek ped ki chhaaya mein

ek ped ki chhaaya mein
arre ek ped ki chaya mein

ek baraabar hissa baaten
ek dooje ki maaya mein
ek dooje ki maaya mein
arre ek dooje ki maaya mein

hanste hanste karle pya aa aa are
gham aur khushiyon ke batwaa aa aare
preet ki reet chala de aisee ee
ee ee ee
ee ee ee
shabnam ban jaaye angaa aa aa re

ho o o o
ho o o o
dil hi ganga
dil hi jamuna
dil mathura
dil kaashi
dil ho saaf
to har din holi ee ee
har raat hai pooranmaasi

zindagi ee ee zindagi
zindagi ee ee zindagi

chhoti ho ya lambi ho
chhoti ho ya lambi ho
kyun beete takraar mein
kyun na gujre pyaar mein
ae ae

zindagi ee zindagi
zindagi ee zindagi

7 Responses to "Insaanon se kyun jhukte ho…zindagi zindagi"


Simple reason why MM(or for that any other MD) employed Mukesh sparingly was Mukesh could not sing all types of song. In the sixties they were different class of actors/heros who were more boisterous and flamboyant(less and less serious/broody).


Thank you very much, Mahesh ji for the post.
I never noticed that Mukesh paired with Madan Mohan so less. Really Strange. (Daya, Kuchh to gadbad hai. :-))
As pointed out by you, there was a gap of 7 long years between their first and second films together.
So there must have been some other reason and, with due respect to Nitin ji, it cannot be as simple as that.
Avadh Lal


From Net>>>
There are other MDs who have hardly used MUkesh
a) O P Nayyar – 4 songs. Yes, it is understandable that for his type
of music, Mukesh would have been a disaster.
b) Naushad Ali – 27
c) C Ramchandra – 4 songs. He did not get Rafi to sing many of his
songs, probably he sang those himself.
d) Hemant Kumar – 6 songs. No surprises there. Seems he too did not
make use of Rafi much.
e) Shankar Jaikishan – 47 songs (in non Raj Kapoor starrers). With
over 1000 songs, a total of 47 seems peanuts.
f) Roshan – 36 songs
g) S D Burman – 12
h) Ravi – 11.
i) Salil Chowdhury – 23.
His real backers were Kalyanji Anandji (104 songs) and Laxmikant Pyarelal – 72 songs
Another reason could be that he used to take more time for recording; at times 28 retakes for a song. He himself declared in NFS sur ki gati mai kya jaanu….!!!
Late Ramanand Sagar said that many composers and film makers were always wary of Mukesh, but many times had to bow to the “wishes’
of the leading men. Among the leading men (other than RK) seemingly
preferring him were Pradeep Kumar (Duniya Na Mane, Ghunghat, Modern Girl, and Sanjog) and Manoj Kumar.
But let us all agree he was the only singer whose strike rate was highest say 98% just like music of SJ


Mahesh ji,

In the table, No 8 song from film Akeli Mat jaiyo-63, has also a co-singer-Johnny Whisky,which needs to be mentioned.


Arun ji,

Thanks for pointing out the omission. I had realised it after sending the post to Atul ji and then simply forgot. My mistake.


A comment after all these years just to say, ” Well done, Mahesh ji. A comprehensive, informative write up.”
And, as always, Deshmukh ji is quick enough to note the omission of Johnny Whiskey. Thumbs up, Sir!
Surprisingly, Feroz Khan was another star who had some affinity towards Mukhesh, be it in his home productions ( Tune kisise kabhi pyar kiya hai?; Kya khoob lagti ho) or outside banners ( Jo tumko ho pasand wohi baat karenge). Of course, one can not rule out the role of Kalyanji Anandji in the matter.


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