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Naari nahin hai sapna naari nahin kahaani

Posted on: September 8, 2018

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Today (8 september 2018) is the 85 birth anniversary of Asha Bhonsle.

Lots and lots have been written about her over the years. Most of these writings include popular songs sung by her over the decades. There are articles that tell us about the top “n” number of songs sung by her.

This blog already has more than 2500 Asha Bhonsle songs. The 6000th song in the blog was dedicated to her.

Legends do not become legends just because of their skills in their chosen field- viz singing powess in this case. There are far many other things that come into play. Asha Bhonsle has been a very strong character, a survivor against heavy odds, and a fighter to the core who made it big despite facing situations that would have crushed lesser mortals.

Unlike most, she kept on reinventing herself with time. Her singing in 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s are not the same. She added new feathers to her cap in every decade.

Most HFM legends fail to impress when they are interviewd on radio or TV and they are not able to express themselves as we would like to see them. But Asha Bhonsle is an exception. She is a great conversationalist who enlivens any talk show or interview that she participates in. Youtube has several of her interviews/ talk shows. In this respect she was like Kishore Kumar, who was a wonderful conversationalist. Here is a link where Asha Bhonsle talks about Kishore Kumar.

She was a great socialiser of course. She would socialise not just with her fellow artists, but their family members as well and would forge friendships that would last for decades. One very interesting friendship that she and her siblings forged was with Sivaji Ganeshan. Asha Bhonsle had gone to Madras (now Chennai) for a recording in 1960s. There she watched a Tamil movie called “Paava Mannippu”. After coming back to Bombay (now Mumbai), she told her siblings that they HAD to watch this actor Sivaji Ganeshan. So they all went to Aurora Theatre in Bombay where this movie was being screened.

During interval, they all realised that they were crying though they did not understand a word of Tamil in the movie. They all felt that Sivaji Ganeshan reminded them of their father late Dinanath Mangeshkar.

The next day, they contacted Sivaji Ganeshan and told him that they were coming to Madras to meet him. They flew to Madras, arrived at this home, hugged him, tied him rakhis and cried.

That formed a close bond with Sivaji Ganeshan and his family that lasts even today, more than fifty years later, even after the demise of Sivaji Ganeshan.

Sivaji Ganeshan’s wife Kamlaa Ganeshan did not know Hindi or English, but only Tamil. Still Lata and Asha Bhonsle would stay engaged in conversation with her for hours, Kamala Ganeshan in Tamil and Lata/Asha in Hindi. They would shop together and spend lots of time together.

On the occasion of her 85th birth anniversary, here is a song from “Bhaagyawaan”(1953). Film Bhagyawaan-53 was produced by Mahipat Rai and Anupchand Shah and directed by Datta Dharmadhikari for Roopkamal Chitra, Bombay. The movie had Nirupa Roy, Raja Nene, Radhakishan, Yashodhara Katju, Ratan Kumar, Qamar, Baby Mala, Alhad, Balraj Sahni, Shakuntala etc in it.

The movie had five songs in it. One song has been covered.

This second song from “Bhaagyawaan”(1953) is sung by Asha Bhonsle. Neelkanth Tiwari is the lyricist. Music is composed by Avinash Vyas.

Only the audio of the song is available. I request our knowledgeable readers to throw light on the picturisation of this song.

We take this opportunity to wish Asha Bhonsle a happy birthday and many happy returns of the day.


Song-Naari nahin hai sapna naari nahin kahaani(Bhaagyawaan)(1953) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Neelkanthh Tiwari, MD-Avinash Vyas


naari nahin hai sapna aa aa
naari nahin kahaani
naari ki god mein hi ee
palti hai zindagaani
naari nahin hai sapna aa aa
naari nahin kahaani
naari ki god mein hi ee
palti hai zindagaani

naari ki zindagi to
kaanton mein hi pali hai
naari ki zindagi to
kaanton mein hi pali hai
aansu ke jal mein phooli ee
ban kar kamal kali hai ae ae
aansu ke jal mein phooli ee
ban kar kamal kali hai
phir bhi zahar wo peekar
amrit hi baant’ti hai
aa aa aa aa aa aa
phir bhi zahar wo pee kar
amrit hi baant’ti hai
wo phool ki pankhuriyaa aa aa
lohe ko kaat’ti hai
lohe ko kaat’ti hai
naari nahin hai sapna aa aa
naari nahin kahaani
naari ki god mein hi ee
palti hai zindagaani

sab kuchh wo jeet kar bhi
sab kuchh wo haarti hai
hai sneh ki wo devi ee ee
mamta ki aarti hai
ghar ghar ki hai wo lakshmi
sindoor ban ke damke
mauqa pade to choodi
talwaar ban ke chamke
talwaar ban ke chamke
naari nahin hai sapna aa
naari nahin kahaani
naari nahin hai sapna aa
naari nahin kahaani

2 Responses to "Naari nahin hai sapna naari nahin kahaani"

A successful person is a sum of many capabilities/facets and not just one.
You have elaborated this well in the case of great Asha Bhonsle.
She is a true celebrity.




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